An Association Sample Clauses

An Association. Parliamentary Committee is hereby established. It shall be a forum for Members of the Polish Parliament and the European Parliament to meet and exchange views. It shall meet at intervals which it shall itself determine.
An Association represented employee who intends to terminate his or her employment and who would, upon the termination of employment, be entitled to severance pay under Article 8.01, 8.02, 8.03 or 8.04 may elect, in lieu of the payment provided for in those articles, to take a leave of absence with pay.
An Association. Representative who must leave his/her work location to represent a grievant must first obtain permission from his/her supervisor on a form provided by his/her department for such purpose. Permission to leave will be granted unless such absence would cause an undue interruption of work. If such permission cannot be granted promptly, the Association Representative will be informed when time can be made available. Such time will not be more than 48 hours, excluding scheduled days off and/or legal holidays, after the time of the Association Representative’s request unless otherwise mutually agreed. Denial of permission to leave at the time requested will automatically constitute an extension of time limits provided in the grievance procedure herein, equal to the amount of the delay.
An Association full-time faculty member shall represent the bargaining unit alone, or with not more than seven (7) employees of the bargaining unit. The Association will state the names and work areas of the covered employees, if any, who are to attend the meeting. Representatives of the CCSNH shall meet with the Association representatives. The CCSNH Director of Human Resources will attend such consultations whenever feasible providing that his/her attendance may be specifically requested and complied with by notice of either the Association or the CCSNH.
An Association. Superintendent Advisory Committee shall be formed. The committee shall meet at the request of the Association president or Superintendent to discuss school-related matters, such as school calendar, and/or the implementation of this Agreement. An equal number of members shall be appointed by the Superintendent and the president of the Association, that number to be agreed to cooperatively between the Superintendent and the Association's president.
An Association. Xxxxxxx shall obtain the permission of the Xxxxxxx’x immediate supervisor before leaving work to investigate with fellow employees complaints of an urgent nature, to meet with management for the purpose of dealing with disciplinary matters and grievances, and to attend meetings called by management. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.
An Association representative may pick up a copy of the School Board agenda at the District office on the afternoon of the day of a School Board meeting.
An Association. Management “Bid Committee” shall be formed for the purpose of clarifying issues of bid requirements, payment procedures, safety, time requirements, or any other issue that would promote clarity and understanding between the Association and Management.
An Association. Board grievance must be submitted to the interpretation committee within 40 working days of the date the Association or the Board first knew of the alleged violation or misapplication. Failure to submit a grievance within the time limits specified shall render the grievance inarbitrable. However, in the event that the submission is presented after the 40 day period, the superintendent, human resources, may consider the merits of the complaint. If the superintendent, human resources, disallows the complaint, the submitting party may request that the interpretation committee consider the merits of the complaint. The interpretation committee may formally consider a complaint which has been submitted beyond the 40 day time limit for grievances, when the majority of the committee decides to do so. An Association/Board grievance shall not be defeated solely because the submitting party has cited no article or an incorrect article of this agreement or has sought an inappropriate remedy.