Party B Sample Clauses

Party B. For the purpose of Section 3(f) of this Agreement, Party B makes the representations specified below:
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Party B. Beijing Xxxxx Xxx Xxx Xxxxx Data Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Seal) Signature: Name: Title:
Party B reserves the right to terminate the assignment without further notice if it or any part of it appears to contain any defamatory matter, breach any contract or moral rights or duty of confidence or constitute contempt of court or breach any provision of any statute or any regulation(s) made thereunder.
Party B. 1. China Automotive Information Net shall keep on operation each day (except for statutory holidays) and provide the services to Party A.
Party B. Party B further represents and warrants that, as of the date of signing hereof, it is duly authorized to provide the Services in the PRC.
Party B. 5.2.1 Responsible of providing classroom and office at the agreed location and 3 to7 apartments for foreign teachers
Party B. (affixed with the seal of The Chinese (affixed with the seal of Beijing Our People’s Liberation Army Navy General Medical Equipment Development Co., Hospital) Ltd.)
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Party B. 6.2.1 Party B agree to sell its products and services by party A's J-Card. Party A is responsible for the card's cost.
Party B. China Electronic Holdings, Inc., a corporation incorporated under the law of Delaware, the United States, and its legal address is c/o National Corporate Research, Ltd., 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxx, Xxxx, DE, 19901 (the “Transferee”).
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