Personal Day Sample Clauses

Personal Day. All employees shall receive a personal day in each contract year. This personal day is in addition to the holidays listed in paragraph 3 above. The personal day shall be scheduled in accordance with the following provision: Employees may select such day off on five (5) days’ notice to the Employer provided such selection does not result in a reduction of employees in the building below 75% of the normal work staff. Such selection shall be made in accordance with seniority.
Personal Day. An Employee is entitled to be released to attend to an important personal matter, to a maximum of one day per school year. Arrangements for this day will be made through the Employee's immediate supervisor, or designate. A reason is not required to be given for this personal day. It shall be understood that, in all cases, such absences shall not require replacement personnel and will be at no additional cost to the Employer.
Personal Day. All members covered by this contract shall be granted one personal day each year. The personal day must be used in the calendar year granted and cannot be carried over to subsequent years or accumulated or banked in any manner. The personal day shall not count toward the 40 hour breakover point. This day will be scheduled in the same manner as vacation and longevity days.
Personal Day. The parties agree that in the event the Higher Education Coalition Agreement provides that personal days may be carried over from year to year, with a maximum of two (2) days at any given time, the same shall be provided in this Agreement.
Personal Day. In addition to the six (6) holidays listed above, full time employees who have completed one year of employment also may, with advance approval of their supervisor, take a paid Personal Day off of up to eight (8) hours. Unused Personal Days are not carried over from year to year and are not paid out upon termination.
Personal Day. Full-time non-probationary employees covered by this Agreement shall be allowed twenty-four (24) hours of personal leave with pay each calendar year. There shall be no accumulation or carry-over of such leave from one calendar year to another except that earned but unused personal days shall be added to the employee's accumulated vacation credits on December 31 of that year. Request for a personal day leave of absence must be made to the Sheriff or a designee not more than thirty (30) days in advance nor less than seven (7) days in advance of the day requested, provided, however, that the Sheriff may shorten the notification period in the Sheriff’s discretion if necessary arrangements can be made in the Department. A request for a personal leave day may be denied if the absence of the employee would unreasonably interfere with the services required to be performed by the Department. Personal leave shall be prorated on an annual basis for employees hired during the course of the year.
Personal Day. With a minimum of five (5) days notice to the Division and subject to the availability of a substitute, a permanent employee shall be granted one (1) day of personal leave per school year without loss of salary. Such leave is not to extend Spring, Summer, or Winter Break or to be used on in-service days, parent-teacher days, administrative days or pupil evaluation days unless unusual circumstances arise and then the leave may be granted at the discretion of the Division. (EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 2015)
Personal Day. Each employee shall be entitled to one regular scheduled work day of personal time. Personal time may be taken in blocks of four (4) hours. Personal time must be approved in advance to allow management time to adjust the work schedule.
Personal Day. For each calendar year, Officers shall be entitled to receive, in addition to the days specified in Section 11.1, four (4) personal days. Officers shall not be required to work on a personal day provided that written notice of the personal day is given to the appropriate supervisor no later than ten (10) days prior to the personal day and that the granting of the personal day does not adversely affect Department operations. A holiday specified in Section 11.1 may not be selected as a personal day. Officers covered by this Agreement may elect to be paid for all unused personal days each year in lieu of taking the time off. Where Officers elect such payment, the payment shall be made by April 1 of the following year. Officers may carry over up to four (4) unused personal days for use in the following year. Any dispute within a unit as to the selection of a personal day shall be resolved by x as defined in Section 23.5.