Section 6.6 Sample Clauses

Section 6.6. 2 Time during working hours will be allowed Association representatives for attendance at meetings 3 with the District. Time will also be allowed for representatives to discuss with the employees 4 grievances and appropriate matters directly related to work situations in their area or craft. Association 5 representatives will guard against the use of excess time in the handling of such matters.
Section 6.6. 21 Due to employer need, any employee that is temporarily assigned to a higher paying job classification 22 or assigned to perform the duties of a higher paying job classification shall receive the higher rate of 23 pay at the temporarily assigned employees current step. Any employee who is temporarily assigned to 24 duties of a lower classification will not suffer a loss in wages or hours for the duration of the 25 assignment.
Section 6.6. 7 In the event of an unusual school closure due to inclement weather, plant inoperation, or the like, the 8 District will try to notify any employee who is not to work prior to the employee's departure for work.
Section 6.6. 22 An employee required to work in a position that is paid at a higher wage in the bargaining unit shall 23 receive compensation at the higher rate commencing with the fourth (4th) consecutive day of work. 24 The higher compensation rate shall be retroactive to the first day.
Section 6.6. 30 In the event of an unscheduled school closure due to inclement weather or other emergency, the 31 District will request local radio stations and other forms of media to announce such closure. Building 32 administrators will give instructions annually to classified employees regarding when or if they need to 33 report to work on days when school is closed or running late due to inclement weather or emergency 34 situations.
Section 6.6. 22 When an employee performs work in a classification that pays higher than the employee’s regular 23 classification, the employee shall receive the rate of pay for the higher classification while performing 24 work in that classification. Employees temporarily assigned to perform duties in a lower classification 25 will not suffer a loss in wages or hours.
Section 6.6. 6.3. To the extent that portions of the Project do not involve in Schematic Design Phase drawings for buildings (e.g., the parking lot and the fields), the stated contract requirements do not apply.
Section 6.6. 5 The Association representatives shall represent the Association and employees in meeting with 6 officials of the District to discuss appropriate matters of mutual interest. They may receive and 7 investigate to conclusion complaints or grievances of employees on District time and thereafter advise 8 employees of rights and procedures outlined in this Agreement and applicable regulations or directives 9 for resolving the grievances or complaints. They may not, however, continue to advise the employee 10 on courses of action after the employee has indicated a desire not to pursue a grievance. This does not, 11 however, preclude the Association's right to pursue the matter to conclusion. They may consult with 12 the District on complaints without a grievance being made by an individual employee.
Section 6.6. 15 Employees attending training courses or examinations required by state regulation or the District shall 16 be paid their regular rate of pay, plus any fee or tuition. The District will pay the employees, at the 17 regular rate of pay, a minimum of thirty (30) minutes and a maximum of one (1) hour for the physicals 18 only. All other trainings and examinations will be paid, at the regular rate of pay, for the actual time 19 spent in attendance. The District agrees to pay mileage for one (1) car to and from the training site if it 20 is located outside the District; provided, there is no District vehicle available.
Section 6.6. 29 Employees requested to perform the duties regularly filled by a higher classification employee shall 30 receive their own current step pay, but at the higher classification pay rate, commencing with the first 31 day.