Dominican Republic Sample Clauses

Dominican Republic. You understand and agree that Xxxx Deere offers the Systems, Service, and JDLink Service solely for use in production activities, including commercial agriculture and construction operations. The Systems, Service, and JDLink Service are not intended for personal, family, or social use, and may not be purchased for personal, family, or social use. Consequently, you and Xxxx Deere understand, agree, and intend that the provisions of Law 358-05 as of September 9, 2005 on the Protection of Consumer and User Rights and its Rules for Application (the "DR Consumer Protection Law") do not apply to this transaction or Contract. Please take note that no provision of this Contract does, or purports to, limit or exempt Xxxx Deere from any liability, incl xxxxx (without limitation) for any loss directly or indirectly attributable to Xxxx Deere's gross negligence or willful default or that of any other person acting for or controlled by Xxxx Deere, to the extent that the law does not allow such a limitation or exemption. No provision of this Contract requires you to assume risk or liability, including (without limitation) for any loss directly or indirectly attributable to the gross negligence of Xxxx Deere or any person acting for or controlled by Xxxx Deere, to the extent that the law does not allow such an assumption of risk or liability. It is not intended that any provision of this Contract contravenes any provision of the DR Consumer Protection Law and therefore all provisions of this Contract are qualified, to the extent necessary by law, to ensure full compliance with the provisions of the DR Consumer Protection Law. The parties therefore understand, agree, and intend that each Section of the Contract applies only to the furthest extent permitted by applicable law, including without l imitation:  Xxxx Deere’s right to discontinue service to prevent Unauthorized Purposes (Section 1.4);  the payment provisions (Section 4.1);  Xxxx Deere’s limitation of liability (Section 6.1);  Xxxx Deere’s limitation of warranty (Section 6.2);  the customer indemnification (Section 6.3)).  the choice of law and venue provisions (Section. 6.5);  the restriction on assignments and transfers (Section 6.6); and  the notice requirements (Section 6.9).
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Dominican Republic. The individuals set forth on Schedule 9.1(f) are employees of the Company Entities as of the date hereof.
Dominican Republic. 2. Any State not listed in paragraph 1(i) of this Article, upon becoming a CARICOM Member, shall not be subject to the provisions of this Annex. The Parties shall negotiate the terms of this Annex with the said State.
Dominican Republic. The Program will continue the curriculum mapping activities planned for each degree program as per the agreed guidelines and will facilitate working sessions with business clusters for each industry. Advance will also seek to sign the MOU with UASD to start coordinating the training program on SEL, PYD and career readiness. Teacher, faculty, and staff professional development Jamaica: Advance will complete a training kit on delivery of modified e-courses to faculty at CCCJ, including video and training manuals, and these will be handed over to CCCJ to institutionalize professional development training to build on strengthening cohesiveness in content creation and digital skills. Dominican Republic: Working with ITLA and ITSC, the Program will validate the design of the integrated professional development program for faculty from technical degree programs. Advance will also plan the delivery of the asynchronous self-guided course for faculty at both partner institutions and will continue the coaching and classroom observation strategy to observe changes in pedagogy and curriculum revisions. Advance will also develop subject-matter workshops specific for each industry according to the needs requested by institutions. Labor market bridging and career services Jamaica: The Program will continue to partner with JMMB Foundation to deliver Conversations for Greatness workshops for students. These workshops will help students develop soft skills that will be crucial to their personal and professional development and serve as an asset as they transition to the workforce. Ten students from the entrepreneurship activities will receive additional support from Advance through direct coaching from industry experts. Advance will also obtain letters of intent from the companies that indicated readiness to take interns or confirm other ways of collaboration. The Program will coordinate a showcase for students in the Entertainment Design Production and Technology and Image Consulting and Fashion Styling programs. The showcase will provide students with the opportunity to use skills learned in their programs in a simulated environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has had drastic negative impacts on the entertainment industry, including periods of complete shutdown, and this showcase will give students practical experience using skillsets gained through their degree programs.
Dominican Republic. Baxter and Xxxxxxx hereby agree to take ------------------ any and all actions necessary to effect the transfer to Xxxxxxx Lifesciences AG of all of the right, title and interest of Xxxxxx Healthcare S. de X.X., a company organized under the laws of Panama ("Baxter Panama"), in and to the ------------- Transferred Assets and the Assumed Liabilities, consisting of contracts for the construction and leasing of a manufacturing facility located in the Dominican Republic, as follows:
Dominican Republic. This chapter does not apply to: For the purchase or hiring of goods, works, supplies and services essential to address situations of states of emergency declared under the law; For the sale of services of special character make public sector institutions; The negotiations and agreements with other States or with subject of public international law, or contractual activities developed between bodies governed by public law; In the event of recruitment, by their nature or the circumstances, its low value cannot be or is not subject to public competition, either because there is a single supplier, for reasons of security, special urgency or other equally qualified, in accordance with the domestic legislation; Purchases funded from loans and grants in favour of any of the Parties, its agencies, institutions and municipalities persons, entities, international agencies or other States or foreign Governments, which will be governed by the provisions of such loans and grants; The acquisition of goods, supplies and services between units of State agencies, and between them and with; A procurement of goods and services by legations, embassies and consulates abroad; The Employment Relations; The recruitment of public works, concession of public works, concession of public works with public service, disposals of immovable property and any other type of procurement that is not purchase of goods or services.
Dominican Republic. Cases started before 1 January 2018 2018 Start inventory Cases started Cases closed 2018 End inventory Total MAP Caseload Cases started as from 1 January 2018 2018 Start inventory Cases started Cases closed 2018 End inventory 1 0 Start inventory on 01.01.2018 Cases started Cases closed End inventory on
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Dominican Republic. The Delegation of the Dominican Republic subscribes to the Convention on Territorial Asylum, with the following reservations:
Dominican Republic. Advance will continue to disseminate activities and results with a focus on increasing visibility, especially with private sector. The Program will also continue to produce short videos and infographics with key results. Purchase equipment Jamaica: Advance will begin procurement of equipment to assist VTDI with further expansion of the Animation program, desktops and class partitions for the CCCJ career center, as well as shipping containers to be used as the agro-processing learning lab. Other institutions such as CCCJ’s Excelsior Community College have transformed shipping containers into classrooms. The lack of space hindered some of the recruitment efforts, so the containers will provide a significant boost to the agro-processing program. Closeout activities Jamaica and the Dominican Republic: The Program will complete a final report for Guatemala and continue to prepare for administrative, operations and technical close out of offices in Jamaica and the DR. The Program will start internal meetings to discuss closeout plans. Monitoring and Evaluation Activities Monitor and update institution reporting tool on a semi-annual basis Jamaica: Advance will collect institutional and student data next quarter. The next round of data collection for the Graduate and Student Surveys will take place in January 2023. The team will be presenting the findings of the qualitative study to key internal and external stakeholders. Dominican Republic: Advance will continue to follow-up with institutions for updates in student enrollment and graduation and will continue to review data quality. Advance will present the results of all three surveys to both institutions so that they can integrate and use the data. Advance will administer the Graduate Survey next quarter. Result 1 Activities Curriculum and pedagogy (including Basic Education Activities) Jamaica: Advance will convert additional face-to-face courses to an online format for the Animation program at VTDI to support expansion of the degree program. Advance will continue to refine the career guidance materials, so they are ready for distribution. There will be a final review of the materials with the guidance and counselling unit at the Ministry of Education in December. The Program will also be working with Xxxx Community College to implement the pre-service teacher practicum. This will ensure there is a cohort of teachers trained in PYD and SEL. Dominican Republic: Advance will continue to support faculty members i...
Dominican Republic. Advance will continue to develop informative materials for the careers supported by the program and will work with ITLA and ITSC staff to disseminate it through multiple channels, strengthening recruitment and admission practices. Advance will conduct workshops on identifying emotional and mental health issues that students might face with student services staff at ITLA and ITSC. The Program will start the implementation of the remediation courses in Language and Mathematics. Scholarships and Scholarship Holders Monitoring
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