Safe Place definition

Safe Place means for the CLASSIC EUROPE Service a place of delivery that is safe as specified in the Delivery Conditions on the website of the Delivery Service Provider at
Safe Place means any place with a reasonable level of security where a Mayor’s, Deputy Mayor’s and Speaker’s vehicle may be parked at night.
Safe Place means a place that provides

Examples of Safe Place in a sentence

  • Project Safe Place This fund, created by Indiana statute, provides a state-wide network of safe places for children to go to report abuse, neglect, and runaway status.

  • SAFE PLACE TO LEARN ACT Charter School shall comply with all applicable requirements of the Safe Place to Learn Act.

  • Your Original Purchase Receipt and This Agreement Should Be Kept in a Safe Place.

  • A 24-hour crisis intervention response system is available in emergency situations for referrals from youth, parents/guardians, police, courts, schools, Safe Place and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), etc.

  • In some cases, it is necessary to relyon less rigorous studies to inform interventions while we await additional evidence.This resource was funded by the Family and Youth Services Bureau of the Department of Health and Human Services via a cooperative agreement with the Runaway and Homeless Youth Training and Technical Assistance Center (RHYTTAC) as operated by National Safe Place Network.Suggested citation | Morton, M.

More Definitions of Safe Place

Safe Place means any home or institution maintained or managed by any person or agency or organization approved by the government or which is considered as safe place for victim by the court;
Safe Place means a place which in TCG’s reasonable opinion is safe or out of sight of the general public which may include but is not limited to a porch, garage, shed, back-door, letter box, or other location as specified in the Consignment Note;
Safe Place means a place chosen by the Addressee and located at the initial address stated on the Parcel.
Safe Place means a location which is not an exposed doorstep or otherwise in public view or a location as specified by you that is accepted by us.
Safe Place means a place where workers and their equipment cannot be struck by a train or track vehicle.
Safe Place means staying inside a building during an emergency and as an example may be used in a situation where there is a threatening person outside. The location and type of Safe Place will depend on the type of emergency.
Safe Place means any home or institution maintained or managed by the Ministry or Department responsible for welfare services or by any other agency or voluntary organization approved by the Minister for the purposes of this Act;