Access to the Building Sample Clauses

Access to the Building. Security guards monitor the areas adjacent to the building via closed circuit television; • Access is allowed only to duly authorized persons; • The entire environment is monitored by digital cameras and the images are recorded 24 hours a day by the Security Center. Access to the internal areas: • Only allowed when accompanied by the safety or operations team; • Controlled by proximity card and biometrics. Access to the Serve Rooms: • Only allowed when accompanied by the operations team; • Controlled by proximity card and biometrics. Access to the Cages and Racks: • Only allowed when accompanied by the operations team; • Access control to the cages and racks is carried out by keys or proximity cards released by the operations team; • Access to the cages and racks is monitored by cameras positioned to record images of the access corridors. All information generated by security systems, such as images and access logs are stored for 90 days, and can be viewed by clients upon prior request at the Data Center itself. The 24x7 access release process must be carried out by a service requisition to the Service Center or on the Customer Website by the PAGSEGURO INTERNET LTDA responsible person, indicated formally in the agreement, with a minimum advance notice set forth in the Data Center operational procedures. Fire Detection and Fighting System: The UOLDIVEO Glete Data Center has a 24x7 resident civilian firefighter who is responsible for inspecting the environment for fire hazards and for first response to any incident. The building is located four (4) blocks from the São Paulo State Fire Brigade (Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Battalion). It has a VESDA early fire detection system and ionic or thermo-velocimetric smoke detectors distributed throughout all levels - floor and ceiling - both connected to the fire fighting center. ○ The facilities have smoke detectors placed throughout the area, on the three levels of physical accommodation: drop ceiling, environment and false floor. They are also present in all areas containing energy and cooling infrastructure equipment; ○ These devices, which are monitored by the Security Center, indicate in the panel the exact sector of the emergency, in addition to sounding the alarm in the affected area and notifying the resident Firefighter to carry out the primary firefighting; ○ The server floors have an Inergen gas system automatically activated by the sensors connected to the firefighting center; ○ The floors also have automatic dry sho...
Access to the Building. The Responsible Person registered on the Hire Agreement shall contact the Booking Secretary during the week before the date of hire to obtain the current Key Safe number. The Responsible Person shall not divulge the number to any other person. For regular repeating hire, the Responsible Person will be informed of changes to the key code by email. The Responsible Person shall not let the key be taken off the premises and shall take reasonable care to safeguard the key from theft or loss, and when departing shall ensure the key is returned to the Key Safe, pressing button B to lock it. [See below for full instructions on using the Key Safe.]
Access to the Building. LESSOR or its authorized representative has the right to inspect the leased BUILDING at any time during the normal business hours of LESSEE with 72 hours prior written notice and in emergencies at all times. For a period commencing 90 days prior to the termination of this AGREEMENT, LESSOR shall have prior appointment access to the BUILDINGS for the purpose of exhibiting it to prospect clients and may post announcements for sale or lease on the BUILDINGS.
Access to the Building. Access to the Premises shall be gained by use of ---------------------- a key to the outside doors of the Premises. Landlord may, from time to time, establish security controls for the purpose of regulating access to the Building. Tenant shall abide by all such security regulations to be established.
Access to the Building. USU shall have access to the Building twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. County shall have access to the Building at all reasonable times during USU’s normal business hours and upon not less than twenty-four (24) hours prior notice (except in the event of emergency), to enable County (i) to examine the same and to make such repairs, additions, and alterations as County may be permitted to make hereunder; and (ii) to show the Building to appraisers, prospective lessees, mortgagees, and purchasers.
Access to the Building. Before or after work hours, the representatives of the Organization may have access to all school buildings in order to communicate with all members of the bargaining unit, provided that the exercise of this right does not interfere with the educational program and does not occur during work time.
Access to the Building. The Lessee shall have twenty-four (24) hour access to the Building and the Premises. The Lessor agrees to provide the Lessee with elevator service for the Building and electricity for the common areas seven (7) days per week, twenty-four (24) hours per day.
Access to the Building. Union representatives shall be provided access to the Union and HUD office space similar to that provided supervisors and employees.
Access to the Building. THE LESSEE agrees to give access to the Building to the personnel and executive officers of THE LESSOR during working hours for the purpose of inspecting same, of determining whether or not the Building is being used for the agreed purpose or, if necessary, to carry out any repair or maintenance work that may be required.
Access to the Building. Access to the building for pre function preparation and the holding of the function will be arranged at the time of booking and entry to and exit from will be via the access (es) agreed. Access required outside normal opening times for the Visitor Information Centre will only be permitted by prior arrangement and any costs incurred, including security arrangements will be paid by the hirer.