Authorized Persons definition

Authorized Persons means such officers or such agents of a Fund as have been properly appointed pursuant to a resolution of the appropriate Board or Executive Committee, a certified copy of which has been provided to the Custodian, to act on behalf of the Fund under this Agreement. Each of such persons shall continue to be an Authorized Person until such time as the Custodian receives Proper Instructions that any such officer or agent is no longer an Authorized Person.
Authorized Persons means Contractor’s employees, officers, partners, Subcontractors or other agents of Contractor who need to access State Data to enable Contractor to perform its responsibilities under Contract.
Authorized Persons shall be deemed to include any person, whether or not such person is an officer or employee of the Fund, duly authorized by the Board of Trustees of the Fund to execute any Certificate, instruction, notice or other instrument on behalf of the Fund and listed in the Certificate annexed hereto as Appendix A or such other Certificate as may be received by the Custodian from time to time.

Examples of Authorized Persons in a sentence

  • Parents and/or guardians wishing to inspect the cumulative records of their children shall call the school for an appointment with the school principal or designee.2. The appointment for the inspection shall be scheduled for a date no later than 15 school days from the request.3. Authorized persons or agencies, other than parents and/or guardians, desiring access to student records shall be required to sign a written form stating the legitimate educational interest they have in seeking the information.

More Definitions of Authorized Persons

Authorized Persons means all persons authorized in writing by each Fund to give Proper Instructions (as defined in Section 1.23) or any other notice, request, direction, instruction, certificate or instrument on behalf of a Fund or a series thereof.
Authorized Persons means Vendor’s employees or subcontractors who have a need to know and will access District Data to enable Vendor to perform its obligations under this Agreement.
Authorized Persons means those City officers, employees, contractors and consultants for whom the proprietary information is necessary to perform their duties or obligations to the City. The term “proprietary information” does not include ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques related to any information that, at the time of disclosure, is in the public domain, unless the entry of that information into the public domain is a result of a breach of this Agreement.
Authorized Persons means those persons who have been designated by or duly authorized by the Customer pursuant to necessary corporate or other action (which shall be evidenced by appropriate documentation delivered and acceptable to CFI) to act on behalf of the Customer in connection with the Agreement. Such person(s) shall continue to be Authorized Person(s) until such time as CFI has received from the Customer appropriate documents revoking the authority of such person(s). In the case of a Customer being an individual, the Authorized Persons shall include the Customer himself unless the Customer has notified CFI otherwise. “Authorized Person” means any one of the Authorized Persons;
Authorized Persons means the persons described or listed on Schedule 2 hereto.
Authorized Persons means any person, whether or not any such person is an Officer or employee of the Company, who is duly authorized by the Board of Trustees of the Company to give Instructions on behalf of the Company or any Fund in accordance with Section 4 herein, and named in Appendix A attached hereto and as amended from time to time by resolution of the Board of Trustees, certified by an Officer, and received by the Custodian.
Authorized Persons has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 13.07(d)(i).