Estimates Sample Clauses

Estimates. User shall pay to Tenant, in advance on a monthly basis, an amount equal to the estimated Rent for each year of the Use Period or part thereof divided by the number of months therein. Attached as Exhibit B is an budget for the Project prepared by Tenant and approved by User, which reflects a good faith estimate of Rent. Based on Exhibit B, the parties have agreed that User will pay to Tenant the monthly sum allocated to User on Exhibit B, in advance, as Tenant’s initial estimate of Rent. From time to time, Tenant may estimate and re-estimate the amount of Rent to be due and deliver a copy of the estimate or re-estimate to User. Thereafter, the monthly installments of Rent shall be appropriately adjusted in accordance with the estimations so that, by the end of the calendar year in question, User shall have paid all of Rent estimated by Tenant for such calendar year. Any amounts paid based on such an estimate shall be subject to adjustment as herein provided when the actual amount of Rent is available for each calendar year or fraction thereof (in the instance of any partial calendar year).
Estimates. During the period after the Effective Date and prior to the installation and commencement of operation of the meters contemplated by this Section 8.1.8, the Net Energy generated and delivered shall be estimated in good faith by the Seller and the Parties shall prepare and submit invoices on the basis of such estimates. Any such invoice shall be adjusted retroactively based on the performance of the Facility during the three month period immediately following the installation of such meters.
Estimates. Except as expressly specified in a particular Statement of Work, no estimates given by BlueSnap, including estimates regarding time of completion or costs, will have binding legal effect on either party. Without limiting the foregoing, no such estimate is to be construed as a promise, guaranty or warranty by BlueSnap, and no such estimates will be deemed to change the Statement of Work into a fixed price contract or otherwise amend or affect the Statement of Work or the interpretation thereof unless specifically stated. Quoted fees apply only to work under and within the scope of the Statement of Work. Customizations additional or outside the scope, or Customizations provided after any deadline due to Merchant delays, shall be provided at the then-current BlueSnap professional services rates.
Estimates. Estimates of probable construction costs shall be prepared at each stage of the project design phase. The A/E shall submit these estimates with each review submittal. Itemized and detailed final estimates incorporating all addenda are required prior to the bid opening. CDB reserves the right to cancel the bid opening if the estimate is not submitted prior to the bid opening. The A/E shall be responsible for all costs incurred including re-bidding for failure to comply with the provisions of this Article.
Estimates. Any estimates of project cost, value or savings provided by CONSULTANT are intended to allow a comparative evaluation between alternatives and do not constitute a detailed evaluation or prediction of actual project costs, value or savings. Any such estimates are made on the basis of information available to CONSULTANT and on the basis of CONSULTANT's experience and qualifications, and represents its judgment as an experienced and qualified professional engineer. However, since CONSULTANT has no control over the impact of various factors that impact the actual project cost, value or savings, CONSULTANT does not guarantee that the actual project cost, value or savings will not vary from CONSULTANT’s estimates.
Estimates. Although Provider will, upon the Township's request, furnish estimates of fees and costs that are anticipated, the parties understand that these estimates are by their nature inexact.
Estimates. In the event, on the Closing Date, the precise figures necessary for any of the foregoing adjustments are not capable of determination, then, at Buyer’s option, those adjustments shall be made on the basis of good faith estimates of Buyer using currently available information, and final adjustments shall be made within six (6) months after the Closing Date to the extent precise figures are determined or become available.
Estimates. In connection with this Rental Contract or any contract entered into between Encore and Lessee, any estimate provided to Lessee in connection with the expected labor hours and number of days the Equipment is solely an estimate. In the event that the actual hours, actual quantities of Equipment rented hereunder or actual days the Equipment is rented is greater than the amount indicated in any proposal, Lessee will be charged for those overages at Encore’s standard rates less any applicable discounts.
Estimates. AWA shall pay to Mesa the estimated Actual Costs, Guaranteed Non-Maintenance Costs (using the Guaranteed Maintenance Costs Caps) and Guaranteed Maintenance Costs for each calendar month based on a 98% FCF (the “Estimated Costs”) as follows: By the 20th day of each calendar month, Mesa shall provide AWA with a good faith statement of the Estimated Costs for the following calendar month. On or before the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day of each calendar month (or next business day thereafter if any such dates is other than a business day), AWA shall pay 25% of the Estimated Costs for such calendar month.
Estimates. If the amounts described in Paragraph 3 above cannot be determined by the dates described in Paragraph 4 above on an exact basis, such payments will be made in accordance with a mutually agreed upon formula which will approximate the actual payments. Adjustments will then be made to reflect actual amounts when they become available.