Public use definition

Public use means a publicly owned project or a privately owned project that is available for use by the public.
Public use means a publicly owned project or a privately owned project that is
Public use means to be made available daily to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis, and may not be leased to private parties on any more than a day use basis.

Examples of Public use in a sentence

  • C5.12# - USE OF ROADS BY PURCHASER (06/1999) Purchaser's use of existing roads identified on Sale Area Map by the following codes is prohibited or subject to restrictive limitations, unless agreed otherwise: Code Use Limitations X Hauling prohibitedR Hauling restrictedU Unsuitable for hauling prior to completion of agreed reconstruction P Use prohibitedA Public use restrictionW Regulation waiver Roads coded A will be signed by the Forest Service to inform the public of use restrictions.

  • Public use and interest will be served by approval of this proposal.

  • Public use will be permitted only to the extent that it 1) is not inconsistent with the proper preservation and care of the outdoor school property; 2) does not interfere with the safe and efficient operation of the schools and school activities; and 3) does not conflict with use by any community group operating under a facility use agreement described in this policy.

  • Public use stairway components, such as stringers, treads, and risers must be constructed from steel or concrete.

  • Public use may be provided at a building that is privately or publicly owned.

More Definitions of Public use

Public use means an operator of an amusement ride or amusement attraction does not prohibit or restrict access to the amusement ride or amusement attraction by members of the community, except as permitted under Section 2-19 of the Act and Section 6000.130 of this Part.
Public use means the use or occupancy of a structure, facility or manufactured commercial unit to which the general public, as distinguished from residents or employees, has access;
Public use. - means a building or use of land by any government agency, not for profit organization, or utility for the express purpose of providing public services to the community. Examples include: administration buildings, parks, playgrounds, walk trail systems, museums, and sewage lift stations;
Public use means a fixed, definite, and enforceable right of use by the public that requires possession, occupation, and enjoyment of the property by the public‑at‑large or by a public body. “Public Use” includes uses by entities granted condemnation powers pursuant to Title 58 or Title 33. A use of property that creates a benefit to the public that is merely incidental, indirect, pretextual, or speculative does not constitute a public use. A mere public purpose or public benefit including, but not limited to, the purpose or benefit of economic development, does not constitute the requisite public use for property to be condemned by eminent domain.”
Public use means a use for which real property may be acquired by a public entity as provided by law.
Public use means any area, building or structure held, used or controlled exclusively for public purposes by any department or branch of any government, without reference to the ownership of the building or structure or of the land upon which it is situated.
Public use means a building, structure or lot used for public services by the Corporation or the County, any local board of the Corporation or the County, any Authority, Board, Commission or Ministry established under any statute of Ontario or Canada or Ontario Hydro.