Compensations Sample Clauses

Compensations. With regard to any litigation and claim for compensation directed at Party A or any losses, damages, responsibilities or expenses incurred arising from the consultation and services provided by Party A pursuant to Party B’s requests, Party B shall compensate Party A so that Party A is free of damages unless such losses, damages, responsibilities or expenses are incurred due to party A’s grievous fault or intentional misconduct.
Compensations these are prices, remunerations, compensations, indemnifications and -in general- the considerations and payments that the Concessionaire pays indigenous or native peoples or their members, -under any designation, periodicity or characteristic- resulting from the implementation of the Agreements or Restrictions, as well as the costs thereof.
Compensations. 1. A Party applying a safeguard measure for an overall period beyond 2 years shall, in consultation with the other Party, provide mutually-agreed trade liberalizing compensation in the form of concessions having substantially equivalent trade effects or equivalent to the value of the additional duties expected to result from the measure during the period of extension of the measure beyond the aforementioned 2 years. The Party applying the safeguard measure shall provide opportunity for such consultations no later than 30 days after the decision to extend the measure. Such consultations shall take place prior to the effective date of the extension.
Compensations. 12.1 The Pledgor shall make compensations to the Security Agent, its agents, directors, management and employees for all verifiable losses, liabilities, damages, taxes (if any), costs and expenses incurred by the Security Agent as a result of signing or performing the Agreement, and for all litigations, legal proceedings, claims, requests, costs, expenses and expenditures that may be caused by, suffered or incurred from the failure of the Pledgor to perform or observe any of its commitments and agreements as stated under Agreement, except those incurred as a result of frauds, intentional misconducts or material negligence of the Security Agent, its agents, directors, management or employees.
Compensations. For trainings referred to in above paragraphs of this section and that are organized by SAK and the Industrial Union in their own institutes and that are approved by the training task force, the employer pays the shop steward, occupational safety representative, deputy occupational safety representative and the member of the occupational safety committee a compensation for loss of earnings. The compensation in question is paid for the shop steward for no more than one month, and for those employees in occupational safety duties for no more than two weeks. In addition, the compensation for loss of earnings requires that the course in question relates to the participant’s collaboration duties within the company. As far as the training task force has approved the three-month course organized by SAK to be compensated by the employer, the shop steward participating in the course is compensated for loss of earnings for one month providing that he or she works for a company with at least 20 employees working all year round. In addition, the employees referred to in the preceding two paragraphs are paid a board allowance for each course day to cover for catering costs incurred. The amount of this board allowance is agreed between the unions. However, this compensation is not paid for a period longer than the one for loss of earnings. A prerequisite for all of the compensations is that the person in question will return to his or her previous job. The employer is obligated to pay the abovementioned compensations to the same person only once for the same or similar training.
Compensations. The financial assets and liabilities are compensated and the net result is presented in the financial position statement only when there is a legal seting-off right and if there is the intention of their deduction on a net basis or if the Company intends to earn the asset and extinguish the liability simultaneously. The income and expenses are presented with net values when this is allowe by the accounting standards or for the profit and loss resulted from a group of similar transactions such as those from the trading activity of the Company.
Compensations. Company shall arrange for the payment of commissions directly to those registered representatives of distributor who are entitled thereto in connection with the sale of the contracts on behalf of Distributor, in the amounts and on such terms and conditions as Company and Distributor shall determine; provided that such terms, conditions and commissions shall be as are set forth in or as are not inconsistent with the Prospectus included as part of the Registration Statement for the contracts and effective under the 1933 Act. Company shall arrange for the payment of commissions directly to those Brokers who sell contracts under agreements entered into pursuant to paragraph 2, hereof, in amounts as may be agreed to by the company and specified in such written agreements. Company shall reimburse Distributor for the costs and expenses incurred by Distributor in furnishing or obtaining the services, materials and supplies required by the terms of this Agreement in the initial sales efforts and the continuing obligations hereunder.
Compensations. Party B shall indemnify and hold Party A harmless from and against any losses, damage, obligations and expenses incurred or arising from the contents of the technical consulting and services that Party B requires Party A to provide, or resulting from any litigations, claims or other requests filed against Party A.
Compensations. For its effort, B&P will be compensated for Time & -------------- Materials + travel and expenses, as follows: Time: Hourly rate of $100 Traveling days will be paid as 8 hours. Travel: Actual expenses + accommodations
Compensations. 32nd ARTICLE. For purposes of compensation, SATMEX will be liable only for service interruptions for space segment, except for acts of God or force majeure. SATMEX shall not have any responsibility for harm and damages caused by interruptions of the service to the customer or third parties.