Cost Estimate definition

Cost Estimate means the detailed projected expenditure, including material costs and overhead, equipment costs and overhead, labor costs and overhead, and all taxes associated with each major material and service component, required for a line extension. It shall also separately identify any incremental costs associated with providing premium services. The Company may, for the purpose of standardization, establish standard construction cost estimates, for basic or premium service plans, which shall not exceed, in any event, the average cost of constructing such line extensions in the area involved, in which case the term “cost estimate” as used in this section will be understood to mean the standard estimate thus established.
Cost Estimate means the City’s most recent pre-Bid, good faith assessment of anticipated Contract costs, consisting either of an estimate of an architect, engineer or other qualified professional, or confidential cost calculation Worksheets, where available, and otherwise consisting of formal planning or budgetary documents.
Cost Estimate means a written proposal or estimate of the costs of materials, services and other expenses to complete some or all of the physical alterations or retrofits identified in the CASp Report, as provided by the CASp or by a licensed contractor.

Examples of Cost Estimate in a sentence

  • The Developer agrees to provide the City with a Detailed Cost Estimate for all work proposed to be completed within the City’s right-of-way.

  • The Developer will be responsible to submit an Irrevocable Letter of Credit totalling 15% of the Detailed Cost Estimate.

  • The Detailed Cost Estimate is to be prepared by the Developer’s Consulting Engineer and is submit to review and acceptance by the City Engineer.

  • The final 100% design package consists of submittal and acceptance of all reviewed and previously approved drawings and design elements.• Cost Estimate: In some cases, a construction cost estimate is included with +/- 10% accuracy for bidding purposes.

  • See, for example, Government Accountability Office, Columbia Class Submarine[:] Overly Optimistic Cost Estimate Will Likely Lead to Budget Increases, GAO-19-497, April 2019, pp.

More Definitions of Cost Estimate

Cost Estimate means a document containing the total costs that would be incurred if an independent contractor were hired to perform decommissioning of the facility and disposal of radioactive materials at the facility, and associated administrative indirect and legal costs to the Department in conducting decommissioning oversight.
Cost Estimate means the estimate for the Project which is the sum of the Funding and Other Contributions specified in Annexure B to the Schedule.
Cost Estimate means a written proposal or estimate of the Eligible Costs of materials, services, and other expenses identified to complete the Seismic retrofit construction for each Eligible project as provided by an engineer, architect or a licensed contractor.
Cost Estimate means the non-binding document from UNFPA to the Customer, which includes a preliminary estimate of the cost for procuring certain supplies and services;
Cost Estimate means a licensee's evaluation of the costs associated with reclamation of a facility or site. Cost estimates are subject to Agency review and approval.
Cost Estimate means a cost estimate prepared by Rocky Mountain Power, based either on anticipated actual costs on each individual piece of work or flat rates for Make-Ready Work when included in the Fee Schedule (Exhibit B). Rocky Mountain Power reserves the right to determine when flat rates are applicable according to the specific situation.
Cost Estimate has the meaning set forth in Section 1.10.2(e).