Corporate Member definition

Corporate Member means, corporate entity who have entered into a Membership Agreement with DOCOMO BIKESHARE, INC. under the Bicycle Rental (Sharing) system in pursuant to Article 3, such as profit corporations, non-profit corporations, public corporations, and those with juridical personality by law. Member: means, an Individual Member and a Corporate Member collectively referred to as Member.
Corporate Member means anyb ody recognised by and affiliated to MSA as a club or association, associate member, company and/or closed corporation, and registered as such.
Corporate Member means a member which is a body corporate;

Examples of Corporate Member in a sentence

  • To be eligible to participate in the Program, the Participant must complete this Agreement, and be a Clearing or Corporate Member and Market Maker on the Exchange.

More Definitions of Corporate Member

Corporate Member means a corporation which has been admitted as a Member pursuant to the eligibility criteria prescribed by the APIV Constitution.
Corporate Member means a corporate member of Lloyd’s;
Corporate Member means a body corporate or a Scottish Limited Partnership which is or which has applied to become an underwriting member of the Society
Corporate Member means a member of the Society which is a body corporate (including for the avoidance of doubt limited liability partnerships) or a Scottish limited partnership;
Corporate Member means a Member (or a Member the regarded owner of which is) taxable as a corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes at any time during a relevant taxable period.
Corporate Member means a person whose Membership Fee and Joining Fee was paid by the Member or the business, and who is part of a Corporate Scheme, managed by a Scheme Coordinator.
Corporate Member means any entity that meets the requirements of Clause 2.2 (a) and who for the time being is entered in the Register as a Corporate Member of the Association.