ALLOCATION OF DISTRIBUTION FEE. Assuming that the Distribution Fee remains constant over time so that Part IV hereof does not become operative:
ALLOCATION OF DISTRIBUTION FEE. The Distribution Fee accruing in respect of each class of Shares of each Fund during any calendar month and that is allocated to the Distributor shall be determined pursuant to the following formula: A X [(B + C) / (D + E)] where:
ALLOCATION OF DISTRIBUTION FEE. The Distribution Fee accruing in respect of each class of Shares of each Portfolio during any calendar month and that is allocated to Sierra Services shall be determined pursuant to the following formula: A x [(B + C)/(D + E)] where:


  • Allocation of Distributions Initially, distributions shall be made by the Managing Owner, and the Managing Owner shall have sole discretion in determining the amount and frequency of distributions, other than redemptions, which a Series shall make with respect to the Interests; provided, however, that a Series shall not make any distribution that violates the Business Trust Statute. The aggregate distributions made in a Fiscal Year (other than distributions on termination, which shall be allocated in the manner described in Article VIII) shall be allocated among the holders of record of Interests in the ratio in which the number of Interests held of record by each of them bears to the number of Interests held of record by all of the Interestholders as of the record date of such distribution; provided, further, however, that any distribution made in respect of an Interest shall not exceed the book capital account for such Interest.

  • Cash Distribution Fee by any Holder of ADSs, a fee not in excess of U.S. $5.00 per 100 ADSs (or fraction thereof) held for the distribution of cash dividends or other cash distributions (e.g., upon a sale of rights and other entitlements);

  • Payment of Distributions Subject to the rights of Holders of Parity Preferred Units as to the payment of distributions, pursuant to Section 5.1, the General Partner, as holder of the Series G Preferred Units, will be entitled to receive, when, as and if declared by the Partnership acting through the General Partner, out of Available Cash, cumulative preferential cash distributions in an amount equal to the Series G Priority Return. Such distributions shall be cumulative, shall accrue from the original date of issuance and will be payable (i) quarterly (such quarterly periods for purposes of payment and accrual will be the quarterly periods ending on the dates specified in this sentence and not calendar quarters) in arrears, on the last calendar day of March, June, September and December, of each year commencing on June 28, 2013, and, (ii), in the event of a redemption of Series G Preferred Units, on the redemption date (each a “Series G Preferred Unit Distribution Payment Date”). If any date on which distributions are to be made on the Series G Preferred Units is not a Business Day, then payment of the distribution to be made on such date will be made on the next succeeding day that is a Business Day (and without any interest or other payment in respect of any such delay) except that, if such Business Day is in the next succeeding calendar year, such payment shall be made on the immediately preceding Business Day, in each case with the same force and effect as if made on such date.

  • Return of Distributions In accordance with the Act and the laws of the State of Delaware, a Member may, under certain circumstances, be required to return amounts previously distributed to such Member. It is the intent of the Members that no distribution to any Member pursuant to ARTICLE IV shall be deemed a return of money or other property paid or distributed in violation of the Act. The payment of any such money or distribution of any such property to a Member shall be deemed to be a compromise within the meaning of Section 18-502(b) of the Act, and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any Member receiving any such money or property shall not be required to return any such money or property to the Company or any other Person. However, if any court of competent jurisdiction holds that, notwithstanding the provisions of this Agreement, any Member is obligated to make any such payment, such obligation shall be the obligation of such Member and not of any other Member.

  • Distribution Fee In addition to the Service Fee, the Trust, on behalf of the Series, will pay to the Distributor a fee (the "Distribution Fee") at an annual rate of 0.75% (unless reduced as contemplated by and permitted pursuant to the next sentence hereof) of the Series' average daily net assets attributable to the Class B shares in consideration of the services rendered in connection with the sale of such shares by the Distributor. The Trust will not terminate the Distribution Fee in respect of Series assets attributable to Class B shares, or pay such fee at an annual rate of less than 0.75% of the Series' average daily net assets attributable to the Class B shares, unless it has ceased, and not resumed, paying the Service Fee (or any other fee that constitutes a "service fee" as defined in the NASD Rule) to CDC IXIS Distributors (or to any affiliate of CDC IXIS Distributors, or to any other person in circumstances where substantially all of the services and functions relating to the distribution of Class B shares of the Series have been delegated to, or are being performed by, CDC IXIS Distributors or an affiliate of CDC IXIS Distributors). Subject to such restriction and subject to the provisions of Section 7 hereof, the Distribution Fee shall be as approved from time to time by (a) the Trustees of the Trust and (b) the Independent Trustees of the Trust. The Distribution Fee shall be accrued daily and paid monthly or at such other intervals as the Trustees shall determine. The obligation of the Series to pay the Distribution Fee shall terminate upon the termination of this Plan or the relevant distribution agreement between the Distributor and the Trust relating to the Series, in accordance with the terms hereof or thereof, but until any such termination shall not be subject to any dispute, offset, counterclaim or defense whatsoever (it being understood that nothing in this sentence shall be deemed a waiver by the Trust or the Series of its right separately to pursue any claims it may have against the Distributor and enforce such claims against any assets of the Distributor (other than its right to be paid the Distribution Fee and to be paid contingent deferred sales charges)). The right of CDC IXIS Distributors to receive the Distribution Fee (but not the relevant distribution agreement or CDC IXIS Distributor's obligations thereunder) may be transferred by CDC IXIS Distributors in order to raise funds which may be useful or necessary to perform its duties as principal underwriter, and any such transfer shall be effective upon written notice from CDC IXIS Distributors to the Trust. In connection with the foregoing, the Series is authorized to pay all or part of the Distribution Fee directly to such transferee as directed by CDC IXIS Distributors. The Distributor may pay all or any portion of the Distribution Fee to securities dealers or other organizations (including, but not limited to, any affiliate of the Distributor) as commissions, asset-based sales charges or other compensation with respect to the sale of Class B shares of the Series, and may retain all or any portion of the Distribution Fee as compensation for the Distributor's services as principal underwriter of the Class B shares of the Series. All payments under this Section 2 are intended to qualify as "asset-based sales charges" as defined in the NASD Rule.

  • Completion of Distribution The Fiscal Agent, or as the case may be, the Registrar agrees with the Issuer that, in relation to any Tranche of Notes which is sold to or through more than one Dealer, to the extent that it is notified by each Relevant Dealer that the distribution of the Notes of that Tranche purchased by such Relevant Dealer is complete, it will notify all the Relevant Dealers of the completion of distribution of the Notes of that Tranche.

  • Taxation of Distributions The taxation of Xxxx XXX distributions depends on whether the distribution is a qualified distribution or a nonqualified distribution.

  • Form of Distribution No Member has the right to demand and receive any distribution from the Company in any form other than money. No Member may be compelled to accept from the Company a distribution of any asset in kind in lieu of a proportionate distribution of money being made to other Members except on the dissolution and winding up of the Company.

  • Facilitation of Distribution In order to facilitate the distribution and sale of the Securities, you authorize the Manager to buy and sell Securities and any Other Securities, in addition to Securities sold pursuant to Article III hereof, in the open market or otherwise (including, without limitation, pursuant to any Intersyndicate Agreement), for long or short account, on such terms as it may deem advisable, and to over-allot in arranging sales. Such purchases and sales and over-allotments will be made for the accounts of the several Underwriters as nearly as practicable to their respective Underwriting Percentages or, in the case of an International Offering, such purchases and sales will be for such accounts as set forth in the applicable Intersyndicate Agreement. Any Securities or Other Securities which may have been purchased by the Manager for stabilizing purposes in connection with the Offering prior to the acceptance of the applicable AAU will be treated as having been purchased pursuant to this Section 5.1 for the accounts of the several Underwriters or, in the case of an International Offering, for such accounts as are set forth in the applicable Intersyndicate Agreement. Your net commitment pursuant to the foregoing authorization will not exceed at the close of business on any day an amount equal to 20% of your Underwriting Percentage of the aggregate initial Offering Price of the Firm Securities, it being understood that, in calculating such net commitment, the initial Offering Price will be used with respect to the Securities so purchased or sold and, in the case of all Other Securities, will be the purchase price thereof. For purposes of determining your net commitment for short account (i.e., “naked short”), any short position that can be covered with: (a) Securities that may be purchased upon exercise of any option to purchase Additional Securities, (b) in the case of an International Offering, any Securities or Other Securities that the Manager has agreed to purchase for your account pursuant to any applicable Intersyndicate Agreement, and (c) Securities that may be purchased pursuant to a forward sale contract or similar arrangement with the Issuer or any selling security holder in the Offering, will be disregarded. On demand you will take up and pay for any Securities or Other Securities so purchased for your account and any Securities released to you pursuant to Section 3.7 hereof, and will deliver to the Manager against payment any Securities or Other Securities so sold or over-allotted for your account or released to you. The Manager will notify you if it engages in any stabilization transaction in accordance with Rule 17a-2 under the 1934 Act, and will notify you of the date of termination of stabilization. You will not stabilize or engage in any syndicate covering transaction (as defined in Rule 100 of Regulation M under the 1934 Act (“Regulation M”)) in connection with the Offering without the prior consent of the Manager. You will provide to the Manager any reports required of you pursuant to Rule 17a-2 of the 1934 Act not later than the date specified therein.

  • Distributions of Distributable Cash Within 40 days following the end of each Quarter commencing with the Quarter that includes the IPO Date, the Partnership shall distribute to the Partners pro rata in accordance with their respective Percentage Interests an amount equal to 100% of Distributable Cash. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Partnership shall not make a distribution to any Partner on account of its interest in the Partnership if such distribution would violate the Delaware Act or other Applicable Law.