EXHIBIT E Sample Clauses

EXHIBIT E. Contractor agrees to maintain business records documenting its compliance with the HSP and to submit a monthly compliance report to University in the format required by the Statewide Procurement and Statewide Support Services Division of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts or successor entity (collectively, SPSS). Submission of compliance reports will be required as a condition for payment under this Agreement. If University determines that Contractor has failed to subcontract as set out in the HSP, University will notify Contractor of any deficiencies and give Contractor an opportunity to submit documentation and explain why the failure to comply with the HSP should not be attributed to a lack of good faith effort by Contractor. If University determines that Contractor failed to implement the HSP in good faith, University, in addition to any other remedies, may report nonperformance to the SPSS in accordance with 34 TAC §§20.285(g)(5), 20.585 and 20.586. University may also revoke this Agreement for breach and make a claim against Contractor.
EXHIBIT E. List of PSP Project Manager and Subcontractors Form. 11.27.6. Exhibit F. Criminal Background Checks and Application Guidelines. 11.27.7. Exhibit G. HUB Subcontracting Plan Form. 11.27.8. Exhibit H. HUB Subcontracting Plan PAR Form.
EXHIBIT E. ASSIGNMENT AND ASSUMPTION This Assignment and Assumption (this “Assignment and Assumption”) is dated as of the Effective Date set forth below and is entered into by and between [the][each]1 Assignor identified in item 1 below ([the][each, an] “Assignor”) and [the][each] Assignee identified in item 2 below ([the][each, an] “Assignee”). [It is understood and agreed that the rights and obligations of [the Assignors][the Assignees]2 hereunder are several and not joint.]3 Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings given to them in the Credit Agreement identified below (the “Credit Agreement”), receipt of a copy of which is hereby acknowledged by the Assignee. The Standard Terms and Conditions set forth in Annex 1 attached hereto are hereby agreed to and incorporated herein by reference and made a part of this Assignment and Assumption as if set forth herein in full. For an agreed consideration, [the][each] Assignor hereby irrevocably sells and assigns to [the Assignee][the respective Assignees], and [the][each] Assignee hereby irrevocably purchases and assumes from [the Assignor][the respective Assignors], subject to and in accordance with the Standard Terms and Conditions and the Credit Agreement, as of the Effective Date inserted by the Administrative Agent as contemplated below (i) all of [the Assignor’s][the respective Assignors’] rights and obligations in [its capacity as a Lender][their respective capacities as Lenders] under the Credit Agreement and any other documents or instruments delivered pursuant thereto to the extent related to the amount and percentage interest identified below of all of such outstanding rights and obligations of [the Assignor][the respective Assignors] under the respective facilities identified below (including, without limitation, the Letters of Credit and the Swing Line Loans included in such facilities) and (ii) to the extent permitted to be assigned under applicable law, all claims, suits, causes of action and any other right of [the Assignor (in its capacity as a Lender)][the respective Assignors (in their respective capacities as Lenders)] against any Person, whether known or unknown, arising under or in connection with the Credit Agreement, any other documents or instruments delivered pursuant thereto or the loan transactions governed thereby or in any way based on or related to any of the foregoing, including, but not limited to, contract claims, tort claims, malpractice claims, statutory claim...
EXHIBIT E. List of PSP Project Manager and Subcontractors.
EXHIBIT E. AMENDED AND RESTATED TRUST AGREEMENT, dated as of December 1, 2002 (as the same may be further amended, supplemented or otherwise modified and in effect from time to time, this "Agreement"), between MMCA AUTO RECEIVABLES TRUST II, a Delaware statutory trust, as depositor (the "Depositor"), having its principal executive office at 6363 Katella Avenue, Cypress, California 90630-5205; and WILMINGTON XXXXX XXXXXXX, x Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx, xx trustee under this agreement (in such capacity, together with any successor or permitted assign, the "Owner Trustee"), having its principal corporate trust office at Rodney Square North, 1100 North Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware 00000-0001.
EXHIBIT E. Sample paystub or payroll report that supports each Request for HIDTA Overtime Reimbursement.
EXHIBIT E. Symantec Employee Agreement EMPLOYEE AGREEMENT This agreement is entered into as of the day of , 200___by and between (hereinafter “Employee”) and Symantec Corporation, a Delaware Corporation, having its principal place of business at 20000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxx., Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 (hereinafter “Symantec”). In consideration of his/her employment by Symantec and of the salary or wages and other benefits received by him/her during such employment, he/she agrees that the following terms and conditions shall govern his/her employment relationship with Symantec in regard to inventions and discoveries, works of authorship, and proprietary information, confidential information and trade secrets:
EXHIBIT E. SALE AND SERVICING AGREEMENT, dated as of August 1, 2002 (as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified and in effect from time to time, this "Agreement"), by and among MMCA AUTO OWNER TRUST 2002-3, a Delaware business trust (the "Trust"), MMCA AUTO RECEIVABLES TRUST II, a Delaware business trust (the "Seller"), and MITSUBISHI MOTORS CREDIT OF AMERICA, INC., a Delaware corporation (the "Servicer").
EXHIBIT E. The State of Florida Department of Management Services Invitation to Bid (ITB) No: 16-15100000-W Bulk Fuel, Gasoline, and Diesel Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Procurement Officer 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 000-000-0000 Xxxxxxxxx.Xxxxxx@xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx Failure to file a protest within the time prescribed in section 120.57(3), Florida Statutes (F.S.), or failure to post the bond or other security required by law within the time allowed for filing a bond shall constitute a waiver of proceedings under chapter 120, F.S. Any protest must be timely filed with the Department of Management Services’ Agency Clerk listed at: xxxx://xxx.xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx/agency_administration/general_counsel TABLE OF CONTENTS Timeline of Events 4 1 INTRODUCTION 5