Applicable Documentation Sample Clauses

Applicable Documentation. This Agreement supplements, rather than replaces, Processor’s deposit account agreement, terms and conditions, and other standard documentation in effect from time to time with respect to the Lockbox Account or the services provided in connection therewith (the “Applicable Documentation”), which Applicable Documentation will continue to apply to the Lockbox Account and such services, and the respective rights, powers, duties, obligations, liabilities and responsibilities of the parties thereto and hereto, to the extent not expressly conflicting with the provisions of this Agreement (however, in the event of any such conflict, the provisions of this Agreement shall control). Prior to issuing any instructions, the Trustee shall provide Processor with such documentation as Processor may reasonably request to establish the identity and authority of the individuals issuing instructions on behalf of the Trustee. The Trustee may request the Processor to provide other services with respect to the Lockbox Account; however, if such services are not authorized or otherwise covered under the Applicable Documentation, Processor’s decision to provide any such services shall be made in its sole discretion (including without limitation being subject to AmeriCredit and/or the Trustee executing such Applicable Documentation or other documentation as Processor may require in connection therewith).
Applicable Documentation. Liquidity provider arrangements are governed by the following documents (together the “Agreement”): • The present present Liquidity Provision Registration Form (the “Registration Form”), • The Liquidity Provision Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time (the “Terms and Conditions” or “T&Cs”), and • The Liquidity Provider Operating Terms (the “Operating Terms”). The Agreement set out the terms and conditions applicable to the Liquidity Provider. The Liquidity Provider may amend, at any time, the list of Financial Instruments as attached in Appendix 1 by sending by mail or by email (or by any other method as agreed between the Parties) a file (e.g. Excel) or any update form (the “Updated List”). The Liquidity Provider agrees that LuxSE shall rely upon and consider as valid any Updated List (whether signed or not) transmitted by the Client by email as if such Updated List was actually provided in paper form with original signature(s) of duly authorised persons. When the Updated List is provided by email, the Liquidity Provider recognizes and fully accepts the associated risks pertaining to the transmission of such Updated List by email including without limitation the risks of non-receipt or delay in the receipt, of interference with the integrity of the email communication and/ or loss of confidentiality. By signing the Registration Form, the Liquidity Provider agrees to comply with and be bound by the Terms and Conditions and the Operating Terms as amended, replaced or supplemented from time to time. Completion and signature of the Registration Form by authorised persons of the Liquidity Provider constitutes an agreement between the Liquidity Provider and LuxSE.
Applicable Documentation 

Related to Applicable Documentation

  • Licensed Documentation If commercially available, Licensee shall have the option to require the Contractor to deliver, at Contractor’s expense: (i) one (1) hard copy and one (1) master electronic copy of the Documentation in a mutually agreeable format; (ii) based on hard copy instructions for access by downloading from the Internet

  • Supporting Documentation Upon request, the HSP will provide the LHIN with proof of the matters referred to in this Article.

  • Source Documentation Accounting records must be supported by such source documentation as canceled checks, bank statements, invoices, paid bills, donor letters, time and attendance records, activity reports, travel reports, contractual and consultant agreements, and subaward documentation. All supporting documentation should be clearly identified with the Award and general ledger accounts which are to be charged or credited.

  • Closing Documentation VSI shall have received such additional documentation at the Closing as VSI and its counsel may reasonably require to evidence compliance by the Company with all of their obligations hereunder and to evidence compliance by Scherer and Robert Scherer with all of their obligations under the Inducement Agreements.

  • Project Documentation All documentation provided to the City other than Project drawings shall be furnished on a Microsoft compatible compact disc.

  • Other Documentation Administrative Agent shall have received all documents and instruments that Administrative Agent has then reasonably requested, in addition to those described in this Section 4.1. All such additional documents and instruments shall be reasonably satisfactory to Administrative Agent in form, substance and date.

  • Appropriate Documentation The Parent will have received, in a form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Parent, dated the Closing Date, all certificates and other documents, instruments and writings to evidence the fulfillment of the conditions set forth in this Article 5 as Parent may reasonably request.

  • Closing Documentation, etc For purposes of determining compliance with the conditions set forth in §12, each Lender that has executed this Credit Agreement shall be deemed to have consented to, approved or accepted, or to be satisfied with, each document and matter either sent, or made available, by any Agent or any Co-Lead Arranger to such Lender for consent, approval, acceptance or satisfaction, or required thereunder to be consented to or approved by or acceptable or satisfactory to such Lender, unless an officer of the Administrative Agent active upon the Borrowers’ account shall have received notice from such Lender prior to the Closing Date specifying such Lender’s objection thereto and such objection shall not have been withdrawn by notice to the Administrative Agent to such effect on or prior to the Closing Date.

  • Required Documentation In order to process your application for the Alberta Bereavement Allowance, you must include documents supporting this application including proof of death and relationship to the deceased. If you do not submit the required documents, your application cannot be processed. This may include but is not limited to a copy of the deceased person’s death certificate, death notice, memorial card or obituary. All employee claims must be filed within sixty (60) calendar days of the death. In order to qualify for the employee must have been employed by the Employer for at least thirty-six (36) months of continuous service prior to the date of death and must be employed by the Employer when the death occurs. In signing this application I verify that all the information contained herein is accurate and true. I understand that false or fraudulent claims will be treated as fraud and in the event that this application is determined to be false or fraudulent the Employer may recover any monies paid to me from my regular pay including from my final pay from the Employer. Employee signature Date Supervisor Signature Date LR Authorization Date Payroll Approval Date Completed forms are to be held on employee personnel file.

  • Documentation License Provider hereby grants to Customer a non-exclusive, non-sub- licensable, non-transferable (except in compliance with Section 15.8) license to use the Documentation during the Term solely for Customer's internal business purposes in connection with its use of the Services.