Base Salary Sample Clauses

Base Salary. An annual base salary (the "Annual Base Salary"), which shall be paid at a monthly rate, equal to at least twelve times the highest monthly base salary paid or payable, including any base salary which has been earned but deferred, to the Executive by the Company and its Affiliated Companies during the twelve-month period immediately preceding the calendar month in which the Effective Date occurs. During the Service Period, the Annual Base Salary shall be reviewed no more than 12 months after the last salary increase awarded to the Executive prior to the Effective Date and thereafter at least annually. Any increase in Annual Base Salary shall not serve to limit or reduce any other obligation to the Executive under this Agreement. Annual Base Salary shall not be reduced after any such increase and the term Annual Base Salary as used in this Agreement shall refer to Annual Base Salary as so increased.

Base Salary. During the Employment Term, for all the services rendered by Executive hereunder, the Company shall pay Executive a base salary (Base Salary), at the annual rate in effect on the date of this Agreement, payable in installments at such times as the Company customarily pays its other employees. Executives Base Salary shall be reviewed periodically for appropriate increases by the Board (or a committee of the Board) pursuant to the Boards normal performance review policies for senior level executives.

Base Salary. As long as Employee remains an employee of Company, Employee will be paid a base salary, less applicable withholding, which shall continue at the rate currently in effect, subject to adjustment as hereinafter provided. Employees base salary shall be reviewed on an annual basis and the Company shall increase such base salary, by an amount, if any, it determines to be appropriate. Any such increase shall not reduce or limit any other obligation of the Company hereunder. Employees annual base salary payable hereunder, as it may be increased from time to time, less applicable withholding, and without reduction for any amounts deferred as described below, is referred to herein as Base Salary. Employees Base Salary, as in effect from time to time, may not be reduced by the Company without Employees consent, provided that the Base Salary payable under this paragraph shall be reduced to the extent Employee elects to defer or reduce such salary under the terms of any deferred compensation plan or other employee benefit arrangement maintained or established by the Company. The Company shall pay Employee the portion of his Base Salary not deferred in accordance with its customary periodic payroll practices.

Base Salary. The Company shall pay the Executive a base salary of $462,000 if annualized (the Base Salary), which shall be earned and payable in accordance with the Companys usual payroll practices. The Base Salary may be reviewed annually by the Company, and may be adjusted in the Boards sole discretion.

Base Salary. During the Executive's term of service (the "Employment Period"), the Company shall pay the Executive a base salary at the rate of not less than $240,000 per year ("Base Salary"). The Executive's base Salary shall be paid in approximately equal installments every two weeks. If the Executive's Base Salary is increased by the Company, such increased Base Salary shall then constitute the Base Salary for all purposes of this Agreement.

Base Salary. During the Initial Term and the Renewal Term, the Company shall pay Executive an annual base salary as described in Exhibit A (a copy of which is attached hereto and incorporated herein), payable in accordance with the normal payroll practices and schedule of the Company (Base Salary). The Base Salary shall be subject to adjustment from time to time as determined by the Board.

Base Salary. In consideration of all of (i) the services rendered to Employer and Employers Affiliates hereunder by Executive, and (ii) Executives covenants hereunder, Employer shall, during the Term, pay Executive a salary at the annual rate of Four Hundred Fifty-Five Thousand Three Hundred Ninety-Nine Dollars ($455,399) (the Base Salary), payable in equal cash installments in accordance with Employers regular payroll practices, but no less frequently than monthly. The $455,399 annual Base Salary may be increased, but not decreased without the written consent of Executive, from time to time in the sole discretion of Employer and any such increased Base Salary shall thereafter constitute Base Salary for purposes of this Agreement, and may not thereafter be reduced without the written consent of Executive.

Base Salary. As compensation for Executives performance of Executives duties to the Company, Employer shall pay to Executive a base salary of $450,000 per year (Base Salary), payable in accordance with the normal payroll practices of Employer, less all legally required or authorized payroll deductions and tax withholdings. Base Salary shall be reviewed annually, and may be increased, at the sole discretion of the Boards compensation committee, in light of the Executives performance and the Employers financial performance and other economic conditions and relevant factors.

Base Salary. During the term of this Agreement, Executive shall receive a minimum, annualized base salary of $450,000 (the Base Salary). Executives annualized base salary shall be reviewed periodically by the Board (or a committee thereof) and, in the sole discretion of the Board (or a committee thereof), such annualized base salary may be increased (but not decreased) effective as of any date determined by the Board (or a committee thereof). Executives Base Salary shall be paid in equal installments in accordance with the Employers standard policy regarding payment of compensation to executives but no less frequently than monthly.

Base Salary. The Executive shall be entitled to receive a salary from the Company during the Employment Period at a rate per year indicated on Schedule A hereto (the "Base Salary"). Once the Board has established the Base Salary, such Base Salary may be increased on each anniversary of the Effective Date, at the Board's sole discretion. The parties expressly agree that what the Executive receives now or in the future, in addition to the regular Base Salary, whether this be in the form of benefits or regular or occasional aid/assistance, such as recreation, club memberships, meals, education for his family, vehicle, lodging or clothing, occasional bonuses or anything else he receives, during the Employment Period and any renewals thereof, in cash or in kind, shall not be deemed as salary. However, because the Company is a public company subject to the reporting requirements of, inter alia, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), both parties acknowledge that the Executive's annual compensation (as determined by the rules of the SEC or any other regulatory body or exchange having jurisdiction), which may include some or all of the foregoing, may be required to be publicly disclosed.