Spare Parts Sample Clauses

Spare Parts. 15.1 Without derogating from the Supplier's undertaking to provide the Warranty and/or Maintenance Services, the Supplier undertakes that during a period of fifteen (15) years commencing on the date of issuance of the Acceptance Certificate, it will supply ISR with all spare parts and tools and updates necessary and recommended pursuant to (i) the Technical Specifications, (ii) the applicable manufacturer specifications, and (iii) the best professional practice, required for maintenance and for the repair of the TTS or any part thereof, while assuring that the TTS and all systems of the TTS therein shall operate and perform to the maximum extent of its capabilities and in all respects in strict accordance with the terms and the conditions of this Agreement, including the Technical Specifications (the "General Spare Parts"). The "General Spare Parts" list should include all part numbers, names of original manufacturers, technical specifications and all remaining required details necessary for the purchase of the Spare Parts by ISR and/or on its behalf.
Spare Parts. On being selected, the L1 Bidder will undertake that supplies of necessary maintenance equipment and spare parts will be made available for all items/equipments and the complete system for at least five years on a continuing basis. However, this does not relieve the supplier of any warranty obligations under the contract.
Spare Parts. Where practicable and available, and subject to applicable regulatory and other approvals, each Party shall provide the other Party with spare parts in the event of emergencies or equipment failures. The Parties shall mutually agree upon payment for or replacement of said spare parts. Seller presently occupies a minimal amount of space at the Purchased Assets for the purpose of storage of spare substation parts. Seller has the right to Maintain the storage of spare parts at the levels as of the time of the Closing. Such storage shall not interfere unreasonably with the Buyer's ongoing business operations, rights and obligations. The specific arrangements for the storage of spare parts by Seller shall be set forth in the Separation Document. If Buyer desires Seller to maintain spare parts that are not in Seller's possession, if Seller has the physical space to do so, Seller shall maintain said parts.
Spare Parts. The SELLER shall furnish on board the VESSEL at the time of delivery of the VESSEL, the spare parts and maintenance tools of the type, and in at least the specified quantities, recommended by the makers of the machinery and equipment to which they relate and/or required by the Classification Society or other regulatory authorities. In the event that the quantity of spare parts and tools specifically referred to in the Technical Specification are greater than the specified quantities recommended by the makers and/or required by the Classification Society, the Seller shall furnish the quantity of spare parts and tools referred to in the Technical Specification. The cost of the spare parts and maintenance tools is included in the Contract Price. The SELLER shall be responsible at its own cost for receiving, indoor storage, handling, bringing on board and storage on the VESSEL of all such spare parts and maintenance tools under instruction and supervision of the Supervisor. The spare parts and maintenance tools furnished by the SELLER shall be properly protected against physical decay, corrosion and mechanical damage and shall be properly listed so that replacements may be readily ordered. During the guarantee period as more specifically described in Article 9.1, the SELLER may, with the prior written approval of the BUYER, use such of the spare parts furnished to the VESSEL as the SELLER may require in order to remedy any defects against which the VESSEL is guaranteed under Article 9. However, any such spare parts so used by the SELLER during this period, shall at the SELLER’s sole cost and expense be promptly replaced on board the VESSEL or be paid at BUYER’s purchase cost for the same, including any freight costs.
Spare Parts. During the term of this Purchase Agreement and for a minimum period of five (5) years after termination or expiration of this Purchase Agreement, the Supplier shall make spare parts for all components of each of the Products available for sale to the Purchaser. The spare parts shall be available to the Purchaser at prices equivalent to the prices the Supplier offers to the Supplier’s other customers for such spare parts.
Spare Parts. The Supplier may be required to provide any or all of the following materials, notifications, and information pertaining to spare parts manufactured or distributed by the Supplier. Such spare parts as the Purchaser may elect to purchase from the Supplier, providing that this election shall not relieve the Supplier of any warranty obligations under the Contract; and In the event of termination of production of the spare parts; Advance notification to the Purchaser of the pending termination, in sufficient time to permit the Purchaser to procure needed requirements; and following such termination, furnishing at no cost to the Purchaser, the blueprints, drawings and specifications of the spare parts, if requested.Supplier shall carry sufficient inventories to assure ex-stock supply of consumable spares. Other spare parts and components shall be supplied as promptly as possible but in any case within two months of placement of order.