Annex III Sample Clauses

Annex III. Enhanced Geothermal Systems (previously, Hot Dry Rock): This Annex investigates new and improved technologies that can be used to artificially stimulate a geothermal resource to allow commercial heat extraction. The work being conducted is: to review the use of conventional and new geothermal technology to enhanced geothermal system (EGS) technology; to collect information necessary for decision making, design and the realization of a commercial EGS energy producing plant; and to review and evaluate geochemical and modelling techniques for determining reservoir characteristics.
Annex III. 8 Wine and Distilled Spirits Canada 1. Except as provided in paragraphs 3 through 6, in respect of any measure related to the internal sale and distribution of wine and distilled spirits, Article III.2 shall not apply to:
Annex III. Annex III to the Agreement is hereby replaced with Annex III to this Amendment.
Annex III. Special Phone Cards
Annex III. The conditions specified in Annex III to the Agreement shall have been satisfied with respect to the undersigned with such modifications as are required by the Administrative Agent and the Loan Parties to reflect the facts and circumstances applicable to the undersigned. The Administrative Agent shall have received the documents and deliveries specified in Annex III with such modifications as are required by the Administrative Agent and the Loan Parties to reflect such facts and circumstances. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, (a) if the undersigned is a US-Subsidiary, the undersigned shall deliver or cause to be delivered the following: (i) a Guaranty Agreement-Subsidiaries, (ii) a pledge of 100% of the common stock of the undersigned together with the appropriate deliveries, (iii) all documentation necessary to create and perfect a lien the assets of the undersigned and (iv) each of the other documents or deliveries required of or with respect to other US-Subsidiaries and (b) if the undersigned is a Non-US Subsidiary, an opinion letter consistent with the opinion letters delivered in connection with the other Borrowers which are Non-US Subsidiaries.
Annex III. Section A of Annex III to the Agreement between the European Community and its Member States, of the one part, and the Swiss Confederation, of the other, on the free movement of persons is hereby amended as follows: Actes tels que modifiés par l’acte d'adhésion de la République Tchèque, de la République d'Estonie, de la République de Chypre, de la République de Lettonie, de la République de Lituanie, de la République de Hongrie, de la République de Malte, de la République de Pologne, de la République de Slovénie et de la République Slovaque (JO L 236 du 23.9.2003): A. SYSTEME GENERAL 1. 392 L 0051 : Directive 92/51/CEE du Conseil, du 18 juin 1992, relative à un deuxième système général de reconnaissance des formations professionnelles, qui complète la directive 89/48/CEE (JO L 209 du 24.7.1992, p. 25). B. PROFESSIONS JURIDIQUES 2. 377 L 0249 : Directive 77/249/CEE du Conseil, du 22 mars 1977, tendant à faciliter l’exercice effectif de la libre prestation de services par les avocats (JO L 78 du 26.3.1977, p. 17).
Annex III. S tandard Data Protection Clauses to be issued by the Commissioner under S119A(1) Data Protection Xxx 0000 International Data Transfer Addendum to the EU Commission Standard Contractual Clauses VERSION B1.0, in force 21 March 2022 This Addendum has been issued by the Information Commissioner for Parties making Restricted Transfers. The Information Commissioner considers that it provides Appropriate Safeguards for Restricted Transfers when it is entered into as a legally binding contract.
Annex III. Annex III of the Receivables Transfer Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced by the Annex III attached as Exhibit A to this Amendment.
Annex III. Enforcement DG AGRI and EUIPO shall work together to improve the enforcement of GIs. In order to facilitate this co-operation, both parties may meet once per year (face to face or remotely) to discuss the GI enforcement landscape, trends and developments. They may develop training and information initiatives as well as studies, evaluations and enforcement events and workshops with country authorities and right holders; any activities agreed are subject to their inclusion in the Parties' respective work programmes and budgets Annex IV: Contact points General contact points for all matters pursuant to Article 16 DG AGRI: XXXX-X0@xx.xxxxxx.xx EUIPO: XXXxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxxx.xx / XXXXxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxxx.xx Cooperation referred to in Article 2 DG AGRI: XX-XXXXXX-XXXXX-XX-XX@xx.xxxxxx.xx EUIPO: XXXxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxxx.xx Cooperation referred to in Article 3 DG AGRI: XXXX-XXXXX@xx.xxxxxx.xx EUIPO: XXXXXXXXX@xxxxx.xxxxxx.xx * Article 16 as amended. Exchange of letters between X. Xxxxxxxxxx (Ares(2021)3963850, 17/06/2021) and X. Xxxxxxxxx (Ares(2021)4710447, 22 /07/2021). Annex I as amended. Exchange of notes between (Ares(2021)2044799, 23/03/2021) and (Ares(2021)1712734), 09/03/2021.