All Funds Sample Clauses

All Funds. No dealer concessions are paid on any other sales of shares at net asset value, except that concessions may be paid to dealers on their sales of fund shares to accounts managed by affiliates of The Capital Group Companies, Inc. as set forth in this Agreement. Sales of shares of Washington Mutual Investors Fund below $1 million made in connection with certain accounts established before September 1, 1969, are subject to reduced concessions and sales charges as described in the Washington Mutual Investors Fund Prospectus. With respect to sales of shares of any tax-exempt fund, the concession schedule for sales of shares to retirement plans is inapplicable. The schedules of sales charges above apply to single purchases, concurrent purchases of two or more of the Funds (except those listed in Category 4 on the attached Schedule A), and purchases made under a statement of intention and pursuant to the right of accumulation, both of which are described in the Prospectuses.
All Funds. In addition to the compensation described in Section 4(a) above, as applicable, and subject to any limitations set forth in the FINRA’s Rules of Conduct, including without limitation Rule 2830, Distributor will pay Dealer, with respect to each of the Funds for which a Distribution Plan pursuant to Rule 12b-1 of the 1940 Act is in place for such Shares and under which a fee may be paid to broker-dealers for providing distribution or shareholder services (“12b-1 Funds”), a monthly fee computed at the annual rate as described in the Fund’s Prospectus. The fee will be paid for the period Shares of the 12b-1 Funds are held in accounts for which Dealer provides services as described in Section 3 above; provided, however, that any waiver of such fee by Distributor will apply likewise to Dealer and Distributor is obligated to pay such fee to Dealer only so long as the Distributor is reimbursed by such 12b-1 Funds for such fees. Dealer agrees that, notwithstanding any other provision herein to the contrary, Dealer will waive payment of any fee payable hereunder until Aberdeen Fund Distributors has received payment from the Fund(s), and that Aberdeen Fund Distributors’ liability to Dealer for any such fee payable to Dealer is limited to the amount of fees received by Aberdeen Fund Distributors from the Funds. If any Shares sold to Dealer under the terms of this Agreement are repurchased by a Fund, or are tendered for redemption, within seven business days after the date of Distributor’s confirmation of the original purchase by Dealer, Dealer shall promptly refund to Distributor the full Dealer Commission received by Dealer pursuant to Section 4(a) above or Distributor reserves the right to deduct such amount from any current or future compensation due Dealer.
All Funds. Fees for services shall be prorated for any portion of a year in which the Agreement is not effective.
All Funds. TIME AND PLACE OF SPECIAL MEETINGS We are holding the Special Meetings at 11 Greenway Plaza, Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77046-1173 on October 00, 0000, xx 0:00 x.x., Xxxxxxx Xxxx.

Related to All Funds

  • Funds Payments under the Finance Documents to the Facility Agent must be made for value on the due date at such times and in such funds as the Facility Agent may specify to the Party concerned as being customary at the time for the settlement of transactions in the relevant currency in the place for payment.

  • Match Funds The goal of this subtask is to ensure that the Recipient obtains any match funds planned for this Agreement and applies them to the Agreement during the Agreement term. While the costs to obtain and document match funds are not reimbursable under this Agreement, the Recipient may spend match funds for this task. The Recipient may only spend match funds during the Agreement term, either concurrently or prior to the use of Energy Commission funds. Match funds must be identified in writing, and the Recipient must obtain any associated commitments before incurring any costs for which the Recipient will request reimbursement. The Recipient shall: • Prepare a Match Funds Status Letter that documents the match funds committed to this Agreement. If no match funds were part of the proposal that led to the Energy Commission awarding this Agreement and none have been identified at the time this Agreement starts, then state this in the letter. If match funds were a part of the proposal that led to the Energy Commission awarding this Agreement, then provide in the letter: o A list of the match funds that identifies:  The amount of cash match funds, their source(s) (including a contact name, address, and telephone number), and the task(s) to which the match funds will be applied.  The amount of each in-kind contribution, a description of the contribution type (e.g., property, services), the documented market or book value, the source (including a contact name, address, and telephone number), and the task(s) to which the match funds will be applied. If the in-kind contribution is equipment or other tangible or real property, the Recipient must identify its owner and provide a contact name, address, telephone number, and the address where the property is located.  If different from the solicitation application, provide a letter of commitment from an authorized representative of each source of match funding that the funds or contributions have been secured. • At the Kick-off meeting, discuss match funds and the impact on the project if they are significantly reduced or not obtained as committed. If applicable, match funds will be included as a line item in the progress reports and will be a topic at CPR meetings. • Provide a Supplemental Match Funds Notification Letter to the CAM of receipt of additional match funds. • Provide a Match Funds Reduction Notification Letter to the CAM if existing match funds are reduced during the course of the Agreement. Reduction of match funds may trigger a CPR meeting. Products: • Match Funds Status Letter • Supplemental Match Funds Notification Letter (if applicable) • Match Funds Reduction Notification Letter (if applicable)

  • Company Funds The funds of the Company shall be deposited in such bank or other financial institution account or accounts, or invested in such interest-bearing or non-interest-bearing investments, as shall be designated by the Board of Managers. All withdrawals from any such accounts shall be made only by the Board of Managers or by individuals duly appointed by the Board of Managers.

  • Investment Funds Unregistered general or limited partnerships or pooled investment vehicles and/or registered investment companies in which the Company (directly, or indirectly through the Master Fund) invests its assets that are advised by an Investment Manager.

  • Good Funds All amounts payable by the parties at Closing, including any loan proceeds, Cash at Closing 120 and closing costs, must be in funds that comply with all applicable Colorado laws, including electronic transfer funds, certified 121 check, savings and loan teller’s check and cashier’s check (Good Funds).

  • Custody of Partnership Funds; Bank Accounts (a) All funds of the Partnership not otherwise invested shall be deposited in one or more accounts maintained in such banking or brokerage institutions as the General Partner shall determine, and withdrawals shall be made only on such signature or signatures as the General Partner may, from time to time, determine.

  • Pre-Funding Account On the Closing Date, the Depositor shall deposit in the Pre-Funding Account $0.00 (the “Pre-Funding Account Initial Deposit”) from the net proceeds of the sale of the Notes. On each Subsequent Transfer Date, if any, upon satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Section 2.03(b) with respect to such transfer, the Servicer shall instruct the Indenture Trustee to withdraw from the Pre-Funding Account (i) an amount equal to [RESERVED]% of the result of the aggregate Starting Principal Balance of the Subsequent Receivables transferred to the Trust on such Subsequent Transfer Date less the Yield Supplement Overcollateralization Amount with respect to such Subsequent Receivables as of the related Cutoff Date and (ii), on behalf of the Depositor, deposit into the Reserve Account a portion of such funds equal to the Reserve Account Subsequent Transfer Deposit with respect to such Subsequent Transfer Date and distribute the remainder to or upon the order of the Depositor as payment for such Subsequent Receivables. If the Pre-Funded Amount has not been reduced to zero on the Payment Date immediately following the calendar month in which the Funding Period, if any, ends, the Servicer shall instruct the Indenture Trustee to transfer from the Pre-Funding Account on such Payment Date any amount then remaining in the Pre-Funding Account to the Note Distribution Account for distribution in accordance with Section 8.02(g) of the Indenture.

  • Partnership Funds Pending application or distribution, the funds of the Partnership shall be deposited in such bank account or accounts, or invested in such interest-bearing or non-interest bearing investment, including, without limitation, checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit and time or demand deposits in commercial banks, U.S. government securities and securities guaranteed by U.S. government agencies as shall be designed by the General Partner. Such funds shall not be commingled with funds of any other Person. Withdrawals therefrom shall be made upon such signatures as the General Partner may designate.

  • Payment Fund “Payment Fund” is defined in Section 2.6(a) of the Agreement.

  • Other Funds Federated Absolute Return Fund Federated Emerging Markets Debt Fund Federated Emerging Markets Equity Fund Federated Enhanced Treasury Income Fund Federated InterContinental Fund Federated International Bond Fund Federated International Bond Strategy Portfolio Federated International Dividend Strategy Portfolio Federated International Leaders Fund Federated International Small-Mid Company Fund Federated International Strategic Value Dividend Fund Federated MDT Stock Trust Federated Muni and Stock Advantage Fund Federated Prudent DollarBear Fund SIXTH AMENDMENT TO FUND ACCOUNTING AGREEMENT THIS AMENDMENT TO FUND ACCOUNTING AGREEMENT (“Amendment”) is by and between each of the investment companies listed on Schedule I to the Agreement, as defined below (each, a “Fund”), and The Bank of New York Mellon (“Bank”).