System Upgrade Facilities Sample Clauses

System Upgrade Facilities. Transmission Owner shall design, procure, construct, install, and own the System Upgrade Facilities described in Appendix A hereto. The responsibility of the Developer for costs related to System Upgrade Facilities shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Attachment S to the NYISO OATT.
System Upgrade Facilities. The least costly configuration of commercially available components of electrical equipment that can be used, consistent with good utility practice and Applicable Reliability Requirements to make the modifications to the existing transmission system that are required to maintain system reliability due to: (i) changes in the system, including such changes as load growth and changes in load pattern, to be addressed in the form of generic generation or transmission projects; and (ii) proposed interconnections. In the additions to the existing New York State Transmission System that are required for the proposed project to connect reliably to the system in a manner that meets the NYISO Minimum Interconnection Standard. Tariff – The NYISO’s Open Access Transmission Tariff, as filed with the FERC, and as amended or supplemented from time to time, or any successor tariff. Upgrades – The required additions and modifications to the Connecting Transmission Owner’s portion of the New York State Transmission System or the Distribution System at or beyond the Point of Interconnection. Upgrades may be System Upgrade Facilities or System Deliverability Upgrades Distribution Upgrades. Upgrades do not include Interconnection Facilities or Jointly Owned Interconnection Facilities. Attachment 2 Detailed Scope of Work, Including Description and Costs of the Small Generating Facility, Interconnection Facilities, and Metering Equipment Equipment, including the Small Generating Facility, Interconnection Facilities, and metering equipment shall be itemized and identified as being owned by the Interconnection Customer, or the Connecting Transmission Owner. The NYISO, in consultation with the Connecting Transmission Owner, will provide a best estimate itemized cost, including overheads, of its Interconnection Facilities and metering equipment, and a best estimate itemized cost of the annual operation and maintenance expenses associated with its Interconnection Facilities and metering equipment.
System Upgrade Facilities. This section identifies the System Upgrade Facilities (“SUFs”) jointly required for the following Class Year 2006 projects: Altona Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Marble River Wind Farm and Marble River Wind Farm II. The SUFs required by all of the identified projects will be referred to as the “Common SUFs.” In addition to Common SUFs, other limited SUFs required for the Altona Xxxxxxxxx,1 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, and the Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx are described below. The SUFs will be constructed in two phases: Phase I and Phase II. The Phase I work will include the Phase I microwave communications SUFs described in Section II.A., below, and the Xxxxxx and Plattsburgh Substation upgrades described in the Phase I sections of Section II.B., below. The Common SUFs include only the following: • Microwave Communications SUFs
System Upgrade Facilities. The System Upgrade Facilities (“SUF”) shall include the necessary removal, addition or modifications to the existing structural steel termination and accessories stand at the Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx Substation allowing the DAF to interconnect to the point as illustrated in Figure A-1. SUFs shall also include the addition of a GIS design revenue metering package. Xxx Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx 345kV substation is an existing indoor GIS design and is configured as a ring bus as shown on Figure A-1. Currently, the pothead for the bus section between breakers 7 and 8 is designed for an oil filled pipe type connection. The Developer selected a solid dielectric cable which is not compatible with the existing pothead. Accordingly, the pipe type cable potheads will need to be replaced, certain conduit in the cable tunnel will need to be removed to make room for the Developer’s cable, and modifications to the relay protection equipment will be required to effectuate the interconnection. Technical details of the SUFs are as follows:  Existing, non-compatible 345kV cable termination stand at bus section No. 10 between existing circuit breakers 7 and 8 will be replaced with a stand and relay protection current transformers suitable for Developer’s incoming 345kV solid dielectric cable.  Existing GIS coupling capacitor potential devices will be replaced with revenue metering potential transformers.  Three sets of current transformers over new feeder riser, two sets of 3000/5Amp current transformers for relay protection, class C800 (or equal) and one set of 3000/5Amp current transformers revenue metering grade will be installed.  Three single phase metering potential transformer isolation disconnect switches will be installed, if required by detailed equipment design.  The GIS bus section between breakers 7 and 8 will continue to conform to the following existing technical specifications:  Rated Voltage - 362kV;  Rated Interrupting Rating - 63kA;  Rated Current - 3000A;  Rated 60 Hz. Withstand - 555kV;  Rated BIL in the pressurized SF6 housing - 1050kV;  Rated BIL across any open contacts – 1300kV;  Rated Test Voltage Withstand for Pothead Compartments – 540kVDC for 15 minutes.  All electrical components associated with installation of new 345kV feeder, such as disconnect switches, pothead, and potential transformers will be SF6 GIS design.  The GIS bus section will include 345kV metering grade (0.3 ANSI revenue metering accuracy) potential transformers to replace an exist...
System Upgrade Facilities. The estimated cost of constructing the System Upgrade Facilities is $16,471,000.00.
System Upgrade Facilities. The increase of generation added to the National Grid sub-transmission line will require relay settings modifications at the remote ends of the 34.5 xX Xxxxxx-Patroon Line #5 to which the interconnection is made. The changes, for both the Xxxxxx and Patroon Substations shall include, but not be limited to, development, implementation, and testing of new settings for the existing relays.
System Upgrade Facilities. All work to be performed by Pennsylvania Electric Company (“Penelec”) as described below in this section (b) shall be performed pursuant to an Amended and Restated Engineering and Construction Services Agreement between Penelec and TrAILCo dated August 6, 2015.
System Upgrade Facilities. TrAILCo and NYSEG shall design, procure, construct, install and own the System Upgrade Facilities in accordance with Appendix A and the following.
System Upgrade Facilities. Developer shall design, procure, construct, install, and where applicable, remove the System Upgrade Facilities described in Appendix A hereto. Developer shall be responsible for costs related to System Upgrade Facilities, except as provided for in Article 5.2 (11). The Connecting Transmission Owner shall own the System Upgrade Facilities, described in Appendix A.
System Upgrade Facilities. A. Stand Alone System Upgrade Facilities at the Point of Interconnection A new 3-breaker-ring, 115 kV substation at the Point of Interconnection, known as the Xxxxxxx Xxxx Substation, will be constructed adjacent to the collecting station and will be connected to the NYSEG 953 line. The Stand Alone System Upgrade Facilities shall be designed, procured, and constructed by the Developer. The Connecting Transmission Owner shall perform design reviews, construction supervision, and testing of the Stand Alone System Upgrade Facilities.