Administrative Sample Clauses

Administrative. The Manager shall recommend the establishment of, and implement and supervise procedures to provide staff review of all operational areas, which status shall be reviewed in regularly scheduled quarterly meetings and at other meetings as may be deemed necessary or desirable by the Owner.
Administrative. Agent: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., as the Administrative Agent under the Credit Agreement.
Administrative. The Manager shall:
Administrative. When the supervisor believes that the best interests of the District, the pupils, or the unit member will be served by an administrative transfer, he/she shall file with the appropriate division head a written request stating the reason(s) for such a transfer. Administrative transfers provide a process to address behavior/actions and their impacts that cannot be addressed through Article 14 – Evaluation or Article 33 – Letters of Reprimand and Suspensions. The reason(s) for administrative transfer shall not be arbitrary or capricious. Administrative transfers cannot be based on a bargaining unit member’s actions that are protected (e.g. Association meetings, representing SDEA members at conferences, working to rule, etc.) When a bargaining unit member’s action is not protected, the site administrator is to determine if the action can be addressed through Article 14 – Evaluation or Article 33 – Letters of Reprimand and Suspensions. When the bargaining unit member’s action is neither protected nor addressable through Article 14 or Article 33, the unit member will be entitled to the following elements of due process and the procedure outlined below will be followed. The unit member will be entitled to the following elements of due process:
Administrative. All management and administrative services as may be required for the reasonable conduct of TransTexas's Business as presently or hereafter conducted (the "Administrative Services"). Throughout the Term, NEG shall maintain, for the benefit of TransTexas and at TransTexas's expense (and in the name of TransTexas as the owner of such policies), insurance coverages that are usual and customary in the oil and gas industry and consistent with past practices of TransTexas and the requirements of any TransTexas Agreements. Such coverages shall include but not be limited to the following: Commercial General Liability Insurance, Excess/Umbrella Liability Insurance, Control of Well Insurance, "All Risk" Property Insurance, Operator's Extra Expense Insurance, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance and other insurance coverages as may be deemed necessary and appropriate;
Administrative. Subject to the supervision and direction of the Board of Trustees of the LLC, the Manager is also responsible for all administrative functions with respect to the LLC and will (a) supervise all aspects of the operations of the LLC; (b) supply the LLC with office facilities (which may be in the Manager's own offices), statistical and research data, data processing services, clerical, accounting and bookkeeping services (including, but not limited to, the calculation of (i) the net asset values of shares of the LLC, and (ii) distribution fees), internal auditing and legal services, internal executive and administrative services, and stationery and office (c) prepare reports to the LLC's shareholders and materials for the Board of Trustees of the LLC; (d) prepare tax returns and reports to and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and state Blue Sky authorities; (e) cooperate with the LLC's transfer agent for the purpose of establishing the implementing procedures to ensure that the LLC's transfer agency and shareholder relations functions are efficiently carried out; and (f) provide such other similar services as the LLC may reasonably request to the extent permitted under application statutes, rules and regulations. The services to be performed by the Manager hereunder may be delegated by it, in whole or in part, to one or more sub-administrators provided that any delegation of duties to a sub-administrator shall not relieve the Manager of its responsibilities hereunder. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the Manger shall not be responsible for the performance of any duties which are required to be performed by the LLC's transfer agent.
Administrative. 8.01.5 For purposes of calculating rates for rentals, fees, and charges payable hereunder, the following Terminal Sub- Centers and Equipment Sub-Centers, each as described in Exhibits N-E and D-E, are hereby created:
Administrative. Administrative personnel, equipment, and supplies necessary to support modern, well-equipped animal control department in compliance with all applicable laws and standards. This includes customer services, such as providing information to customers who come to the shelter or contact the shelter by telephone or other electronic means, including services available, animal information, ordinance information, and various other resources.
Administrative. Customer agrees that OCC or its Assignee may treat executed faxes or photocopies delivered to OCC as original documents; however, Customer agrees to deliver original signed documents if requested. Customer agrees that OCC may insert the appropriate administrative information to complete this form. OCC will provide a copy of the final Contract upon request. * Confidential Treatment Requested 6 ORACLE CREDIT CORPORATION PAYMENT PLAN AGREEMENT Customer: Technologies, Inc. EXECUTED BY CUSTOMER (AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE): -------------------------------------- By: /s/ Peter H. Cheesbrough -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Address: 6400 S. Fiddlers Green Circle, Ste 540 Name: -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Englewood, CO 80111 Title: ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Phone: 303-488-2019 ------------------------------------- EXECUTED BY ORACLE CREDIT CORPORATION: PPA No.: ------------------------------------- By: Effective Date: ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------- Name: ------------------------------------------ Title: ------------------------------------------ The payment Plan Agreement ("PPA") is entered into by Customer and Oracle Credit Corporation ("OCC") to provide for the payment of the System Price specified in a Payment Schedule on an installment basis. The System (as defined below) is being acquired from Oracle Corporation, an alliance member/agent of Oracle Corporation or any other party providing any portion of the System ("Supplier"). Each Payment Schedule shall specify the Software and other products and services, which items together with any upgrade, transfer, substitution, or replacement thereof, shall comprise the "System." Each Payment Schedule shall incorporate the terms and conditions of the PPA to form a "Contract," and the System specified therein shall be subject to the terms and conditions of such Contract. The System shall be licensed or provided to Customer directly by supplier pursuant to the terms of the Order and Agreement specified in the Contract. Except as provided under the Contract, Customer's rights and remedies under the Order and Agreement, including Supplier's warranty and refund provisions, shall not be affected.
Administrative. Parties: The Facility Agent, the Security Agent and the Fronting Banks. Finance Parties: The Participants and the Administrative Parties. Security from the Trading Co Group: The Facility will benefit from the following security: