Response Time Sample Clauses

Response Time. A. Respondent must provide proper treatment for any vulnerability that potentially impacts State’s business or the security of State’s information within 48 hours of learning of such vulnerability unless another response time is agreed to by Respondent and IMD.
Response Time. The Engineer must provide proper treatment for any vulnerability that potentially impacts State’s business or the security of State’s information within 48 hours of learning of such vulnerability unless another response time is agreed to in writing by the Engineer and TxDOT-IMD. The Engineer’s treatment of any vulnerability must be acceptable to State.
Response Time. 3.1. Where a vehicle is equipped with a service braking system which is totally or partially dependent on a source of energy other than the muscular effort of the driver, the following requirements shall be satisfied:
Response Time. Response Time shall be calculated as the total number elapsed minutes after Company becomes aware of, or is notified by Saint Luke’s or any Facility of, an Incident and responds to the Incident as required. Company shall track and report monthly to Saint Luke’s each P1, P2 and P3 Incident and the time required to Respond to each such Incident. The Response Time Service Level is set forth on the Service Level Matrix attached hereto as Schedule 1.
Response Time. We shall, after receipt and classification, use commercially reasonable efforts to respond during Standard Support Hours to each notification as indicated below, with a resolution of the issue as indicated below: Priority Receipt Acknowledged Resolution Goal
Response Time. SunGard shall use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Customer's initial Error reports with off-site telephone consultation, assistance and advice within fifteen (15) minutes for Class 1 Errors and within one (1) hour for Class 2 Errors, but in any event, SunGard shall respond within four working hours. If SunGard fails to so respond, or if the designated person from the Calling List is not available when Customer makes contact with SunGard to report an Error, then Customer shall attempt to contact the next more responsible person of the Calling List until contact is made and a designated person responds to the call.
Response Time. Ricoh will provide a one hour (1) phone response to service calls measured from receipt of the Customer’s call. Ricoh service technicians will meet a four (4) business hour response time for all Customer service calls located within a major metropolitan area and eight (8) hour average response time for all Customer service calls located fifty (50) miles or greater from a Ricoh service center. Response time is measured in aggregate for all Equipment covered by the Order.
Response Time. Service Provider will respond to Customer’s service/support-related inquiries and requests within the applicable Response Time as discussed in Section 3.3 b. above; provided, however, that the Response Time is only effect during the Service Window for that day. In case there are fewer hours remaining in the Service Window than are in Customer’s Response Time (as set forth in the table above), the Response Time will extend into the next date with a Service Window. Please note that on most days, the Service Window extends from 9 AM CET to 6 PM EST but, as discussed in “Service Window” above, on some dates the Service Window will be shorter. The response from Service Provider will not be an automated response but a specific acknowledgement by Service Provider personnel regarding the issue submitted. For the avoidance of doubt, Response Time refers to a response only; time required for a solution to any submitted issue will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please note that in case of discrepancy between the two, the Response Time is determined by the time at which Service Provider receives such e-mail, not the time at which such email was sent. Please note that Service Provider’s ability to comply with this Section 3.3 may be impacted by Customer’s failure to cooperate or provide necessary resources or information to Service Provider. Please also note that, as Service Provider only guarantees service in English, if Customer sends a service/support-related inquiry or request in a language other than English, the appropriate Response Time above shall not be applicable unless Customer has made specific arrangements with Service Provider for support in non-English languages
Response Time. 26.1 Residency within the territorial limits of the City of Portland shall not be a condition of employment; however, in order to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of Portland citizens, the Chief of Police has authority to promulgate a Departmental Rule and Regulation establishing a required "response time" for employees.