Corporate Member definition

Corporate Member means, corporate entity who have entered into a Membership Agreement with DOCOMO BIKESHARE, INC. under the Bicycle Rental (Sharing) system in pursuant to Article 3, such as profit corporations, non-profit corporations, public corporations, and those with juridical personality by law. Member: means, an Individual Member and a Corporate Member collectively referred to as Member.
Corporate Member means anyb ody recognised by and affiliated to MSA as a club or association, associate member, company and/or closed corporation, and registered as such.
Corporate Member means a member which is a body corporate;

Examples of Corporate Member in a sentence

  • The Executive Committee may request from a Corporate Member proof of the Corporate Member’s numbers of employees for the purpose of determining the membership category of the Member.

  • A Corporate Member intending to send its authorized representative to attend this AGM in terms of Section 113 of the Companies Act, 2013 is requested to send to the Company a certified copy of the Board Resolution authorizing such representative to attend and vote on its behalf at the AGM.

  • A Corporate Member shall always have the right to attend and vote at Annual and Extraordinary Meetings of the Chamber.

  • Subject to clause 7.7.1, the following Office Bearers shall be elected by Members at the Annual General Meeting of the Association: o Presidento Vice Presidento Secretaryo Treasurer Plus a minimum of 2 additional committee member positions Except as provided below, all Office Bearers shall be employees or directors of a Corporate Member.

  • A Member, which was present at the Foundation Meeting or which was not, but pays a higher subscription fee than a Corporate Member in return for bearing the distinctive title and for certain privileges determined by the Council, shall be a Corporate Plus Member.

More Definitions of Corporate Member

Corporate Member means a member of a trade organization which is either a body corporate or a multinational corporation with its head office or branch office in Pakistan or a sales-tax-registered manufacturing concern or a sales-tax-registered business concern having annual turn-over of not less than fifty million Rupees;
Corporate Member means a body corporate or a Scottish Limited Partnership which is or which has applied to become an underwriting member of the Society
Corporate Member means a person whose Membership Fee and Joining Fee was paid by the member or the business, and who is part of a Corporate Scheme, managed by a Scheme Coordinator.
Corporate Member means a Member of the Company which is a company, a corporation or an incorporated body.
Corporate Member means any person, other than a natural person, which is accredited by the OCP to dispense pharmaceutical products or any person, other than a natural person, which is engaged in activities related to the dispensing of pharmaceutical products; however, a Corporate Member is not entitled to vote;