An Association Sample Clauses

An Association represented employee who intends to terminate his or her employment and who would, upon the termination of employment, be entitled to severance pay under Article 8.01, 8.02, 8.03 or 8.04 may elect, in lieu of the payment provided for in those articles, to take a leave of absence with pay.
An Association full-time faculty member shall represent the bargaining unit alone, or with not more than seven (7) employees of the bargaining unit. The Association will state the names and work areas of the covered employees, if any, who are to attend the meeting. Representatives of the CCSNH shall meet with the Association representatives. The CCSNH Director of Human Resources will attend such consultations whenever feasible providing that his/her attendance may be specifically requested and complied with by notice of either the Association or the CCSNH.
An Association. Steward shall obtain the permission of the Steward’s immediate supervisor before leaving work to investigate with fellow employees complaints of an urgent nature, to meet with management for the purpose of dealing with disciplinary matters and grievances, and to attend meetings called by management. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.
An Association. Parliamentary Committee is hereby established. It shall be a forum for Members of the Polish Parliament and the European Parliament to meet and exchange views. It shall meet at intervals which it shall itself determine.
An Association representative may pick up a copy of the School Board agenda at the District office on the afternoon of the day of a School Board meeting.

Related to An Association

  • Association Dues 5.01 In every pay period, the Board shall deduct from every pay of each Occasional Teacher the appropriate amount of dues as authorized by the Constitution of the Association and directed by its Executive.

  • Association Grievance A grievance, as defined in Section 7.1, relating to occurrences actually involving at least three (3) nurses or arising under the Association Representative article, may be initiated by the Association at Step 2 of the above-mentioned procedure by the filing of a written grievance, signed by a representative of the Association, within 35 calendar days from the date of occurrence. Such grievance shall describe the problem and the contract provisions alleged to have been violated.

  • Association Establishment and all other expenses of the Association and also similar expenses of the Maintenance In-charge looking after the common purposes, until handing over the same to the Association.

  • The Association The Haysville Education Association, affiliated with the Kansas-National Education Association and the National Education Association. It is understood that HEA when used in this agreement refers to the Haysville Education Association.

  • Banking Association The Owner Trustee is a banking association satisfying Section 3807(a) of the Delaware Statutory Trust Act and meets the eligibility requirements of Section 9.1(a).

  • HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION 9.1 The Purchaser acknowledges that it is anticipated that the Property will fall under the jurisdiction of the HOA, being a new Homeowners’ Association which shall come/came into existence on registration of transfer of the first Erf in the Development from the Seller to a third party purchaser, it being recorded that the HOA is established for the benefit of, inter alia, all of owners of erven in the Development and to control and maintain roads, services and amenities within, inter alia, the Development.

  • Trade Association Fees All fees, dues and other expenses incurred in connection with the Trust's membership in any trade association or other investment organization.

  • Hospital-Association Committee (a) There shall be a Hospital-Union Committee comprised of representatives of the Hospital, one of whom shall be the Chief Nursing Officer or designate and of the Union, one of whom shall be the Bargaining Unit President or designate. The number of representatives is set out in the Appendix of Local Provisions and the membership of the Committee may be expanded by mutual agreement.

  • Association Leave 3.2.1 For the purpose of furthering the collaborative work of the school district, the Board shall grant leave days to Association members to participate in negotiations and professional council according to the parameters specified in the respective Articles. The cost of these days will be shared equally between the District and the Association. The Board will also grant 10 additional days to members to conduct the business of the Association. These days will be reimbursed by MEA at the current substitute base rate of pay. Additional days may be granted provided they are mutually agreed upon by the Association President and the Superintendent or designee. Written requests for Association leave must be submitted to the School Director at least three (3) days in advance of use unless there is an emergency. In the event of emergency, requests must be submitted as early as possible (by telephone followed by a written request); but, in any event, prior to the use. No more than six (6) teachers District-wide shall be absent to conduct Association business at any one time.

  • Association Representatives A. The President of the Association shall furnish the Commissioner or Commissioner’s designee with a written list by September 15 of each year of officers and representatives of the Association and their terms of office. It is clearly understood that in the implementation of this section, there shall not be more than one (1) Association representative from each College; provided, however, that if a designated representative is unavailable, the President of the Association shall notify the Commissioner or Commissioner’s designee as to who shall be that representative's alternate.