Service Center Sample Clauses

Service Center. Percentage of Calls to Service Center made during normal business hours that are answered within ten (10) seconds
Service Center. I.T. Service incidents requiring assistance must be reported to the Service Center, by the Points of Contact, to the phone number, e-mail or website provided below. The Service Center is staffed to provide support during County’s normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., EST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The Service Center can receive calls to report I.T. Service outages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outages are defined as unexpected service downtime or error messages. Depending on severity, outage reports received outside of County’s normal business hours may not be responded to until the resumption of County’s normal business hours. Service Center Phone Number 248-858-8812 Service Center Email Address Service Center Website
Service Center. The Customer Services shall be provided from the service center(s) identified in Exhibit E (collectively, the "Service Center") between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Central Time. Liberty may provide the Customer Services from another location or locations selected by Liberty which meet the security provisions of Section 3.04 and may provide the Customer Services subject to a Disaster Recovery Plan which meets the standards set forth in Section 8.01, as long as Liberty continues to perform services in accordance with the Customer Services Performance Standards.
Service Center. ‌ In our Service Center you will find the newest firmware versions and the latest version of the System Client as well as older versions for download. In addition, we offer detailed documenta- tions and specifications for our current products. There are two ways to reach the service center:
Service Center. Percentage of Calls to Service Center made during normal business hours that are answered within ten (10) seconds 2. Repair Center: Percentage of Calls to Repair Center that are answered within twenty (20) seconds.
Service Center. CAL FIRE maintains a Service Center facility in San Luis Obispo, adjacent to the Unit Headquarters building. Procurement, warehousing and inventory and asset management are the responsibility of Service Center personnel. CAL FIRE will manage all County Fire Department supplies, materials, equipment and assets in accordance with County policies and procedures. COUNTY FIRE DEPARTMENT – SERVICE CENTER SCHEDULED STAFFING LEVELS Function Funding Programs Staffing Service Center State and County Warehousing, inventory and asset management County: one logistics officer; State: one logistics officer CAL FIRE will provide services according to the following performance standards: • CAL FIRE will make purchases with County funds in accordance with County procurement policies. • CAL FIRE will track County-purchased resources in accordance with County policies. • CAL FIRE will manage County Fixed Assets in accordance with County policies. • CAL FIRE will utilize County CalCards in accordance with County policies. • CAL FIRE will utilize the County Electronic Financial System for management of purchasing activities in accordance with County policies. Service Center personnel and activities are under the supervision of the Administrative Division Chief and the Administrative Officer-II.
Service Center. Distributor agrees to maintain suitable premises for a Service Center. The number of trained technicians (certified by T3 Motion) at the Service Center will be determined by the Distributor based on need and completed sales .Trained technicians shall have the ability to travel to service the destinations covered in the Territories, shall be available full time (normal working hours) to support service, the service center will maintain suitable premises, space and equipment for service within, and accessible in, the defined territory, service staff will be prepared to travel to customer sites as appropriate, response to customer service calls will be within 24 hours and no longer than 48 hours, service center will maintain minimum levels of parts inventory (TBD) to provide service.
Service Center. (SBC-AMERITECH), LSC (SBC-7STATE) or LEC-C (SNET);