Provide Funds Sample Clauses

Provide Funds. In consideration of the Services to be performed by the District, City shall reimburse or pay District an amount not to exceed FIVEHUNDRED, THOUSAND AND 00/100 DOLLARS ($500,000.00) (“Funds”), costs approved by City, to be paid solely from funds as described in Resolution No. 20-1896, approved on December 9, 2020. Funds shall be used to reimburse District for Eligible Expenses. Funds may not be used to pay for insurance required by this Agreement as described in Section 6(L). If any individual has received the Services under a program created or administered by the City or from any other local, state, or federal agency or organization, including any assistance received through the CARES Act, District shall not provide the Services to that individual under this Agreement for the same time period. If Funds are expended, this shall be an ineligible expense and District shall not be reimbursed or paid by the City for this cost. District shall create and implement procedures to prevent any duplication of assistance provided through this Agreement that include: (1) requiring any individual or entity, whether District or direct beneficiary, to agree to repay Funds that are determined, in City’s sole discretion, to be duplicative; and (2) creating and implementing a method to assess whether the use of Funds will duplicate assistance that is already received or is likely to be received by acting reasonably to evaluate need and resources to meet that need. City reserves the right to review and approve Districts proposed procedures. District agrees to repay Funds that are determined, in City’s sole discretion, to be duplicative. City will pay District within thirty (30) days upon submission by District of all necessary documentation and evidence as outlined in Section 6. City may, at its option, offset any amounts due and payable under this Agreement against any debt (including taxes) lawfully due to City from District, regardless of whether the amount due arises pursuant to the terms of this Agreement or otherwise and regardless of whether or not the debt due to City has been reduced to judgment by a court. City’s obligations are payable solely from CARES Act funds received from the Treasury pursuant to Resolution No. 20-0644 approved on April 22, 2020 and authorized for Operation Connectivity by Resolution No. 20-1896 approved on December 9, 2020, by City Council. Under no circumstances shall any payment be paid by the City’s general funds or revenue.

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