Change of Sample Clauses

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Change of. Control shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 2.10.2.
Change of currency If the Facility is to be denominated in different currencies during two successive Interest Periods:
Change of information You must tell us as soon as possible if information you have provided to us changes. For example without limitation, you must advise us if: (a) there is a change in your contact details or the address to which your bills are to be sent; or (b) you change something at the premises which makes our access to the meter more difficult; or (c) you become aware of any problem with the electricity supply equipment which is at, or reasonably close to, the premises;; or (d) you are moving premises and would like to amend the premises under this contract pursuant to clause 23.9(b) of this contract.
Change of status due to inability to complete program—If the unit member cannot complete the planned program during the period for which leave was granted, it is his/her responsibility to notify the superintendent. The leave may then be rescinded by the Board and the unit member placed on the appropriate leave status, reassigned, or terminated. Any monies paid by the Board to him/her or on his/her behalf for which he/she is liable as a result of the change in leave status will be refunded to the Board.
Change of. Control is defined in Section 10.2.
Change of. Control Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement and subject to your satisfaction of the service-based vesting requirements, any outstanding Tranches for which no Annual Risk Review Performance Factors have been determined at the time of a Change of Control will be performance-adjusted based on the last Annual Risk Review Performance Factor applicable prior to the Change of Control (or, if none, then 100.00%) for each Tranche, effective as of the day immediately preceding the date of the Change of Control. For the avoidance of doubt: • If the Annual Risk Review Performance Factor was 0.00%, the Award will be forfeited by you as of the Change of Control. • Tranches that remain outstanding will be paid out, without further Dividend Equivalents or any interest, on the Scheduled Vesting Dates (or earlier, in the event of your death) upon your satisfaction of the service-based vesting requirements. • If a Change of Control occurs after your death, and the date of death occurs after a calendar year but prior to performance-adjustment by the Committee for a given Tranche, such Tranche will vest based on actual performance as determined by the Committee if such Committee determination was made as of the date immediately preceding the date of the Change of Control. If no Committee determination was made as of the date immediately preceding the Change of Control, then the Annual Risk Review Performance Factor for such Tranche will be determined as set forth in this “Change of Control” subparagraph.
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Change of basis If, at any time, the Borrower changes or proposes to change in any material respect the basis upon which the Group's audited annual consolidated accounts are prepared (whether or not by reason of a change in accounting standards or otherwise), then:-
Change of. Auditors No Obligor shall change its auditors, unless an internationally recognized accounting firm is appointed.
Change of. ACCOUNT Section 2(b) of this Agreement is hereby amended by the addition of the following after the word "delivery" in the first line hereof: "to another account in the same legal and tax jurisdiction as the original account"
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