Responsible Person Sample Clauses

Responsible Person. Distributor shall notify the competent authorities in Territory that it has been designated as the person responsible for the marketing and distribution of the Product within the Territory, and Distributor's address for notice purposes in Section 11.4 shall be the registered place of business for such purposes.
Responsible Person. You are the person ultimately responsible for originating the Instructions in relation to each Transaction in your Account and shall stand to gain the commercial or economic benefit of such Transaction and/or bear their commercial or economic risk (except where such other person has been disclosed to us by you by written notice).
Responsible Person in respect of a metering installation which is taken to be registered under clause 9.17.2(a) must ensure that the requirements for registration of a metering installation under Chapter 7 are met by 13 December 1999 or such other time as may be agreed with AEMO.
Responsible Person. A Local Network Service Provider who is the responsible person for a metering installation under Chapter 9 of the Rules immediately before the commencement date continues to be the responsible person for that metering installation for the purposes of clause 7.2.3.
Responsible Person. If the use of the Centre is a private one, the person completing and signing the booking form is responsible to Chorley Council (‘the Council’) for the obligations set out in the Standard Conditions and shall be the contracting party for the purposes of the booking with the Council. Private Hirers using the Centre must notify the Council of the name, address and telephone number of the person taking responsibility for the Centre and return a signed booking form at least 8 working days before the Period of the Hiring commences. The Hirer if an individual must be eighteen years of age or over and must remain on site throughout the Period of the Hiring. Hire times agreed at the point of booking include setting up and clearing away and vacating the building. Hirers that overrun their agreed time may be charged for the time overrun.
Responsible Person. The Processor shall have a responsible person and data protection officer taking responsibility for ongoing compliance with Applicable data protection law. The responsible shall be listed here: In case the appointed person’s employment is terminated for any reason, the responsibility shall rest with the position, or Network’s CEO if that position ceases to exist.
Responsible Person is any person serving as an officer, employee or a member of the Board of Directors of the dLCV.
Responsible Person. The person responsible for administering and implementing the Healthy and Safe Schools Plan: Name: Charan ClinePosition Title: Superintendent Phone Number: (503) 852‐6980 Email Address: clinec@ycschools.orgMailing Address: 120 Larch, Yamhill, OR. 97148 The person who is the designated IPM Coordinator:Name: John Mortimore Position Title: Facilities Director Phone Number: (503) 852‐6980Email Address: Mailing Address: 120 Larch, Yamhill, OR. 97148The person responsible for AHERA information: Name: John MortimorePosition Title: Facilities DirectorPhone Number: (503) 852‐6980Email Address: Mailing Address: 120 Larch, Yamhill, OR. 97148
Responsible Person a person at academic department (faculty dean, head of department, head of studies, etc.) who is responsibility for approval of the student’s Learning Agreement and Recognition.