Sales Charge definition

Sales Charge means the sales charge, if any, levied by the Company in relation to the subscription for any Class of Shares in the Fund, details of which, if applicable, are set out in the “Subscription and Redemption of Shares” section below;
Sales Charge means a charge in respect of a subscription for Shares which may be deducted from subscription proceeds by the Distributor or Sub-distributors;
Sales Charge has the meaning assigned to it in Section 2.6.

Examples of Sales Charge in a sentence

  • The Depositor may at any time instruct the Trustee to distribute to the Depositor cash or Securities previously credited to the Deferred Sales Charge Account.

More Definitions of Sales Charge

Sales Charge and "Dealer Commission" apply only to the Load Funds and the CDSC Funds. All commissions and concessions are subject to change without notice by us and will comply with any changes in regulatory requirements. You agree that you will not combine customer orders to reach breakpoints in commissions for any purpose whatsoever unless authorized by the Prospectus or by us in writing.
Sales Charge. : means a fee payable pursuant to an application for purchase of Units.
Sales Charge shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2830 of the Conduct Rules.
Sales Charge means a charge upon the issue of a Unit of any Fund or Class of such amount as may from time to time be fixed by the Manager generally or in relation to any specific or class of transaction.
Sales Charge. Fund as defined in Section 26 of the NASD's Rules of Fair Practice.
Sales Charge. Means the sales charge levied in relation to the subscription for any Class of Units in any Sub-Fund, details of which are set out in the Supplement relating to the relevant Sub-Fund;
Sales Charge means such sales charge (if any) determined by the Directors as being payable by a subscriber on a subscription for Shares of any Class and/or Series.