Family Sample Clauses

Family. The District shall contribute no less than eighty percent (80%) of the total cost of the premium toward family coverage. The employee shall pay the difference between the District contribution and the total cost of the premium for family dental coverage.
Family. The employee’s cost for family coverage will be forty-eight percent (48%) of the family rate for the employee’s Base Dental Plan. If the employee chooses a plan other than the Base Dental Plan, the employee’s cost will be the standard employee’s family rate established for that plan (i.e. the rate applicable where it has not been modified to be a zone’s Base Dental Plan). The employer shall pay the rate over and above the employee’s cost for the Base Dental Plan.
Family. (1) For the purpose of this agreementimmediate family” shall be used to designate parents, spouse, brothers, sisters, step-family relationships, child, grandparents, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in- law, (in-law family relationships shall include heterosexual, common-law and same-sex spousal relationships), grandchild, or any close dependency situation. This definition shall apply to, but not be restricted to, articles 21.04, 22.05 (a), 22.05 (b), 22.14.
Family medical leave for a qualifying exigency when the employee’s spouse, child of any age or parent is on active duty or on call to active duty status of the Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard for deployment to a foreign country. Qualifying exigencies include attending certain military events, arranging for alternate childcare, addressing certain financial and legal arrangements, attending certain counseling sessions, rest and recuperation, and attending post-deployment reintegration briefings. In addition, the Employer and the employee may agree that other events which arise out of the covered military member’s active duty or call to active duty status qualify as an exigency, provided both agree to the timing and duration of the leave.
Family. Family means the adult head of household, his or her spouse and all minors in the household for whom the adult has parent or guardian status.
Family. “Family” means Semiconductor Products with similar specifications and functions to a Licensed Product, which are intentionally associated with one or more other Licensed Products and which are intended to perform similar functions. Members of the same Family of Licensed Products communicate this connection to customers by using sequential or related part numbers, similar or related product names or descriptions, and the like.
Family. The term "Family" means an Employee and his or her eligible Dependents.
Family. In the event of illness, or other emergency in the teacher’s immediate family (husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, children, grandchildren, father and mother‐in‐law, aunt and uncle, niece and nephew, brother and sister‐in‐law, sister and brother‐in‐law, daughter and son‐in‐law, son and daughter‐in‐law, grandparents of member or spouse, and dependent living in the immediate household), a leave not to exceed three (3) days shall be granted. If needed, an extension shall be granted upon application to the Superintendent of Schools. Said sick leave days shall be deducted from the teacher’s personal sick leave accumulated time.