• Reservation of Class A Ordinary Shares The Company shall at all times reserve and keep available a number of its authorized but unissued Class A ordinary shares that shall be sufficient to permit the exercise in full of all outstanding Warrants issued pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Voting Rights; Distributions; etc (a) So long as no Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing:

  • Distribution of Additional Shares, Rights, etc If the Company or any affiliate of the Company determines to make any issuance or distribution of (1) additional Shares, (2) rights to subscribe for Shares, (3) securities convertible into Shares, or (4) rights to subscribe for such securities (each a “Distribution”), the Company shall notify the Depositary in writing in English as promptly as practicable and in any event before the Distribution starts and, if requested in writing by the Depositary, the Company shall promptly furnish to the Depositary either (i) evidence satisfactory to the Depositary that the Distribution is registered under the Securities Act of 1933 or (ii) a written opinion from U.S. counsel for the Company that is reasonably satisfactory to the Depositary, stating that the Distribution does not require, or, if made in the United States, would not require, registration under the Securities Act of 1933. The Company agrees with the Depositary that neither the Company nor any company controlled by, controlling or under common control with the Company will at any time deposit any Shares that, at the time of deposit, are Restricted Securities.

  • Class B Units The Schedule of Members sets forth the identity of all Class B Members and the number of Class B Units held by each Class B Member. Class B Units are issuable to the GIP Member. Upon the Exchange contemplated in any Exchange Election, the Class B Units covered by such Exchange Election shall be exchanged for Exchange Shares pursuant to the Exchange Agreement and, in connection with such Exchange, reclassified as Class A Units. The Class B Units shall rank pari passu with, and have all the same rights (including the rights to share in Net Income and Net Loss or items thereof and distributions made in accordance with ARTICLE IV) and be subject to all of the same obligations, as the Class A Units, the Class C Units and the Class D Units.

  • Calculation of Number and Percentage of Beneficial Ownership of Outstanding Voting Shares For purposes of this Agreement, the percentage of Voting Shares Beneficially Owned by any Person, shall be and be deemed to be the product (expressed as a percentage) determined by the formula: 100 x A/B where: A = the number of votes for the election of all directors generally attaching to the Voting Shares Beneficially Owned by such Person; and

  • Number of Class A Shares (See *NOTE* below) *NOTE* A Purchase Price denominated in number of BT or ETH will represent the $USD equivalent thereof based on the exchange rate in effect at time of payment, less any fees or charges of the third-party exchange agent deducted from such amount. The number of Class A ordinary shares subscribed for in BT or ETH will be included on the Company’s countersigned signature page when the subscription has been finally accepted at the applicable closing.

  • Withdrawal of Shares and Cancellation of Certificates Upon receipt of Written Instructions, PFPC shall cancel outstanding certificates surrendered by the Fund to reduce the total amount of outstanding shares by the number of shares surrendered by the Fund.

  • Class A Units If a Warrantholder exercises Warrants in connection with a tender offer for settlement prior to the First Regular Call Date, each Class A Unit called in connection with such exercise shall receive, in addition to principal and accrued interest, $1.50 per Class A Unit from the proceeds of the Warrant exercise. Class B Payments: If a Warrantholder exercises Warrants, then the Class B Units designated to be called in connection with such exercise shall receive the corresponding portion of the Class B Present Value Amount, adjusted for accrued Class B Payments on the Class B Units otherwise paid. If the Underlying Security Issuer redeems Underlying Securities and the previous paragraph does not apply, then the Class B Units designated for a redemption in connection with such redemption of Underlying Securities shall receive the amount with respect to the Class B Present Value Amount allocated for distribution in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Distribution Priorities below, paid as of the date of such redemption as an additional distribution.

  • Distribution in Shares If any distribution upon any Deposited Securities consists of a dividend in, or free distribution of, Shares, the Company shall cause such Shares to be deposited with the Custodian and registered, as the case may be, in the name of the Depositary, the Custodian or any of their nominees. Upon receipt of confirmation of such deposit from the Custodian, the Depositary shall establish the ADS Record Date upon the terms described in Section 4.7 hereof and shall, subject to Section 5.9 hereof, either (i) distribute to the Holders as of the ADS Record Date in proportion to the number of ADSs held as of the ADS Record Date, additional ADSs, which represent in the aggregate the number of Shares received as such dividend, or free distribution, subject to the other terms of this Deposit Agreement (including, without limitation, (a) the applicable fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary and (b) taxes and/or governmental charges), or (ii) if additional ADSs are not so distributed, each ADS issued and outstanding after the ADS Record Date shall, to the extent permissible by law, thenceforth also represent rights and interests in the additional Shares distributed upon the Deposited Securities represented thereby (net of (a) the applicable fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary and (b) taxes and/or governmental charges). In lieu of Delivering fractional ADSs, the Depositary shall sell the number of Shares represented by the aggregate of such fractions and distribute the proceeds upon the terms described in Section 4.1 hereof. The Depositary may withhold any such distribution of Receipts if it has not received satisfactory assurances from the Company (including an Opinion of Counsel furnished at the expense of the Company) that such distribution does not require registration under the Securities Act or is exempt from registration under the provisions of the Securities Act. To the extent such distribution may be withheld, the Depositary may dispose of all or a portion of such distribution in such amounts and in such manner, including by public or private sale, as the Depositary deems necessary and practicable, and the Depositary shall distribute the net proceeds of any such sale (after deduction of applicable taxes and/or governmental charges and fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary and/or a division or Affiliate(s) of the Depositary) to Holders entitled thereto upon the terms described in Section 4.1 hereof.

  • Class B Shares In consideration of the Purchaser’s agreement to purchase Forward Purchase Units, the Sponsor shall transfer to the Purchaser the number of Class B Shares set forth on the signature page to this Agreement next to the line item “Class B Shares Transfer Amount,” which shall be calculated in accordance with the definition of Class B Shares Transfer Amount set forth on the signature page to this Agreement. The Class B Shares received by the Purchaser hereunder are subject to forfeiture in accordance with Section 6(b) hereof. The transfer of the Class B Shares (the “Class B Share Transfer”) to the Purchaser shall take place concurrently with the execution of this Agreement.