DAYS AND HOURS Sample Clauses

DAYS AND HOURS. 24.1 The number of working days required of Unit Members employed for a traditional school year shall not exceed one hundred eighty-four (184) days per school year of one hundred and eighty (180) days shall be designated as instructional days (i.e. student attendance days for ADA purposes). Additional days are possible upon mutual agreement of the Employer and the Unit Members. Unit Members shall be compensated for working days that are in excess of one hundred and eighty-four (184) at the Unit Member's regular rate of pay.‌
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DAYS AND HOURS. A. The Board retains the right to schedule its employees, however, the Board shall schedule consecutive hours during the employee’s work day, with the exception of bus operators and monitors, who may have two one-half day shifts several hours apart.
DAYS AND HOURS. A. Workday Employees may only work overtime with prior approval from their supervisor. All full day employees will be required to work an eight-hour day. In the event the Board declares a four-day work week for all or part of the workforce, the workday shall consist of ten (10) hours including two fifteen-minute breaks and a 30-minute unpaid lunch. In addition, employees may request a four-day work week. Management will endeavor to respond within ten (10) workdays. The grant of such a request is within the sole discretion of management.
DAYS AND HOURS. Section 1. The beginning and ending of the regular workday may be varied to meet the individual employee's route schedule.
DAYS AND HOURS. Section 1. The beginning and ending of the regular work day may be varied to meet individual work center needs.
DAYS AND HOURS. The work year for full-time employees shall not be less than those days and hours specified below.
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DAYS AND HOURS. 6.1.1 You are required to work: [insert details of days and hours of work – note that this clause may include a roster if relevant].
DAYS AND HOURS. SECTION 1: LUNCH/BREAK PERIOD Employees will receive a ten minute break with each four hours worked. These breaks will be considered hours worked, and therefore will be paid time for the employees. In the event the board declares a four day work week for all or part of the workforce, the workday for full time employees (40 hours) shall consist of ten hours, including a fifteen minute break with each five hours worked and a 30 minute unpaid lunch break. Employees who work six hours or more, but less than eight hours will be provided a 45 minute lunch break. Employees who work eight hours will be provided a 60 minute lunch break. Lunch breaks shall not be considered hours worked, and therefore will not be paid time. With the agreement of the worksite administrator, these lunch breaks may be reduced or waived. The work site administrator shall determine the scheduling of lunch breaks and rest breaks. Immediate supervisors shall establish the service needs of their buildings/departments. The immediate supervisor shall, keeping the service needs of the building/department as the primary consideration, give consideration to suggestions from employees regarding flexible scheduling of the lunch break. Suggestions may include the time the lunch is taken as well as the length of the lunch break. The immediate supervisor shall, if requested, meet with the staff to discuss the suggestions. The employer recognizes the uniformity between departments, schools, etc., is not required, that each department/school may have unique needs in regard to coverage, which may result in different solutions.
DAYS AND HOURS. 1. The teacher's workday may include up to one-quarter (1/4) hour before the students' starting time and will be concluded after normal responsibilities are accomplished. No teacher (K-12) will be required to report earlier than 7:30 a.m. A teacher (K-12) will be expected to remain five (5) minutes after student dismissal. Said day shall include a minimum of forty (40) minutes uninterrupted duty-free lunch period excluding passing time. Traveling teachers shall have the same duty-free lunch period as other teachers. Classes will not be split by a lunch period if feasible. Every teacher will have a lunch period during the times scheduled for student lunch, unless otherwise agreed between the teacher and the principal.
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