The Intercreditor Agreement Sample Clauses

The Intercreditor Agreement. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the liens and security interests granted to the Collateral Agent for the ratable benefit of the Secured Parties pursuant to this Security Agreement or any other Note Document and the exercise of any right or remedy by the Collateral Agent or any Secured Party hereunder are subject to the provisions of the Intercreditor Agreements. In the event of any conflict between the terms of the Intercreditor Agreements and this Security Agreement with respect to any right or remedy of the Secured Parties relating to the Collateral, the terms of the Intercreditor Agreements shall govern and control. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, and notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, all rights and remedies of the Collateral Agent (and the Secured Parties) shall be subject to the terms of the Intercreditor Agreements, and until the Discharge of the ABL Obligations (as defined in the ABL Intercreditor Agreement) and/or the Discharge of Term Loan Obligations (as defined in the Notes Intercreditor Agreement), (i) no Grantor shall be required hereunder to take any action with respect to Collateral that is inconsistent with such Grantor’s obligations under the ABL Documents and/or Term Loan Documents as applicable and (ii) any obligation of any Grantor hereunder with respect to the delivery or control of any Collateral, the notation of any lien on any certificate of title, xxxx of lading or other document, the giving of any notice to any bailee or other Person, the provision of voting rights or the obtaining of any consent of any Person, in each case, with respect to Collateral, shall be deemed to be satisfied if the Grantor complies with the requirements of the similar provision of the ABL Credit Agreement and/or the Term Loan Credit Agreement, as applicable. Until the Discharge of ABL Obligations and/or the Discharge of Term Loan Obligations, the Collateral Agent may not require any Grantor to take any action with respect to the creation, perfection or priority of its security interest in any Collateral, whether pursuant to the express terms hereof or pursuant to the further assurances provisions hereof, unless the Collateral Agent shall have required such Grantor to take similar action pursuant to the terms of the ABL Intercreditor Agreement and/or the Notes Intercreditor Agreement, as applicable, and delivery of any Collateral to the ABL Collateral Agent pursuant to the ABL Documents and the ABL Intercre...
The Intercreditor Agreement. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, if any terms of this Agreement or any other agreement or document executed in conjunction herewith conflicts with any provision contained in the Intercreditor Agreement the Intercreditor Agreement shall prevail and all disputes, conflicts and interpretations shall be resolved in favor of the Intercreditor Agreement.
The Intercreditor Agreement. Each of the Holders acknowledges that a release of Collateral or a Lien strictly in accordance with the terms of the Security Documents and the Intercreditor Agreement and of this Article 11 will not be deemed for any purpose to be in contravention of the terms of this Indenture. To the extent applicable, the Company shall cause TIA § 313(b), relating to reports, and TIA § 314(d), relating to the release of property or securities from the Lien hereof and of the Security Documents, to be complied with. Any certificate or opinion required by § 314(d) of the TIA may be made by an Officer of the Company or legal counsel, except in cases which § 314(d) of the TIA requires that such certificate or opinion be made by an independent Person, which Person shall be an independent engineer, appraiser or other expert selected by or reasonably satisfactory to the Trustee. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 11.04, the Company will not be required to comply with all or any portion of TIA §314(d) if it determines, in good faith based on the written advice of counsel, a copy of which written advice shall be provided to the Trustee and the Notes Collateral Agent with written confirmation that it may be relied upon by the Trustee and Notes Collateral Agent, that under the terms of TIA §314(d) or any interpretation or guidance as to the meaning thereof of the SEC and its staff, including “no action” letters or exemptive orders, all or any portion of TIA §314(d) is inapplicable to any release or series of releases of Collateral.
The Intercreditor Agreement. The Administrative Agent is hereby irrevocably authorized by the Required Lenders to execute and deliver the Intercreditor Agreement on behalf of each of the Lenders and to take such action and exercise such powers under the Intercreditor Agreement as the Administrative Agent considers appropriate, provided the Administrative Agent shall not amend the Intercreditor Agreement unless (a) such amendment is agreed to in writing by the Required Lenders, or (b) such amendment is necessary as a result of an amendment, waiver or other modification of this Agreement that has been approved by the Required Lenders. Each Lender acknowledges and agrees that it (and any assignee of such Lender) will be bound by the terms and conditions of the Intercreditor Agreement upon the execution and delivery thereof by the Administrative Agent. Except as otherwise specifically provided for herein, no Lender other than the Administrative Agent shall have the right to institute any suit, action or proceeding in equity or at law for the enforcement of any remedy under the Intercreditor Agreement; it being understood and intended that all proceedings at law or in equity shall be instituted, had, and maintained by the Administrative Agent in the manner provided for in the Intercreditor Agreement for the benefit of the Lenders.
The Intercreditor Agreement. The Pass Through Trustee is hereby directed to execute and deliver the Intercreditor Agreement on or prior to the Issuance Date in the form delivered to the Pass Through Trustee by the Company. The Pass Through Trustee represents and warrants that the Intercreditor Agreement will be duly executed and delivered by one of its officers who is duly authorized to execute and deliver such document on its behalf.
The Intercreditor Agreement. (n) Borrower and Plains Marketing Canada, L.P. shall have adopted such risk management procedures and controls and such trading policies as shall be satisfactory to each Agent in its sole and absolute discretion.
The Intercreditor Agreement. (f) Copies of the Tariff and the Credit and Collection Policy which, in the case of the Credit and Collection Policy will become Schedules III and IV to this Agreement and replace the current Schedules III and IV.
The Intercreditor Agreement. On the Issue Date, the Issuer, the other grantors party thereto, the Notes Collateral Agent and the Bank Collateral Agent will enter into the Equal Priority Intercreditor Agreement with respect to the Collateral, which may be amended from time to time without the consent of the Holders to add other parties holding Additional First Lien Obligations or as otherwise provided herein.
The Intercreditor Agreement. (a) Simultaneously with the execution and delivery of this Indenture, the Bond Trustee shall enter into the Intercreditor Agreement acting for itself and on behalf of all Holders of the Outstanding Securities and all future Holders of any of the Securities.
The Intercreditor Agreement. The Borrower agrees to pay to the Liquidity Provider, on each Regular Distribution Date, commencing on the first Regular Distribution Date after the making of a Downgrade Advance, interest on the principal amount of any such Downgrade Advance as provided in Section 3.07; provided, however, that amounts in respect of a Downgrade Advance withdrawn from the Class B Cash Collateral Account for the purpose of paying interest on the Class B Certificates in accordance with Section 3.6(f) of the Intercreditor Agreement (the amount of any such withdrawal being, an "Applied Downgrade Advance") shall be treated as an Interest Advance under this Agreement for purposes of determining the Applicable Liquidity Rate for interest payable thereon; and provided, further, that if, following the making of a Downgrade Advance, the Liquidity Provider delivers a Termination Notice to the Borrower pursuant to Section 6.01, such Downgrade Advance shall thereafter be treated as a Final Advance under this Agreement for purposes of determining the Applicable Liquidity Rate for interest payable thereon. Immediately upon the withdrawal of any amounts from the Class B Cash Collateral Account on account of a reduction in the Required Amount and Commitment, the Borrower shall repay to the Liquidity Provider a portion of the Downgrade Advances in a principal amount equal to the amount of such reduction, plus interest on the principal amount prepaid as provided in Section 3.07. Immediately upon any increase in the