Date of Hire Sample Clauses

Date of Hire. For determination of benefits to which the Executive is entitled, including but not limited to those described in Sections 2.2(a) and 2.2(b), the Executive’s Date of Hire shall be the first date of his employment with a subsidiary of either the Company or American Financial Group, Inc.
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Date of Hire. The term “date of hire” is defined as the actual date an employee first renders paid service in a regular position. The salary anniversary date is adjusted for leaves of absences without pay in excess of thirty (30) days and for breaks in regular County service.
Date of Hire ix. Union Seniority Date;
Date of Hire. In the case of a summer recency of service tie, the qualified applicants’ date of hire will serve as the tiebreaker.
Date of Hire. The date of hire shall be defined as the date the employee started his/her probationary period pending background check and board approval. If the employee starts before official Board approval, and the Board ultimately approves the hire, the date of hire will be the first day of work following the recommendation by the hiring committee.
Date of Hire. The date on which an employee originally began employment with the County in a regular position. Any separation from employment with the County that exceeds twelve (12) consecutive months will result in a new date of hire.
Date of Hire. Adjunct Faculty The date of hire of an adjunct faculty member shall be identified as the first instructional day on which an adjunct faculty member began providing three (3) or more credit hours of instruction for the College and the adjunct faculty member has remained in the bargaining unit. An adjunct faculty member employed at Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx College as of the conclusion of the Spring 2005 semester and who has provided a minimum of three
Date of Hire. Upon fulfilling the probationary period an employee shall be credited with seniority rights from the date of hire.
Date of Hire. Signed: Date:
Date of Hire. The original date upon which continuous employment commenced with the Company.