Fire Fighting Sample Clauses

Fire Fighting. The Contractor will utilize all of its labour and suitable equipment, materials, supplies and other things employed or utilized by it, directly or through subcontract, on the Lands, to fight all fires:
Fire Fighting. The Contractor shall provide a suitable method for fire fighting. He shall provide a suitable number of fire extinguishers, axes, shovels, pry bars and an adequate number of buckets, some of which are to be always filled with sand and some with water. This equipment shall be provided at suitable prominent and easily accessible locations at each work site as identified in the Contractor’s Safety Plan and shall be properly maintained.
Fire Fighting. To keep the Premises supplied and equipped with all fire fighting and extinguishing appliances from time to time required by law or required by the insurers of the Premises or reasonably required by the Landlord such appliances being kept open to inspection and properly maintained and not to obstruct or permit or suffer to be obstructed the access to or means of working such appliances or the means of escape from the Premises in case of fire
Fire Fighting. ‌ As an exception to Article 13.01, Overtime Rates, all employees while engaged in fighting fires on lands or properties owned by the Employer, or in fighting fires which started:
Fire Fighting. Employees assigned to the Fire Fighting Division or Aviation Division, shall work the following regular hours: An average fifty-six (56) hour work week. The work period is three (3) consecutive weeks or twenty-one (21) days beginning at 9:00 a.m. Sunday and ending twenty-one (21) days later. The work shift shall begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 9:00 a.m. the following day, consisting of twenty- four (24) consecutive hours. One (1) work shift shall equal two (2) working days. 56 Hour Work Week - Schedule for One Employee S M T W TH F S 15 9 OFF 15 9 OFF 15 9 OFF 15 9 OFF 15 9 OFF 15 9 OFF 15 9 OFF
Fire Fighting. (a) While assigned to firefighting duties all employees shall maintain their normal (posted) rate of pay.
Fire Fighting. Costs of operating and maintaining the fire-fighting equipments and personnel, if any. Note : It is clarified that apart from the Common Expenses/Maintenance Charges mentioned herein above the Buyer shall be liable for payment of Service Tax, if any on the said charges. 6th Schedule Part I (Total Price) The Total Price shall be paid by the Buyer towards purchase of the Said Unit And Appurtenances is as mentioned below: Particulars Amount (Rs.) Service Tax (Rs.) Total Price (Rs.) Base Price of the Said Unit Covered Parking Space Open Parking Space Preferential Location Preferential Floor Total Price Rupees )
Fire Fighting. 5.25.1 To keep the Premises supplied and equipped with all fire fighting and extinguishing appliances and fire detection equipment from time to time:-