BASIC LEASE TERMS. The following terms shall have the following meanings in this Lease:
BASIC LEASE TERMS. The basic terms of the Lease set forth in this Article 1 shall be read in conjunction with the other Articles of this Lease, which define and explain the basic terms.
BASIC LEASE TERMS. The terms set out and defined in this Section, whenever used in this Lease with the first letter of each word capitalized, shall have only the meanings set forth in this section, unless such meanings are expressly modified, limited or expanded elsewhere in this Lease.
BASIC LEASE TERMS. The Demised Premises are more specifically described in, and are leased under the provisions of, a lease agreement (the "Lease"), the basic terms of which are described below:
BASIC LEASE TERMS. Each reference in this Lease to the "
BASIC LEASE TERMS. In addition to the terms defined in Article 2 and elsewhere in this Lease, the terms set forth below shall have the meanings herein specified when referred to in this Lease:
BASIC LEASE TERMS. Landlord leases to Tenant, and Tenant rents and hires from Landlord, the Premises described in Section 1.1 below, for the rents hereinafter reserved, for the term stated in Section 1.4 below, and upon and subject to the terms, conditions (including limitations, restrictions, and reservations), and covenants hereinafter provided. Each party hereby expressly covenants and agrees to observe and perform all of the conditions and covenants herein contained on its part to be observed and performed. The parties agree that the following table (the "Table") sets forth in summary form the basic terms of this Lease, as all of such terms as defined below: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Period Suite # Square Footage Monthly Base Pro Rata Share Base Year Rent (incl. CAM) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 15, 1998 - B-E 1930 s.f. $2509.00 5.68% 1998 May 14, 2001 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the event of any conflict between the terms contained in the Table and the terms contained in subsequent sections of the Lease, the terms of the Table shall control, subject to any adjustments specifically provided for in any other provisions of the Lease.
BASIC LEASE TERMS. This Section sets forth certain basic terms of this Lease for reference purposes. This Section is to be read in conjunction with the other provisions of this Lease; provided, however, to the extent of any inconsistency between this Section and the other provisions of this Lease, this Section shall control.