Change of Sample Clauses

Change of. Control shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 2.10.2.
Change of basis If, at any time, the Borrower changes or proposes to change in any material respect the basis upon which the Group's audited annual consolidated accounts are prepared (whether or not by reason of a change in accounting standards or otherwise), then:-
Change of. Control is defined in Section 10.2.
Change of currency If the Facility is to be denominated in different currencies during two successive Interest Periods:
Change of. BUSINESS The Guarantor ceases, or announces publicly its decision to cease, to carry on all of the business it carries on at the date hereof or enters into any new or unrelated business which is substantial in the context of the VNU Group and which does not relate to the media, communication or information industry. For the purposes of this Clause 16.12 a new or unrelated business shall be deemed to be "substantial" if the assets or revenues of such business at the time such business is entered into, when aggregated with the assets or revenues of each other business of the VNU Group or any part thereof at such time which does not relate to the media, communication or information industry, constitute at least 10% of the assets or revenues of the VNU Group at such time.
Change of. ACCOUNT Section 2(b) of this Agreement is hereby amended by the addition of the following after the word "delivery" in the first line hereof: "to another account in the same legal and tax jurisdiction as the original account"
Change of. DEVELOPER" shall constitute as follows:
Change of. STATION NAME 10.9 The Landlord shall at any time during the Term be entitled to change the name of the Station on giving one (1) month's prior written notice to the Tenant and in respect thereof the Landlord shall not be liable in damages to the Tenant or be made a party to any other proceedings or be liable for costs or expenses of whatsoever nature incurred by the Tenant as a result of such change.