Exception Sample Clauses

Exception. This clause shall not be applicable to prices and price adjustments offered by a bidder, Proposer or contractor, which are not within bidder's/proposer’s control [example; a manufacturer's bid concession], or to any prices offered to the Federal Government and its agencies.
Exception. This section 7.2 (the Company’s first right of refusal) will not apply to a transfer by a Holder to or for the benefit of the Holder’s spouse, child, or grandchild, or to a trust for their exclusive benefit. However, the transferee must sign a document agreeing to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Revenue Sharing Agreement, and the transferee may not transfer the Note under this section 7.2.2.
Exception. Nothing in clause 12.2 shall entitle any Bank to receive any amount in respect of compensation for any such liability to Taxes, increased or additional cost, reduction, payment, foregone return or loss to the extent that the same is the subject of an additional payment under clause 6.6.
Exception. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 6, the Company shall not be obligated to advance any expenses to the Indemnitee arising from a lawsuit filed directly by the Company against the Indemnitee if an absolute majority of the members of the Board reasonably determines in good faith, within thirty (30) days of the Indemnitee’s request to be advanced expenses, that the facts known to them at the time such determination is made demonstrate clearly and convincingly that the Indemnitee acted in bad faith. If such a determination is made, the Indemnitee may have such decision reviewed in the manner set forth in Section 8.5 hereof, with all references therein to “indemnification” being deemed to refer toadvancement of expenses,” and the burden of proof shall be on the Company to demonstrate clearly and convincingly that, based on the facts known at the time, the Indemnitee acted in bad faith. The Company may not avail itself of this Section 6.2 as to a given lawsuit if, at any time after the occurrence of the activities or omissions that are the primary focus of the lawsuit, the Company has undergone a change in control. For this purpose, a “change in control” shall mean a given person of group of affiliated persons or groups increasing their beneficial ownership interest in the Company by at least twenty (20) percentage points without advance Board approval.
Exception. Under the provisions of this Article, a pregnant employee may be eligible for up to four (4) months (nine [9] pay periods) for childbirth disability and up to an additional four (4) months (nine [9] pay periods) for purposes of bonding. (See Section IV of this Article.)
Exception. It is expressly understood that paragraph 1 above will not apply to any claim, demand, suit or other form of liability which may arise as a result of any type of willful misconduct by the Board or the Board's imperfect execution of the obligations imposed upon it by this Article.
Exception. In accordance with Pregnancy Disability Leave under the California Fair Employment Housing Act (FEHA), on the first day of employment with the City, pregnant employees are eligible for up to four months (nine pay periods) of leave if disabled due to pregnancy.
Exception. Article 18.01 does not apply to an Employee who is absent without pay on both the working day immediately preceding and the working day following the designated holiday.
Exception. On unanimous consent of all parties to a Dispute, the disputing party may initiate a small claims action or litigation in lieu of mandatory mediation and arbitration. The parties shall further unanimously determine jurisdiction and venue. In any small claims action or litigation, the local rules of court shall apply in lieu of the remaining provisions of this Article.
Exception. If a contract is terminated under section (B)(l)(a)(v) of this article, the MA Organization will not have the opportunity to submit a corrective action plan.