Development Cost Sample Clauses

Development Cost. 11.1 Development Cost of the Product in accordance with this Agreement shall be the relevant amount set out in Schedule 1 payable to the Developer by the Publisher in accordance with the Milestone Payment Schedule detailed in Schedule 1.
Development Cost. Ji Xing shall be solely responsible for all the costs and expenses to Develop the Product in the Territory.
Development Cost. Hansoh shall bear (i) all costs and expenses in respect of the Development of the Licensed Product for the NMOSD indication, the Viela LCM Indications, and Hansoh Selected Indications in the Territory, including the Fully Burdened Costs of the Licensed Products used for such Development; provided that the costs and expenses for any Global Study for the Licensed Product for a Viela LCM Indication will be calculated in accordance with Section 3.1(b)(ii); and (ii) any and all costs and fees associated with applying for and obtaining Regulatory Approval in the Territory for the Licensed Products. Viela may invoice Hansoh on a [***] for the costs incurred by Viela or Designee, and Hansoh shall pay the amount invoiced within [***] ([***]) [***] after the receipt of any such invoice.
Development Cost. NK shall be solely responsible for all costs for Development and Commercialization of IL13 and/or Product in the Territory, including, but not limited to, any costs associated with pre-clinical studies and clinical studies, any other studies or research projects and all in-house studies with the exception, however, that any IL13 (if requested by NK, in the form of a pharmaceutical preparation in vials and with labels, which labels shall be furnished by NK to NeoPharm) reasonably required by NK to conduct its pre-clinical studies, if any, Phase I Study and Phase II Study shall be provided by NeoPharm at NeoPharm’s cost.
Development Cost of all studies and activities and in-house ---------------- study costs approved by the JSC based upon the Five Year Plan and the Development Plan, which are conducted after (effective date of this Amendment), *****. The outside costs of all studies and activities ***** approved by the JSC based upon the Five Year Plan and the Development Plan, which are conducted from the execution of this Agreement until (effective date of this Amendment), shall be ***** in accordance with ***** to be agreed by the Parties. Additionally, Taisho shall reimburse Neurocrine ***** of all development expenses for the Licensed Territory that occurred from December 25, 1999 to the execution of this Agreement. Such reimbursement will be due within thirty (30) days of the execution of this Agreement.
Development Cost. Subject to the reimbursement of excess Development cost provisions set forth in Section 9.2, Sangamo shall be responsible for the costs and expenses it incurs in conducting the SB-525 Phase I/II Trial. Except for the costs and expenses of SB-525 [*] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Phase I/II Trial to be borne by Sangamo pursuant to Section 9.2, Pfizer shall be responsible for all costs and expenses of all Development of Products in the Field in the Territory.
Development Cost. 5.1 In consideration of the Product Development by AltiGen, Nitsuko agrees to pay to AltiGen a non-refundable development cost of [*] for the Phase I Development Cost as below.
Development Cost. Subject to Section 4.8, Company shall be responsible for and shall reimburse KemPharm for all out-of-pocket actual Third Party costs paid by KemPharm after the Effective Date in the Development of the Products, including any costs incurred under Section 5.4 and/or Consultation Fees to KemPharm as provided in Section 8.7 for Development activities performed or managed by employees of KemPharm, in accordance with the applicable PDP approved by the JSC and the budget set forth therein (“Development Costs”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, as of the Effective Date, the total amount of KemPharm’s Development Costs to be incurred in connection with its Development of KP415 pursuant to the applicable PDP after the Effective Date that will be reimbursed by Company, including the costs anticipated to be incurred related to establishing a second production site for the API for KP415 (SDX) and the costs of the related technology transfer and regulatory filings with the FDA and Consultation Fees, shall not exceed [*****]. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties pursuant to Section 4.2, KemPharm shall be responsible, at its own cost and expense, for any and all internal and out-of-pocket costs or expenses in excess of [*****] which are required to be incurred by KemPharm to complete its obligations under the initial PDP. For clarity, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, any out-of-pocket costs or expenses in excess of [*****] which are incurred by KemPharm in connection with its performance of any additional Development activities requested by Company and agreed to by KemPharm in accordance with Section 4.2 will be reimbursed by Company. Company shall be responsible for its own cost, both internal and out-of-pocket, incurred in connection with the Development of the Products.
Development Cost. During the Software development process, Party A and Party B shall undertake the project development cost of their own parts. Party A and Party B will apply for "Ke San" Shenzhen Government Funds for Technology Development with this cooperation project, and the entire fund obtained will be invested in this project. Before the said governmental funds are obtained, as Party B will have to make substantial investment at the early stage, Party A will provide to Party B RMB 50,000.00 as the development subsidy, which will be paid in two times - the first 40% to be paid upon confirmation of the development requirements, the rest 60% to be paid upon successful completion of testing. After the said governmental funds are obtained, Party B agrees to firstly use it to return the RMB 50,000.00 to Party A. Article Six: Rights and Interests
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