Foundations Sample Clauses

Foundations. Special attention is given to the foundation for the main power transformer. The transformer foundation design includes an oil containment system with a water drainage system. In this area, an oil containment system sized to hold 110% of the transformer contents is provided.
Foundations. Below-grade repair of brick or stone foundations that does not include applying weatherproofing or sealers, and repairs to all other types of foundations.
Foundations. Engineer will coordinate the collection of geotechnical data. This coordination includes creation of a scope of work, development of a boring location plan, soil resistivity traverse plan and technical specifications. Engineer will use the provided geotechnical engineering information and base reactions from the support structures to design new foundations. The following foundations will be designed: ► Two (2) pier foundations for three phase CT/PT supports. In addition, Engineer will revise the structure key plan and foundation plan to illustrate the new structure supports and locations. The structure key plan and foundation plan will illustrate the centerlines and spacing and shall xxxx the type of structure and foundation with a specific identifier. The structure and foundation details will be submitted as new drawings incorporated in the drawing set along with a material list sheet and rebar schedule. Engineer has assumed that foundations for future equipment will not be designed or installed at this time. Engineering & Procurement Agreement SERVICE AGREEMENT NO. 2534 Conceptual Scope Station drawings and labels will be updated to reflect the transmission line updates at Craryville. Controls & Integration Station drawings and labels will be updated to reflect the transmission line updates at Craryville.
Foundations. The minimum depth of foundations for pipeline trenches is given in relevant section of the document. Care shall be taken to avoid the interference of the foundations or any other component of the new building or structure with the foundations of adjacent buildings or structures. Suitable adjustments in the depth, location and size of foundations may have to be made depending on the site conditions. The Employer’s Representative shall accept no extra claims for such adjustments. Special attention shall be drawn to the danger of uplift being caused by a high ground water table. The foundation raft or mat shall be designed for uplift forces that are likely to be developed. Safety arrangement The activity shall include proper safety arrangement. Cost for this arrangement is deemed to be included under the respective item of works.
Foundations. The structure will be supported on a foundation of concrete spread footings with concrete foundation walls.
Foundations. The repair of brick, cement, or stone foundations below grade, as well all other types of in-kind repairs to other foundation materials. For the underpinning of piers and foundations on the street façade(s) of a building, the underpinning material must be placed at least two (2) inches behind the outer face of the piers or walls that are exposed to view.