Spare Parts Sample Clauses

Spare Parts. During the term of this Purchase Agreement and for a minimum period of five (5) years after termination or expiration of this Purchase Agreement, the Supplier shall make spare parts for all components of each of the Products available for sale to the Purchaser. The spare parts shall be available to the Purchaser at prices equivalent to the prices the Supplier offers to the Supplier’s other customers for such spare parts.
Spare Parts. Seller shall establish and maintain an adequate spare parts inventory.
Spare Parts. The SELLER shall furnish on board the VESSEL at the time of delivery of the VESSEL, the spare parts and maintenance tools of the type, and in at least the specified quantities, recommended by the makers of the machinery and equipment to which they relate and/or required by the Classification Society or other regulatory authorities. In the event that the quantity of spare parts and tools specifically referred to in the Technical Specification are greater than the specified quantities recommended by the makers and/or required by the Classification Society, the Seller shall furnish the quantity of spare parts and tools referred to in the Technical Specification. The cost of the spare parts and maintenance tools is included in the Contract Price. The SELLER shall be responsible at its own cost for receiving, indoor storage, handling, bringing on board and storage on the VESSEL of all such spare parts and maintenance tools under instruction and supervision of the Supervisor. The spare parts and maintenance tools furnished by the SELLER shall be properly protected against physical decay, corrosion and mechanical damage and shall be properly listed so that replacements may be readily ordered. During the guarantee period as more specifically described in Article 9.1, the SELLER may, with the prior written approval of the BUYER, use such of the spare parts furnished to the VESSEL as the SELLER may require in order to remedy any defects against which the VESSEL is guaranteed under Article 9. However, any such spare parts so used by the SELLER during this period, shall at the SELLER’s sole cost and expense be promptly replaced on board the VESSEL or be paid at BUYER’s purchase cost for the same, including any freight costs.
Spare Parts a) Prior to the Substantial Completion of the Initial PCS System the Vendor and the Owner will agree, pursuant to and in accordance with the terms of this subsection 2.25, as to the type, quantity and storage location of the spare parts required to continually operate the Initial System as intended and in accordance with the Specifications. For a period of two (2) years following Final Acceptance of each PCS Sub-System, the Vendor will, if requested by the Owner, provide such spare parts at its own expense. Following the expiration of such two (2) year period, the Vendor will provide such spare parts pursuant to Schedule 12A and at the prices set forth on Schedule 12B. After the expiration of such two (2) year period invoices for such System spare parts will be issued directly to the Owner and will be paid for directly by the Owner in accordance with the invoice and payment terms of this Contract. Any PCS spare parts applicable to the System utilized or withdrawn from any PCS System and/or PCS Sub-System during such two (2) year period will be promptly replaced by the Vendor at its own cost. With respect to such spare parts provided at the Vendor's expense, the Owner expressly agrees that (i) the Owner will not utilize such spare parts for increasing the performance or capacity of the PCS Sub-Systems and/or PCS Sub-Systems for which they were provided or otherwise expanding such PCS Sub-Systems and/or PCS Sub-Systems or any other PCS systems, (ii) until any such spare part is drawn from storage and utilized as a replacement in a PCS System and/or PCS Sub-System or until the Owner pays for such spare part, title to such spare part will remain with the Vendor, (iii) risk of loss of or damage to such a spare part will be with the Owner from the time of delivery to the Owner, and (iv) the Owner will, at its expense, return to the Vendor any Item replaced by a spare part delivered to the Owner pursuant to the terms of this subsection 2.25. (b) The Owner has the right to withhold from its final payment to the Vendor with respect to any PCS System and/or PCS Sub-System an amount equal to the Owner's reasonably estimated cost of any utilized spare parts for such PCS System and/or PCS Sub-System, as the case may be, not so replaced prior to Final Acceptance; provided that such withheld funds will be released upon such satisfactory replacement of such spare parts by the Vendor. (c) To the extent that System PCS spare parts need to be acquired from third party suppli...
Spare Parts. Operator shall establish and maintain an adequate spare parts inventory, to be located at one or both Sites to serve exclusively the Facilities.
Spare Parts. It is the intention of the parties to this Agreement that all Pledged Spare Parts be "spare parts" as defined in Section 40102(a)(38) of Title 49 of the United States Code. Each Borrower represents that it maintains the Pledged Spare Parts for the purpose of installing the Spare Parts on aircraft, aircraft engines or appliances as defined in Sections 40102(a)(6), (7) and (11) of the United States Code.
Spare Parts. Jastec will inventory a mutually agreed list of spare parts for the Product in sufficient quantities and at appropriate locations to permit ViewRay to deliver front line support to the ViewRay customers at a 98% availability rate and within 4 hours of notification of a failure of the Product. Jastec will enter into appropriate agreements with key OEM suppliers where possible to develop repair/refurbish programs for applicable high value parts, modules or field replaceable assemblies for Product. In order to maximize service levels to the customer and minimize inventory levels cycle times of processes such as repair and return of material need to be as low as possible.
Spare Parts. Contractor shall provide to Owner prior to each Block Substantial Completion Date, the proportionate share (based on aggregate Block capacity) of Spare Parts. Any additional spare parts required by Owner hereunder and not included on Exhibit 30 shall be at Owner's sole cost and expense.
Spare Parts. From and after the date hereof, the Sellers may remove from the Site any spare, replacement and component parts that are set forth on Schedule 2.3(l) and any other Excluded Asset that is located on the Real Property.
Spare Parts refers to the parts that to be required for the operation and maintenance of the wind power equipment supplied by the Seller according to this contract. The spare parts list is shown in appendix 10.