Section 7.2 Sample Clauses

Section 7.2. 27 A regular work shift will consist of eight and one-half (81/2) hours including a mutually agreed upon 28 uninterrupted thirty (30) minute unpaid lunch period as near the middle of the shift as is practicable, and 29 also including a fifteen (15) minute first half and fifteen (15) minute second half rest period, both of which 30 rest periods shall occur as near the middle of each half shift as is practicable. Twelve (12) month 31 employees, with approval of the Superintendent or designee, may be allowed to arrange their shifts to 32 reflect non-regular shifts during the summer break.
Section 7.2. 39 Upon completion of the first year of service with the District, each full-time employee shall be granted 40 ten (10) days paid vacation per year. Each School Year employee shall receive seven and one-half (7 41 ½) days of paid vacation per year. 42
Section 7.2. 37 Each employee shall be assigned to a definite and regular shift and work week, which shall not be 38 changed without prior notice to the employee of two (2) calendar weeks; provided however, this notice 39 may be waived by the employee, and the employer may change the existing work week in case of 40 emergency without prior notice. It is agreed and understood that routine absence, which may be covered 41 by substitute employees, shall not constitute an emergency for the purposes of this section.
Section 7.2. 29 Each employee shall be assigned to a regular work station and shift with designated times of beginning 30 and ending. Assignment shall not be changed without prior notice to the employee of five (5) days, and 31 shall not be changed without a minimum of ten (10) hours of rest between working shifts, excepting Bus
Section 7.2. 30 Each employee shall be assigned to a definite and regular shift and workweek, which shall not be changed 31 without prior notice to the employee of two (2) calendar weeks. In the event of extenuating or unusual 32 circumstances, the employee may be given another assignment to be worked during their regularly 33 scheduled shift with less than the two (2) week notification. This notice may be waived by the employee.
Section 7.2. 1. Calculation of vacation credit shall be at the employee's regular hourly rate in 31 effect at the time vacation payment is made. If practical, such vacation credit shall be paid 32 with the June payroll; provided, however, that payment shall occur no later than the July 33 payroll. 35 A R T I C L E V I I I 36 37 OTHER PAID LEAVE, GENERAL PROVISIONS 38 39 Section 8.1. "Other Paid Leave" is defined as leave with compensation for employee illness, injury, 40 and emergencies.
Section 7.2. 1. 47 In the event of an unusual school closure due to inclement weather, plant inoperation, or the 48 like, the District will make every effort to notify each employee to refrain from coming to
Section 7.2. 21 Each employee scheduled to work more the 228 days (including holidays) per year shall accrue ten
Section 7.2. 23 The normal workweek shall consist of five (5) consecutive days, Monday through Friday, unless 24 regularly scheduled school vacations or holidays fall within this period; provided, however, exceptions 25 may be made upon mutual agreement between the employee and supervisor or in any other case by 26 five (5) days written notice to the employee.