Internet Connection definition

Internet Connection means a connection provided by an Internet Service Provider that enables individual computers or other hardware components, either individually or registered within a Local Area Network, to exchange Data over the public Internet.
Internet Connection means any connection between the Internet and the SABRE System or System for the purpose of allowing clients of Customer to make direct reservations for the products and services offered in the SABRE System.
Internet Connection connection of Customer’s server to the Internet by HostDime.

Examples of Internet Connection in a sentence

  • Must have a Wired Broadband Internet Connection at their work duty station to access the Census Network environment to complete their work assignments.

  • Trusted Internet Connection (TIC): The Contractor must route all USAID traffic through the TIC.

  • Permission for antenna, data cabling, power cabling, Internet Connection, etc.

  • You may allow up to 20 other devices to access software installed on the licensed computer to use only File Services, Print Services, Internet Information Services and Internet Connection Sharing and Telephony Services.

  • Internet Connection SpeedForwardHealth recommends providers have an Internet connection that will provide an upload speed of at least 768 Kbps and a download speed of at least 128 Kbps in order to efficiently conduct business with ForwardHealth via the Portal.

More Definitions of Internet Connection

Internet Connection means connection with the Internet;
Internet Connection. Broadband (high speed) Internet connection with a minimum consistent speed of 1.5Mbs. ● Classroom: o High School: Two LCD Projectors per classroom with WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 widescreen 16:10 Aspect Ratio).
Internet Connection. Internet access is available in the apartment. Please provide guest(s)’ individual email address(es) to the Conference & Event Planning team for setup. Login information will be provided with the keys to the unit.  Heater: The apartment has its own heating unit. The thermostat is located near the entry on the kitchen wall. The apartment is NOT air-conditioned.
Internet Connection means a broadband or other suitable form of internet connection supplied by Tpad123 or the Customer’s ISP to be used in conjunction with the Services;
Internet Connection means the Customer's connection with the Network;
Internet Connection. For home access to PureDepth’s server. Commission: 6% on gross profit of PureDepth Product Safes and 2.5% of net license revenue. Options: 5% of outstanding shares in PureDepth as at 31 March 2005 (subject to Board approval) as part of the “New Incentive Scheme”.
Internet Connection connection of Customer’s server to the Internet by Surpasshosting;