The Organization Sample Clauses

The Organization. 3.2.1. Manages and coordinates the university students’ trainee, offering students the possibility of being hired after having obtained their degree, as long as there are vacancies. 3.2.2. Makes available to the University no more than _________ (__) places which are reserved for the university students’ trainee, pursuant to the list of the students that it has received (paragraph 2.1.3 of the present Agreement). Moreover, the organization has the right to examine the students, which are part of the aforementioned list, through a specific test, in order to select the best ones for the internship. 3.2.3. In accordance with the programme of the trainee, assigns students to the different offices and departments of the Organization. 3.2.4. Creates the conditions which are necessary for the best accomplishment of the internship by the students.3.2.5. Appoints qualified people as supervisors of the trainee, in order for them to coordinate all the works and to give assistance to the students who will carry out the internship within the Organization.3.2.6. Together with the supervisor of the trainee appointed by the university, gives advice to the students and gives them also instructions on the topics assigned, upon which it has agreed with the university. 3.2.7. Offers the students who are carrying out the trainee the possibility of consulting the laws in order for them to better understand the programme of the internship and the individual assignments and to collect materials for their thesis.
The Organization. As noted above, there is a question of whether the organization itself is subject to the third-party limitations. None of the uniform acts provide that the organic agreement does not affect the rights of the organization.
The Organization. When it comes to application availability, one section of Batelco IT does not "own" the entire set of end-to-end components. At Batelco, as for many other IT organizations, end users workstation view of applications are managed by at least six (6) IT sections across the IT organization and within two major divisions, each division with different objectives, responsibilities and skill sets, as illustrated by fig 2. Production Services Senior ManagerUser Support Senior ManagerBatelco IS General Managercan be done by specifying the capacity for each week. During the service period for each enhancement requested by the customer an estimation of the needed capacity is given by the provider on basis of which the customer canHelp Desk Application SupportIS OperationIS Desktop Support IS Network Support IS Database Supportdecide whether to commission the change or not. Apart from describing the capacity in work hours it could be possible to use the dimension of function points (Abran, 1995; Maya 1996) to specify the capacity. The problem with this approach is that the concept of function point might be rather vague to the maintenance section and sometimes to customer themselves. Only higher maturity organizations use such techniques. 3- A list of specific enhancements. This list is composed of end user issued modification requets where a priority has been assigned. In this list enhancements are described and for each enhancement the IT capacity needed is estimated and specified. Examp les of the content of a specific enhancement list are the addition of aFigure 2 : Batelco IT Support Structure The six (6) IT sections must thoroughly understand service failure from an end user point of view. This understanding must also reflect the third party warranty and support contract terms to ensure that an Integrated Problem Resolution process view is promoted. It is that full end to end view that we are trying to capture in the renewed Service Level Agreement where each player in this service chain has clear understanding of his role and responsibility to achieve a stated application level of service.
The Organization. You can expect Ve’ahavta: ❑ To provide thorough induction on the work of Veahavta, its staff, your volunteering role and the training you need to meet the responsibilities of this role. ❑ Supervision and Support: to explain the standards we expect and to encourage and support you to achieve and maintain them ❑ To provide a named person who you can meet with to discuss your volunteering and any successes or problems ❑ To do our best to help you develop your volunteering role with us ❑ To ensure that all volunteers are dealt with in accordance with out equal opportunities policy ❑ To try to resolve fairly any problems, grievances and difficulties which may arise
The Organization and The Saskatoon SPCA acknowledge and agree that any personal information that is provided for the purpose of tax receipting or otherwise is given to “the Organization” in confidence and is protected by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Privacy Policy and applicable privacy legislation, with which “the Organization” agrees to comply.
The Organization is raising funds to be donated to The Saskatoon SPCA.
The Organization must provide The Saskatoon SPCA with a list of the names, addresses, and postal codes of the “Eventparticipants, following the completion of the “Event”.
The Organization must use temporary receipts when accepting a contribution from a donor. The cost of printing or purchasing the temporary receipts must be borne by “the Organization”; and