Qualified Professionals Sample Clauses

Qualified Professionals. The Preliminary Plan, Working Drawings, Engineering Report and the Tenant Improvements, shall be prepared and performed by licensed, reputable and qualified architects, engineers and contractors.
Qualified Professionals. Some projects may require that CEDO retain qualified professionals in architectural history/historic preservation or archaeology. CEDO will contract with, or will ensure that Recipients of CDBG funds contract with, qualified professionals who meet the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualifications Standards, found in 36 CFR 61 (48 FR 44738-9). The qualified professional will carry out reviews related to his/her profession that are required under the terms of this PA. The qualified professional shall have a clear understanding of how to interpret and apply the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and the National Register criteria, and have attended the annual VDHP Consultant Training. Responsibilities delegated to the qualified professional include: identifying and evaluating historic properties; reviewing plans and specifications; making recommendations for determinations of eligibility and effect; preparing comment letters and other documents for SHPO concurrence; and other tasks related to Section 106 compliance under this PA. CEDO shall contract with only those consultants identified by SHPO as “Vermont Community Development Approved Consultants.” This list is updated each October 1st. With advance approval of SHPO, qualified CEDO employees may perform select tasks identified in this PA, without retaining a qualified professional. To qualify, the CEDO employee must attend VDHP annual consultant training and Section 106 training with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation or the equivalent, every five years. CEDO shall notify SHPO of the contracted qualified historic preservation professional or approved CEDO employee annually. The qualified professional or approved CEDO employee shall consult with the VDHP when there is a potential for historic properties to be affected as noted on the Section 106 Project Review Form (CEDO-PRF) and will continue throughout the course of consultation for project review. Should CEDO be unable to contract with qualified historic preservation professionals to carry out the identification and evaluation review pursuant to this PA, CEDO shall consult with SHPO to determine alternate administrative arrangements to complete the reviews required pursuant to this PA. CEDO shall notify the Council in writing of any alternate procedures approved by SHPO.
Qualified Professionals. PC shall employ or contract with all physicians, nurse practitioners or other licensed personnel (collectively, the “Qualified Professionals”) upon the terms consistent with the PC Budget (as defined below). All Qualified Professionals employed by PC shall be licensed and credentialed in at least one of the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Georgia, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, New York, or Virginia. With respect to Qualified Professionals who are contracted (as opposed to employed by) PC, PC shall either directly, or through a contract with another entity, credential each Qualified Professional who is providing clinical services through the Network. Such credentialing shall be in accordance with NCQA standards, including verification that each Qualified Professional has all licenses, credentials, approvals or other certifications required by applicable Law to perform his or her duties and services for the Online Care Practice in all jurisdictions in which Qualified Professional furnishes such services or performs such duties. In the event that PC becomes aware of any disciplinary actions or malpractice actions initiated against any Qualified Professional, PC shall promptly inform Manager of such action and the underlying facts and circumstances.

Related to Qualified Professionals

  • Agent Professionals Agent may perform its duties through agents and employees. Agent may consult with and employ Agent Professionals, and shall be entitled to act upon, and shall be fully protected in any action taken in good faith reliance upon, any advice given by an Agent Professional. Agent shall not be responsible for the negligence or misconduct of any agents, employees or Agent Professionals selected by it with reasonable care.

  • Professionals For projects involving installation or construction services, the Grantee agrees that only licensed professionals will be used to perform services under this Grant Agreement where such services are called for and licensed professionals are required for those services under State law.

  • Outside Professional Activities 18.6.1 The nature of the professional competence of many Members affords opportunities for the exercise of that competence outside the Member's regular university duties, on both remunerative and non-remunerative bases. Recognizing that such professional activities can bring benefits to and enhance the reputation of the University and the capacity of Members, the University agrees that Members have the right to engage in part-time professional activities, paid or unpaid, provided that such activities do not conflict or interfere with the Member's obligations, duties and responsibilities to the University as defined in this Agreement, except as provided in clause 18.6.3 and subject also to the following conditions:

  • Professional Development Funds 23.1.1 Two Professional Development Funds, a Professional Development Support Fund and an Education Leave Fund, shall be established to support professional development activities as defined in 23.2. On April 1st of each year, the College will allocate an amount equal to no less than 0.9% of total faculty salary (exclusive of severance payments) to the Professional Development Support Fund, and an amount equal to no less than 0.6% of total faculty salary to the Educational Leave Fund. Any unused balances in these funds shall carry over to the next budget year.

  • Scope of Professional Services 3.1 On the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, COUNTY hereby engages CONTRACTOR to provide all labor, materials and equipment to complete the Project/Service in accordance with the Scope of Services, attached hereto and incorporated herein as Attachment A, as modified or clarified by Addendum(s) # , dated , attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Attachment B. It is understood that the Scope of Services may be modified by change order as the Project/Service progresses, but to be effective and binding, any such change order must be in writing, executed by the parties, and in accordance with the COUNTY’s Purchasing Policies and Procedures. A copy of these policies and procedures shall be made available to the CONTRACTOR upon request.

  • CONSULTATION WITH OTHER SUB-ADVISERS In performance of its duties and obligations under this Agreement, the Sub-Adviser shall not consult with any other sub-adviser to the Fund or a sub-adviser to a portfolio that is under common control with the Fund concerning transactions for the Fund, except as permitted by the policies and procedures of the Fund. The Sub-Adviser shall not provide investment advice to any assets of the Fund other than the assets managed by the Sub-Adviser.

  • Professional Liability insurance shall be written with limits no less than $1,000,000 per claim and $1,000,000 policy aggregate limit, as applicable.

  • Design Professional The Design Professional is retained in accordance with the Design Professional Contract (i) for the design and preparation of Construction Documents that are necessary to implement the Program governing the construction of the Project or Components thereof, and the design and preparation of any necessary documents antecedent to preparation of such Construction Documents, or (ii) for construction contract administration of the Work under Contract Documents, or (iii) for both. The Contractor acknowledges and agrees that the Contract Documents are addressed to skilled tradesmen in the construction profession who shall be required to use their special skills and experience, through submittals and shop drawings, to translate the Design Professional’s design intent as expressed in the Contract Documents into a completed structure. The Contract Documents shall specify when shop drawings or submittals require the seal of a specialty consultant.

  • Professional Development Fund The employer agrees to contribute to the Professional Development Fund $138,370 effective September 1, 2020, $139,754 effective September 1, 2021, and $141,152 effective September 1, 2022. The purposes, criteria, procedures, eligibility and priorities for distribution of these monies shall be established by the Labour/Management Committee. The Director of the Centre for the Support of Teaching shall be invited to participate in the deliberations of the Committee. The monies shall be handled by the union, in accordance with the decisions of the Labour/Management Committee. An annual report on the disbursement of monies shall be submitted in writing to the Labour/Management Committee. Any unspent monies shall roll over into the subsequent contract period. The Parties suggest that the Committee consider the following two priorities:

  • Specialists Direct Doctors Physicians shall coordinate with medical specialists to whom Patient is referred to assist Patient in obtaining specialty care. Patient understands that fees paid under this Agreement do not include and do not cover Specialists’ fees or fees due to any medical professional other than Direct Doctors Physicians.