The Concessionaire Sample Clauses

The Concessionaire. 21.9.1. shall cease to provide any Infrastructure Services if so directed by the Safety Regulator or Responsible Authority; and
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The Concessionaire. will ensure that the Works and the Decommissioning are completed in a manner such that they are fit and suitable for the intended purpose of the Project as that intended purpose is described in this Agreement; and
The Concessionaire must provide and maintain in force during the entire duration of the Contract, without restrictions of its responsibility under this Contract, insurance coverage for all cases required by applicable law.
The Concessionaire. has full capacity and authority and all necessary licences, permits, permissions, powers and consents (including, where its procedures so require, the consent of its Holding Company) to enter into and to perform this Agreement; and
The Concessionaire pursuant to the provisions of the Residential/Mixed Use Master Supply Agreement, is to enter into a Void Supply Agreement which will govern the supply of Energy Services to, and payment of Energy Service Charges in respect of, all Dwellings or Commercial Units which have not been disposed of by the Developer on a Long Lease basis for any period where such Dwelling or Commercial Unit is not supplied with Energy Services pursuant to a Residential Supply Agreement or a Mixed Use Commercial Supply Agreement.
The Concessionaire. (i) warrants that it will procure Accreditation as required by Clause 7.1 by the Scheduled Date for Final Completion of the Interchange Facility Works;
The Concessionaire. The Concessionaire shall indemnify and defend the Authority, for itself and its officers, servants, agents, Government Authority and Government owned and/or controlled entities/enterprises relating to the Project (the Authority Indemnified Persons) against, and hold the Authority Indemnified Persons harmless from, at all times after the Effective Date, any and all Losses, incurred, suffered, sustained or required to be paid, directly or indirectly, by, or sought to be imposed upon, the Authority Indemnified Persons for personal injury or death to persons or damage to property arising out of any negligent or intentional act or omission by the Concessionaire, any third party actions, claims and expenses arising out of any negligent or intentional act or omission by the Concessionaire and Concessionaire Engaged Persons in connection with this Agreement. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the preceding sentence, nothing in this Section 9.1.1 shall apply to any Loss in respect of and to the extent of which the Authority receives proceeds from insurance policies relating to the Project. The Concessionaire shall indemnify the Authority against any defect in design, construction, maintenance or operation of the Project and be liable to reimburse all costs, charges, expenses suffered by the Authority or an end user due to any such defect.
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The Concessionaire. (i) shall not knowingly admit to any share or part of this Agreement or any benefit to arise herefrom any member of the Senate, the House of Commons of Canada or the Legislature of British Columbia;
The Concessionaire. Xxx X. Xxxxxx, P.Eng. Telephone: 604­605­4914 or 000 000 0000 Facsimile: 000 000 0000
The Concessionaire. 3.1.1 shall, subject to Clause 6.2 provide the Services from the Service Commencement Date in accordance with this Agreement;
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