Fees and Payments Sample Clauses

Fees and Payments. Registry Operator shall pay the Registry-Level Fees to ICANN on a quarterly basis in accordance with Section 7.2 hereof.
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Fees and Payments. No later than 10 days after the Termination Date, the Concessioner shall provide the Director with an itemized statement of all fees and payments due to the Director under the terms of the Contract as of the Termination Date, including, without limitation, all deferred, accrued, and unpaid fees and charges. The Concessioner, within 10 days of its delivery to the Director of this itemized statement, shall pay such fees and payments to the Director. The Concessioner and the Director acknowledge that adjustments may be required because of information that was not available at the time of the statement.
Fees and Payments. Where permitted by the prospectus for a Fund, a charge, concession, or fee (each of the foregoing forms of compensation, a "Fee") may be paid to Bank, related to services provided by Bank in connection with Transactions in shares of such Fund. The amount of the Fee, if any, is set by the relevant prospectus. Adjustments in the Fee are available for certain purchases, and Bank is solely responsible for notifying FTDI when any purchase or redemption order is qualified for such an adjustment. If Bank fails to notify FTDI of the applicability of a reduction in the sales charge at the time the trade is placed, neither FTDI nor any of the Funds will be liable for amounts necessary to reimburse any Customer for the reduction which should have been effected. In accordance with the Funds' prospectuses, FTDI or its affiliates may, but are not obligated to, make payments from their own resources to Bank as compensation for certain sales that are made at net asset value ("Qualifying Sales"). If Bank notifies FTDI of a Qualifying Sale, FTDI may make a contingent advance payment up to the maximum amount available for payment on the sale. If any of the shares purchased in a Qualifying Sale are redeemed or repurchased within twelve months of the month of purchase, FTDI shall be entitled to recover any advance payment attributable to the redeemed or repurchased shares by reducing any account payable or other monetary obligation FTDI may owe to Bank or by making demand upon Bank for repayment in cash. FTDI reserves the right to withhold any one or more advances, if for any reason FTDI believes that FTDI may not be able to recover unearned advances. Termination or suspension of this Agreement does not relieve Bank from the requirements of this paragraph.
Fees and Payments. You will pay the fees for the Products as shown on the applicable Fee Schedule, attached invoice, or accepted purchase order. If you are obtaining access to Products on a fee-per-article basis, ProQuest may update and supply revised per-article fees to you from time to time. You will pay the fees for the Products within thirty (30) days of your receipt of the ProQuest invoice.
Fees and Payments. Registry Operator shall pay to Escrow Agent the applicable fees and charges listed in Exhibit E as compensation for Escrow Agent's services under this Agreement. If Registry Operator fails to pay any fees or charges invoiced by Escrow Agent by the due date(s), Escrow Agent shall give written notice to Registry Operator of non-payment of any such past-due fees hereunder and, in that event, the Registry Operator shall have the right to pay the past-due fee(s) within ten business days after receipt of the notice from Escrow Agent. Upon payment of the past-due fee by Registry Operator, this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect. If Registry Operator fails to pay the past-due fee(s) within the applicable periods under this Section 15, Escrow Agent shall have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately by sending notice of termination to all other parties, and, upon termination, Escrow Agent shall deliver to ICANN all Deposits held by Escrow Agent.
Fees and Payments. (A) The Consultant shall not proceed with the services described herein until the Consultant receives written authorization in the form of a Notice to Proceed from the Sponsor.
Fees and Payments. A. All residence hall fees are established each year by the South Dakota Board of Regents. Approved fees are for the semester, which commences at the beginning of the next contract term applicable to this license and are binding upon the student as set out herein. The student agrees to pay fees and all other charges in accordance with the payment schedule established and published by the University. The complete payment schedule can be located at xxxx://xxx.xxx.xxx/student-life/university-housing/housing-costs.
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Fees and Payments. (A) You are responsible for all charges for the full License period and will be billed on a semester basis. You will receive an invoice from the NYU Bursar which will include the amounts due for housing and all other charges due under or as a consequence of this License. Payment is due as invoiced. Failure to make payment on or before the date payment is due may result in termination of your License.
Fees and Payments. 10.1 Consultant’s fee proposal is attached as Exhibit “<fee proposal exhibit>” and incorporated herein by this reference.
Fees and Payments. 1. Fees for room and board are established and published by the UNIVERSITY each spring for the following academic year. By signing this Application/Contract, the student agrees to pay to the UNIVERSITY the fees established by the UNIVERSITY for the room and board services to be provided hereunder. Rates do not include linens, pillows, blankets, or towels.
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