Administrative Sample Clauses

Administrative. 2.10.1 LIDDA shall designate a medical specialist who is a: A. registered nurse;
Administrative a. Health plans must be able to demonstrate to the DAS Benefits Administration that they can successfully provide services for their anticipated enrollment.
Administrative. Each Company shall pay an asset-based fee on its net assets computed daily at the annual rates set forth in the table below. Net assets shall be aggregated across all Companies (including the U.S. Companies, provided that such U.S. Companies are serviced by Citi Ohio pursuant to that certain Amended and Restated Sub-Administration Agreement between Citi Ohio and HSBC Global Asset Management (USA) Inc. dated January 1, 2009 (“the Sub-Administration Agreement”)) to determine the total asset-based fee for administration services provided by Citi Ohio for all Companies (the “Total Asset-Based Fee”). The aggregate asset-based fee payable by the Cayman Companies under this Agreement with respect to the administration services (the “Cayman Asset-Based Fee”) shall be equal to the proportionate share of net assets of the Cayman Companies to total aggregate net assets of all Companies (including net assets of the U.S. Companies, provided that such Companies are serviced by Citi pursuant to the Sub-Administration Agreement) multiplied by the Total Asset-Based Fee. Each Cayman Company shall then be charged its pro rata share of the Cayman Asset-Based Fee based on its pro rata share of net assets to the aggregate net assets of all Cayman Companies. Assets in any Fund (a “Feeder Fund”) that invests in another Fund (a “Master Fund”) shall be counted (and a fee charged thereon) in either the Feeder Fund or the Master Fund, but not both, provided that fees on such assets may be apportioned between the Feeder Fund and the Master Fund. For purposes of determining the fees payable for Administrative services, the value of each Company’s net assets shall be computed in the manner described in such Company’s governing documents (e.g., Memorandum and Articles of Association, Declaration of Trust, etc.) or in its offering documents (e.g., Prospectus or Statement of Additional Information, Offering Memorandum, etc.) as from time to time in effect for the computation of the value of such net assets in connection with the purchase and redemption of shares. Base Fee: On complex net assets of Basis points $0-$10 billion 3.5 $10-$20 billion 1.5 $20-$50 billion 0.75 >$50 billion 0.5 Regulatory Administration Fee $115,000 per year Fund Accounting Each Company shall pay an annual fee with respect to its Funds as follows: Per Fund: Master/Feeder Structure HSBC Investor International Equity Portfolio $ 50,000 All other Master Funds $ 40,000 Feeder Funds $ 9,000 Non-Master/Feeder Structure A...
Administrative. The Manager shall:
Administrative. When the supervisor believes that the best interests of the District, the pupils, or the unit member will be served by an administrative transfer, he/she shall file with the appropriate division head a written request stating the reason(s) for such a transfer. Administrative transfers provide a process to address behavior/actions and their impacts that cannot be addressed through Article 14Evaluation or Article 33 – Letters of Reprimand and Suspensions.