Users Sample Clauses

Users. Licensee is responsible for each User’s compliance with this XXXX. Licensee will ensure that all use of the Software by Users is in accordance with the terms of this XXXX.
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Users. There is no limit to the number of users who can access the Software. You can invite any person you wish to access the Software.
Users. 3.3.1 The Licensee is granted the right to use the Software for the following users: (i) All Internal Users of the Licensee; and (ii) Sub-Licensees and their Internal Users, but only for the purpose of accessing and modifying the Licensee’s or Sub-Licensees' data. Thus, the Licensee shall have no right whatsoever to allow such Sub-Licensees or Internal Users of Sub-Licensees to use the Software for bookkeeping of any other parties’ data. Apart from the situations stated in this Clause 3.3.1, the Licensee shall have no right to grant access to the Licensee’s or any third party’s data by means of the Software.
Users. “User” means anyone who uses or accesses any Service provided to Customer. Customer will cause Users to comply with this Agreement, and Customer agrees that Customer is responsible for Users’ use of any Services, unless expressly provided to the contrary in applicable Service Publications.
Users. AII personal data concerning the Customer (whether provided by the Customer or any other person, and whether provided before or after the date the Customer receives the Client Agreement containing this information) may be used by any of the following companies or persons (each, a “User”):
Users. You undertake that: (i) the maximum number of Users that you permit to access and use the Software shall not exceed the number of Users that you have purchased from us; and (ii) Users shall keep confidential any user ID’s and passwords relating to their use of the Software.
Users. Customer will cause Users to abide by the terms of this SaaS Agreement. Any action or omission of a User, which, if attributable to Customer would constitute a breach of this SaaS Agreement by Customer, will be deemed to be a breach of this SaaS Agreement by Customer. SailPoint may terminate or suspend any User’s access to the SaaS Services for any breach without notice.
Users. Enova Systems, Inc. ("Enova") provides the following warranty for the Panther(TM)Propulsion Systems and for the optional parts and systems available for the Panther(TM)Propulsion Systems, *. This warranty applies to the first user only during the warranty period and is not transferable.
Users. The term "Users" means all third parties to whom Distributor, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, may license, sell, transfer, make available or otherwise distribute the Service.