Qualified Professionals Sample Clauses

Qualified Professionals. PC shall employ or contract with all physicians, nurse practitioners or other licensed personnel (collectively, the “Qualified Professionals”) upon the terms consistent with the PC Budget (as defined below). All Qualified Professionals employed by PC shall be licensed and credentialed in at least one of the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Georgia, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, New York, or Virginia. With respect to Qualified Professionals who are contracted (as opposed to employed by) PC, PC shall either directly, or through a contract with another entity, credential each Qualified Professional who is providing clinical services through the Network. Such credentialing shall be in accordance with NCQA standards, including verification that each Qualified Professional has all licenses, credentials, approvals or other certifications required by applicable Law to perform his or her duties and services for the Online Care Practice in all jurisdictions in which Qualified Professional furnishes such services or performs such duties. In the event that PC becomes aware of any disciplinary actions or malpractice actions initiated against any Qualified Professional, PC shall promptly inform Manager of such action and the underlying facts and circumstances.
Qualified Professionals. Early intervention primarily hinges on qualified professionals who are systematically trained and coached in the area of paediatrics, and early intervention science and skills. Besides managing the child, service providers also need to be extensively trained in assessing family needs, and in providing the family with effective services16. Early intervention service has shifted from professional skill- based, child-focused approach to a relationship-based, family-focused approach. Professional practices have also shifted from a tradition-based approach to an evidence- and outcome-based approach to service delivery. CURRENT SITUATION
Qualified Professionals. Some projects may require that Recipients retain qualified professionals in architectural history/historic preservation or archaeology. The Agency will ensure that Recipients of CDBG funds will contract with qualified professionals who meet the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualifications Standards, found in 36 CFR 61 (48 FR 44738-9), and have a clear understanding of how to interpret and apply the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and the National Register criteria, and have attended the VDHP Consultant Training (in person or via webinar) within the last three (3) years, to carry out reviews related to their profession that are required under the terms of this Programmatic Agreement. Training(s) shall be coordinated and presented in collaboration with the CDBG Environmental Officer. The Agency, in consultation with the SHPO, shall develop a list of pre-qualified professionals for use in the CDBG Programs. Responsibilities delegated to the qualified professional include: identifying and evaluating historic properties; reviewing plans and specifications; making recommendations for determinations of eligibility and effect; preparing comment letters and other documents for SHPO concurrence; and other tasks related to Section 106 compliance under this Programmatic Agreement. The qualified professional shall consult with the VDHP when there is a potential for historic properties to be affected as noted on the §106 Preliminary Review Form (PRF) and will continue throughout the course of consultation for project review. Contact with VDHP is encouraged early and often in the project planning and implementation stages. The Agency shall keep resumes of qualified professionals on file and available to the SHPO if requested. If a professional who has been included on the pre-qualified list fails to adhere to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards, the National Register criteria, or the terms of this Programmatic Agreement, the Agency, in consultation with the SHPO, may remove the professional from the pre-qualified list, according to the following procedures:
Qualified Professionals. Under the direction of Allnorth Consultants Limited, this management plan has been prepared and reviewed the following QPs: Prepared by: Reviewed by: Mike Padula Project ManagerDavid Watt, R.P.F.Registered Professional ForesterBLACKWATER GOLD PROJECTTransmission Line Surface Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control PlanREFERENCES

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  • Counsel The Warrant Agent may consult with counsel satisfactory to it, which may include counsel for the Company, and the written advice of such counsel shall be full and complete authorization and protection in respect of any action taken, suffered or omitted by it hereunder in good faith and in accordance with the advice of such counsel.

  • Professional Liability insurance shall be written with limits no less than $1,000,000 per claim and $1,000,000 policy aggregate limit, as applicable.

  • Design Professional The Design Professional is retained in accordance with the Design Professional Contract (i) for the design and preparation of Construction Documents that are necessary to implement the Program governing the construction of the Project or Components thereof, and the design and preparation of any necessary documents antecedent to preparation of such Construction Documents, or (ii) for construction contract administration of the Work under Contract Documents, or (iii) for both. The Contractor acknowledges and agrees that the Contract Documents are addressed to skilled tradesmen in the construction profession who shall be required to use their special skills and experience, through submittals and shop drawings, to translate the Design Professional’s design intent as expressed in the Contract Documents into a completed structure. The Contract Documents shall specify when shop drawings or submittals require the seal of a specialty consultant.