Members of the Bargaining Unit Sample Clauses

Members of the Bargaining Unit. 1. Each faculty member shall have office space, a desk and chair. Each librarian shall have access to office space, a desk and chair to the same extent that he/she had access on June 30, 2017. Each unit member shall have access to the use of a closet or its equivalent, space in a file cabinet, and reasonable access to an intra-University telephone. The Board hereby further agrees that it shall continue to provide at each University such number of private offices for unit members as exist at each such University on the date of execution of this Agreement.
Members of the Bargaining Unit. The Board recognizes its responsibility to continue to provide to unit members facilities and equipment, to include, where appropriate, office space and a closet or their equivalent, as necessary, for the proper discharge of their professional responsibilities.
Members of the Bargaining Unit. Negotiating Team who spend work days negotiating or on a grievance committee shall be treated in all respects as though they are actively at work, covered by all terms and provisions of this Agreement.
Members of the Bargaining Unit. A. The members of the bargaining unit consist of: Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Title I Reading Facilitators. The following are not members of the bargaining unit: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principals, Assistant Principals, Xxxx of Students, Technology Director, Athletic Director, Corporation Nurse, and Title I Coordinator.
Members of the Bargaining Unit. Whenever used in this Agreement, “
Members of the Bargaining Unit. Continuing Education Teachers shall be hired on a term-specific contract and shall be members of the Bargaining Unit. Compulsory dues shall be deducted in accordance with Article 5.2.
Members of the Bargaining Unit. When the term "teachers" is hereafter used in this Agreement, it shall refer to all persons in the bargaining unit as prescribed by the preceding paragraph.
Members of the Bargaining Unit. The faculty bargaining unit shall consist of all full-time faculty and adjunct instructors employed on faculty or adjunct appointments approved by the Board.
Members of the Bargaining Unit accruing perfect attendance during the first quarter of the school year, shall receive an incentive stipend of $125.
Members of the Bargaining Unit who after January accept a position of the Bargaining Unit may to the Bargaining Unit loss of seniority for a period of twelve months only. : No employee shall be transferred outside of the Bargaining without their consent. members who accept a transfer other units of and who at a later date return to Unit as the of a permanent vacancy left unfilled completion of the posting process will, after successful completion of their trial period, be credited with all seniority accrued within Local Article (Job Vacancies), the parties agree an employee covered by this Agreement who is no longer able to perform regular of their position due to physical by documentation, shall be given preference to positions determined by the parties through the Early and Safe Return to Committee. It the of reference for the Early and Safe Return to Work Committee will provide for the accommodation of employees that have been absent from