Unless otherwise agreed Sample Clauses

Unless otherwise agreed a. The Parties shall not acquire any right, title or interest in or to the intellectual property rights of TfSHIOW.
Unless otherwise agreed. (a) where the Purchased Securities the subject of a Transaction consist of or include equities in respect of which an Income Payment Date would, but for this provision, occur during the Term of such Transaction, the Seller shall seek to effect a substitution of such equities in accordance with clause 8.1. before the Notice Date referred to in clause 5.3., but if such a substitution has not been effected by that date then Termination of such Transaction shall, provided that the Seller has notified the Buyer of such Termination in accordance with clause 5.3., occur on, and, accordingly, the Repurchase Date of such Transaction shall fall on, the Business Day immediately preceding such Income Payment Date.
Unless otherwise agreed. (a) where: (i) the Term of a particular Transaction extends over an Income Payment Date in respect of any Securities subject to that Transaction; or (ii) an Income Payment Date in respect of any such Securities occurs after the Repurchase Date but before Equivalent Securities have been delivered to the Seller or, if earlier, the occurrence of the termination of the Transaction due to an Event of Default then the Buyer shall on the date such Income is paid by the issuer transfer to or credit to the account of the Seller an amount equal to (and in the same currency as) the amount paid by the issuer;
Unless otherwise agreed the parties acknowledge and agree that (a) the Loaned Securities and any Collateral consisting of Securities are of a type traded in a recognized market, (b) in the absence of a generally recognized source for prices or bid or offer quotations for any security, the non-defaulting party may establish the source therefor in its sole discretion, and (c) all prices and bid and offer quotations shall be increased to include accrued interest to the extent not already included therein (except to the extent contrary to market practice with respect to the relevant Securities).
Unless otherwise agreed. (a) Borrower agrees to pay Lender a loan fee (a "Loan Fee"), computed daily on each Loan to the extent such Loan is secured by Collateral other than cash, based on the aggregate par value (in the case of Loans of Government Securities) or the aggregate market value (in the case of all other Loans) of the Loaned Securities on the day for which such Loan Fee is being computed, and (b) Lender agrees to pay Borrower a fee or rebate (a "Cash Collateral Fee") on Collateral consisting of cash, computed daily based on the amount of cash held by Lender as Collateral, in the case of each of the Loan Fee and the Cash Collateral Fee at such rates as Borrower and Lender may agree. Except as Borrower and Lender may otherwise agree (in the event that cash Collateral is transferred by clearing house funds or otherwise), Loan Fees shall accrue from and including the date on which the Loaned Securities are transferred to Borrower to, but excluding, the date on which such Loaned Securities are returned to Lender, and Cash Collateral Fees shall accrue from and including the date on which the cash Collateral is transferred to Lender to, but excluding, the date on which such cash Collateral is returned to Borrower.
Unless otherwise agreed. (a)The Committee will provide you with a minimum of three star accommodation and meals for the period......................................................................................................................
Unless otherwise agreed. (a)The Committee will provide you with accommodation and meals for the period................................. (No. of days) In the event of the inviting club arranging a subsequent judging assignment with another Club in India, the Club with whom you have signed the agreement will be responsible for the further necessary travelling and accommodation. Arrangements for a subsequent judging assignment will not be confirmed with the Club without your approval and will be in the form of a sub-contract between the inviting Club and the Club that proposes to sub-contract you.
Unless otherwise agreed. 16.1.1 For service up to and including 31/12/1989 the terms and conditions of the Trustee Industry Award 1999 shall apply.
Unless otherwise agreed. (a) we shall send you an invoice with your charges for the relevant period by the same method as immediately before the Exit Date; and
Unless otherwise agreed. Daily labor is charged a 10-hour minimum per person. Hourly labor is charged a 5-hour minimum per person. Overtime (OT) is charged per hour after 10-hours, up to 12-hours. Double-time (DT) is charged per hour after 12-hours until an 8-hour break is provided, and for the hours of midnight to 5am, holidays December 24, 25, 31, January 1, July 4, Easter, and Thanksgiving. OVERDUE AMOUNTS: A 1.5% service charge per month shall be applied to all overdue accounts. If you are in default of timely payment, EPI has the right to charge the full non-discounted retail price for all invoiced items. Any deposit received by EPI may be applied toward any amount(s) due.