Safe place definition

Safe place means any place with a reasonable level of security where a Mayor and Speaker’s vehicle may be parked at night
Safe place means a place where workers and their equipment cannot be struck by a train or track vehicle.

Examples of Safe place in a sentence

  • Safe place of work, ergonomics including posture considerations etc.

  • Businesses who agree to take part in the initiative are checked by Police Scotland and issued with a Keep Safe Sticker to display in their premises window to let vulnerable people know that they provide a Keep Safe place.

  • Youth Hub or Neighborhood House in Central Area- Safe place for youth to learn about services and resources (e.g., counselling, treatment, housing, finances)- Place for youth and workers to build relationships & connections Plan Priorities Recognizing the sheer lack of housing options for young people, the Plan’s most pressing and immediate objectives are to address respite, shelter and transitional housing while fostering long term, permanent housing opportunities.

  • Safe place of working and safe system of working are the two important requirements in reducing accidents in construction site.

  • Safe place of employment; installation of safety devices and safeguards.

More Definitions of Safe place

Safe place means a place chosen by the Addressee and located at the initial address stated on the Parcel.
Safe place means for the CLASSIC EUROPE Service a place of delivery that is safe as specified in the Delivery Conditions on the website of the Delivery Service Provider
Safe place means a place that provides short‑term crisis‑oriented assistance and services to runaway youth. (V.A.C.S. Art. 601b, Sec. 4.17.)
Safe place means a place that provides
Safe place means a location which is not an exposed doorstep or otherwise in public view or a location as specified by you that is accepted by us.
Safe place means any home or institution maintained or managed by any person or agency or organization approved by the government or which is considered as safe place for victim by the court;