Contact Hours Sample Clauses

Contact Hours. The course load required of full-time Faculty each term is normally twelve contact hours for Faculty teaching academic studies courses and fifteen contact hours, depending on the delivery model, for Faculty teaching studio courses. Scheduled contact hours are defined as a Faculty Member’s formal class time spent teaching students in the subject area(s) of his/her course assignments. In addition, outside of scheduled contact hours, Regular and Probationary Faculty Members shall make themselves available not less than three posted office hours a week for student consultation, as part of their regular teaching duties.
Contact Hours. (a) It is the responsibility of the casual employee to ensure that the Employer has a current phone number and address for the purposes of offering work assignments. Failure on the part of the employee to provide this information may result in the forfeiture of work opportunities. Except in unexpected circumstances, casual employees will normally be called for work opportunities between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.
Contact Hours. Contact hours mean hours of contact with YUELI students and consist of classroom instruction as well as tutoring of individuals and/or small groups of students. In addition to delivery of a lesson or interaction with students in a tutoring context, contact hours also involve preparation and feedback including marking of student work. As such, each contact hour is deemed to constitute two hours of work for the purpose of calculating the average number of hours of work per week: one hour of actual student contact and an additional hour of related instructional responsibilities.
Contact Hours. Contact hours represent the minimum number of hours each instructional faculty member will directly serve students. Contact hours vary among faculty members based upon a variety of workload assignment factors including, but not limited to, the following:
Contact Hours. Per Semester Per Academic Year Contact Hours 20 40 Contact hours above twenty (20), but no more than twenty-five (25) per semester, are allowable by mutual written agreement between the instructor and the college president. However, the forty (40) hours per year limitation shall remain. Part-time faculty contact hour assignments shall be determined on a pro-rata basis. The twenty (20) or more contact hour limitation may be averaged per week within the semester and/or per semester within the academic year.
Contact Hours. The amount of time spent directly counseling/interacting with a business or individual client.
Contact Hours. 45 Basis: 15 (Lecture) Teaching Equivalencies (TE):
Contact Hours. In terms of contact hours, the minimum shall be 15 and the maximum shall not exceed 20 per week during Term I and Term II. The maximum shall be 40 per contract year.