ONSITE Sample Clauses

ONSITE i. Credit Union of Colorado may have one 10 x 10 booth space at the Festival. It must provide its own pop up shade structure, tables, chairs etc. as needed for its booth.

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  • Site Lands or areas indicated in the Contract Documents as being furnished by the Owner upon which the Work is to be performed, including rights-of-way and easements for access thereto, and such other lands furnished by the Owner that are designated for the use of the Contractor. Also referred to as Project Site, Job Site and Premises.

  • Equipment Testing and Inspection 2.1.1 The Interconnection Customer shall test and inspect its Small Generating Facility and Interconnection Facilities prior to interconnection. The Interconnection Customer shall notify the NYISO and the Connecting Transmission Owner of such activities no fewer than five Business Days (or as may be agreed to by the Parties) prior to such testing and inspection. Testing and inspection shall occur on a Business Day. The Connecting Transmission Owner may, at its own expense, send qualified personnel to the Small Generating Facility site to inspect the interconnection and observe the testing. The Interconnection Customer shall provide the NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner a written test report when such testing and inspection is completed. The Small Generating Facility may not commence parallel operations if the NYISO, in consultation with the Connecting Transmission Owner, finds that the Small Generating Facility has not been installed as agreed upon or may not be operated in a safe and reliable manner.

  • INSPECTION/TESTING All Products sold pursuant to this Agreement will be subject to inspection/testing by or at the direction of H- GAC and/or the ordering Customer, either at the delivery destination or the place of manufacture. In the event a Product fails to meet or exceed all requirements of this Agreement, and unless otherwise agreed in advance, the cost of any inspection and/or testing, will be the responsibility of the Contractor.

  • Site Visits The Owner and Contractor will have weekly meeting during the construction period. The Architect/Engineer shall visit the site at least once each month during the entire construction period to observe the progress and quality of the Work and to determine in general if the Work is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents. Each of Architect/Engineer’s consultant shall visit the site at least once each month during construction activities related to the consultant’s discipline to observe the progress and quality of the Work and to determine in general if the Work is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents. Architect/Engineer and its consultants shall document its site visits and meetings in e-Builder®. The Architect/Engineer shall not be required to make exhaustive or continuous onsite visits to inspect the quality or quantity of the Work.

  • TESTING AND INSPECTION 6.1 Pre-Commercial Operation Date Testing and Modifications. Prior to the Commercial Operation Date, the Participating TO shall test the Participating TO’s Interconnection Facilities, Network Upgrades, and Distribution Upgrades and the Interconnection Customer shall test the Large Generating Facility and the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities to ensure their safe and reliable operation. Similar testing may be required after initial operation. Each Party shall make any modifications to its facilities that are found to be necessary as a result of such testing. The Interconnection Customer shall bear the cost of all such testing and modifications. The Interconnection Customer shall not commence initial parallel operation of an Electric Generating Unit with the Participating TO’s Transmission System until the Participating TO provides prior written approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, for operation of such Electric Generating Unit. The Interconnection Customer shall generate test energy at the Large Generating Facility only if it has arranged for the delivery of such test energy.

  • The Site The site shall comprise the real estate described in Schedule-A and in respect of which the Right of Way shall be provided and granted by the Authority to the Concessionaire as a licensee under and in accordance with this Agreement (the "Site"). For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby acknowledged and agreed that references to the Site shall be construed as references to the real estate required for the Bus Terminal as set forth in Schedule-A and includes Commercial Complex.

  • Quality Management CONTRACTOR shall establish and maintain a Clinical Quality Management program that maintains full compliance with the FDC rules and HSBs.

  • Inspections, Records, and Cooperation The Owner agrees to provide any information pertinent to this Contract which the Program Administrator, PJ, or HUD may reasonably require. Further, upon reasonable notice to the Owner, Owner agrees to provide access to the Program Administrator, PJ, HUD, or their representatives to the Unit, the property on which the Unit is located, and the Owner’s records (wherever located) relevant to this Contract and compliance with Program requirements. The Owner further agrees to provide access to such records to the Comptroller General of the United States (commonly known as the Government Accountability Office or “GAO”). The Owner must grant access to relevant computerized or other electronic records and to any computers, equipment, or facilities containing such records, and must provide any information or assistance needed to access the records. Such rights to inspect and review will not expire until five (5) years after the date of expiration or termination of this Contract.

  • Contract Monitoring The criminal background checks required by this rule shall be national in scope, and must be conducted at least once every three (3) years. Contractor shall make the criminal background checks required by Paragraph IV.G.1 available for inspection and copying by DRS personnel upon request of DRS.

  • Inspection The Issuer agrees that, on reasonable prior notice, it will permit any representative of the Indenture Trustee, during the Issuer’s normal business hours, to examine all the books of account, records, reports and other papers of the Issuer, to make copies and extracts therefrom, to cause (at the expense of the requesting party) such books to be audited by Independent certified public accountants, and to discuss the Issuer’s affairs, finances and accounts with the Issuer’s officers, employees, and Independent certified public accountants, all at such reasonable times and as often as may be reasonably requested. The Indenture Trustee shall and shall cause its representatives to hold in confidence all such information except to the extent disclosure may be required by law (and all reasonable applications for confidential treatment are unavailing) and except to the extent that the Indenture Trustee may reasonably determine that such disclosure is consistent with its obligations hereunder.