SOUTH DAKOTA Sample Clauses

SOUTH DAKOTA. If this Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of South Dakota, then: (1) the covenant not to compete upon termination or expiration of this Agreement contained in Article 12.3 may be unenforceable, except in certain circumstances provided by law; (2) any provision of this Agreement which designates jurisdiction or venue outside of the State of South Dakota or requires the FRANCHISEE to agree to jurisdiction or venue in a forum outside of the State of South Dakota is void with respect to any cause of action which is otherwise enforceable in the State of South Dakota; (3) the provisions of Article 23 requiring Arbitration hearings to take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota will be inapplicable and in the event of Arbitration between WCH and the FRANCHISEE, such Arbitration will be conducted in Sioux Falls, South Dakota or at a mutually agreed upon location; and (4) pursuant to SDCL ss.37-5A-86, any acknowledgment provision, disclaimer, integration clause or a provision having a similar effect in this Agreement will not negate or act to remove from judicial review any statement, misrepresentation or action that violates Chapter 37-5A or a rule or order under Chapter 37-5A.
SOUTH DAKOTA. Included: All nonprofessional employees of the Defense Commissary Agency who are located at Xxxxxxxxx Air Force Base, South Dakota. Excluded: All professional employees, and temporary employees with appointments of 90 days or less, management officials, supervisors and employees described in 5 U.S.C. 7112(b) (2), (3), (4), (6) and (7). TENNESSEE Included: All employees of the Defense Commissary Agency, Naval Air Station Memphis, Millington, Tennessee. Excluded: All professional employees, supervisors, management officials, and employees as described in 5 U.S.C. 7112(b) (2), (3), (4), (6) and (7). TEXAS
SOUTH DAKOTA. Licensee appoints Retailer as its delegate with authority to engage in money transmission on behalf of the licensee. • Neither a licensee nor an authorized delegate may authorize subdelegates without the written consent of the director. • Licensees are subject to supervision and regulation by the Director of the South Dakota Division of Banking. • Authorized delegate shall operate in compliance with the South Dakota Money Transmission law (CHAPTER 51A-17).
SOUTH DAKOTA. [The remainder of thethis page intentionally left blank.]
SOUTH DAKOTA. Tennessee............................................................. Texas................................................................. Utah..................................................................
SOUTH DAKOTA. American Farm Bureau Federation estimates that annual net farm income will increase by $4.4 billion, driven by an increase of direct U.S. agricultural exports of $5.3 billion per year upon full implementation of the TPP agreement as compared to a scenario in which the U.S. fails to pass the agreement while the remaining member countries proceed apace. The TPP agreement is expected to increase cash receipts and net exports from South Dakota by $169.6 million and $93.9 million per year respectively. It is estimated that the increased marketing opportunities for South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers will add more than 700 jobs to the South Dakota economy. Eliminating tariffs and other trade barriers on South Dakota’s agricultural exports to TPP-partner countries will increase trade for a range of South Dakota agricultural products, including beef, pork, soybeans and processed food products. Export sales make an important contribution to South Dakota’s farm economy, which had total cash receipts of $10.9 billion in 2014. GAINS FROM FULL TPP IMPLEMENTATION SOUTH DAKOTA Agricultural Product Cash Receipts Net Exports Corn 30,996.6 -4,151.4 Soybeans and Products 23,143.4 12,977.0 Wheat 1,776.9 -798.7 Cotton 0.0 0.0 Rice 0.0 0.0 Fruits and Nuts 28.3 25.2 Vegetables 61.1 54.4 Beef 44,183.9 40,749.0 Pork 21,687.0 18,662.4 Poultry 2,674.7 719.8 Dairy 2,903.4 1,383.1 Other Ag 42,155.5 24,296.6 TOTAL 169,610.8 93,917.4 Thousand $USD Failure to Lead: It is critical to remember that the TPP is a multi-lateral agreement intended to create high quality rules and market access across its 12 members. However, outside of TPP, other member countries would – and indeed are – already negotiating and implementing bilateral agreements without waiting for the United States to complete action. While legally TPP would only go into full effect if the United States ratifies the agreement, other countries will move forward with their trade capabilities regardless of whether or not the United States decides to ratify the agreement. U.S. failure to enact TPP will not see our trade situation stay the same, but will lead to declining net exports and market share in important markets. Beef: South Dakota’s cattle industry leads all other agricultural industries in the state with $3.2 billion in cash receipts in 2014. TPP passage is expected to increase beef cash receipts by $44.2 million per year, which is driven by a $40.7 million per year increase in direct exports to TPP countries. ▪ Japan wi...
SOUTH DAKOTA. If you are hired to primarily perform services for ABBVIE in South Dakota, then Paragraph 11 will have a geographic restriction of each county in any state in the United States where you worked for ABBVIE.
SOUTH DAKOTA. The undersigned hereby represents that he has either (i) a minimum net worth (exclusive of home, furnishings and automobiles) of $30,000 and a minimum annual gross income of $30,000 or (ii) a minimum net worth (exclusive of home, furnishings and automobiles) of $75,000. The undersigned further represents that if he is not an accredited The undersigned hereby acknowledges that the Securities cannot be sold unless they are subsequently registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and the Texas Securities Act, or an exemption from registration is available. The undersigned further acknowledges that because the Securities are not readily transferable, he must bear the economic risk of his investment for an indefinite period of time. SIGNATURE PAGE INVESTORS WHO ARE NOT NATURAL PERSONS The Subscriber hereby elects to subscribe for _____ Units, at a purchase price per Unit of $100,000 for a total purchase price of $__________.